Monday, January 30, 2012

Would The Black Youth Even Go To Church, If Hip Hop Gospel Did Not Exist?

To say the youth need hip hop gospel to be excited about God, does not make sense.  God does not need hip hop gospel music to save souls neither did He inspire that sort of genre within His Kingdom.  Since hip hop gospel has been within the black church, it has made many black families and churches more lax, meaning they use it as a source of income and have became more lazy in their discipline.  If you notice, black families are not as business-minded as over 20 years ago before hip hop gospel came on the scene in the black church.   Therefore, hip hop gospel seems to have made the black church more lazy, which is a bad influence on today's youth.  Shrewd lenient pastors of the black church know hip hop music out in the world gained millions of dollars and therefore, they knew it would attract the youth to attend church.  As you can see, the youth within the black church seem to have gotten much worse within the black community than over 20 years ago and they lack just as much respect for their elders, just as much as the black youth whom do not attend church.   It is very sad that hip hop gospel seems to be the main reason why most African American youth attend church.

The subject of salvation is not mentioned in a lot of today's contemporary, hip-hop gospel music.   How can the black youth learn about God, when He is not focused much in today's gospel music lyrics?   Prominent pastors whom have gotten filthy rich off of collaborating with hip hop gospel music artists seem to use their music as a tool to win the black youth, making it seem impossible to just win them with the Word of God.  Therefore, how much is sin and hell discussed in hip hop gospel music?  The subject of being holy seems to be absent within a lot of today's gospel music, especially hip hop.  We did research and did not find many hip hop gospel lyrics that expressed what God says about hell and sin in His Word.   Therefore, parents whom have allowed their black youth to idolize hip hop gospel, instead of taking time to teach them how to serve God and abstain from sin will have to one day give an account to God.   The Bible says to, 'train up a child the way he (or she) should go, when he becomes old, he will not depart from it.'   To train means to sit your children down and teach them how to live righteous and not get involved with sinful affairs in life, not depend on the average black mega churches way to get their attention by letting them idolize hip hop gospel music.  

How will the black youth in today's black church learn how to exercise their mind, if they are always focused on hip hop gospel?  It is time to teach them how to focus more on their studies in school and spend more time with God when they are not studying their courses.   Because if they think hip hop gospel is the only way to God and the only way to earn an income, then we will always have less doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs, scientists among other professions.   They need to know God's Kingdom is much smarter than that and they can become just as great as other races and excel in their courses.   They cannot focus on their studies while always listening to loud music, which blocks their concentration while studying their homework.  

Today's youth in the black church need to learn how to live holy and remember biblical scriptures. As mentioned above, they need more time to study in school.  When it comes to church, they should be so excited about God, they will voluntarily attend church without hip hop gospel music being the reason. Then, as a parent, you will have less trouble with them focusing on sex before marriage, sexual identity crisis and even drug and alcohol addiction.  God has all the power to save the youth within the black church and He should be the center of attention within church services, not hip hop gospel.   Hip Hop gospel is not strong enough to deliver today's youth from demons of lust, homosexuality and drug and alcohol addiction, it takes God and many of today's black preachers refrain from saying so, but He is the only One who can deliver the black youth in and out of the church.

Furthermore, if today's black church would learn how to love God more than hip hop gospel music, they would know how to dress better, which would prepare them how to dress on a job interview when they get old enough.   However, the way many of these hip hop gospel music artists dress today, it does not prepare the average young person for success in corporate America or even in the medical industry.  There needs to be more focus on God and the youth need to learn how to worship Him and not idolize hip hop gospel music.   Because hip hop music is allegedly a religion out in the secular music industry, it really does not make sense for it to be used as a tool to win the youth within the black church, because God does not condone any religion, outside of Christianity.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Has the Gospel Music Culture Ruined Lives of Men and Women In The Black Church?

Be forewarned, this is a subject that has not been discussed among the black church.  However, it is time to discuss it and reveal the truth, because many souls have left this earth without completely dedicating their lives to God.  One of the things that has blocked many people within the black church is the carnality in the lives of gospel artists and those whom idolize them.  Their fans within the black church follow the way they carry themselves, from the way they wear their hair to the way they praise and worship God and even through the alleged lifestyles of gospel artists, many fans follow the lifestyle of homosexuality.   After several decades of observing the history of gospel music and how the black church has supported it, regardless of its shift in genres, we cannot help but notices men and women whom have yielded to sin.  The demon of carnality has molded them, instead of being molded through the Word of God preached from many pulpits.  Most of these men and women have focused more on the latest gospel hits, rather than concentrating on how to be holy and remain righteous.

From the time of their youth back as earliest as the 1950's, gospel music artist's admirers attended church services mainly to be a part of a church choir, musical or groupIt seemed pastors found no other way to draw interest of the youth to their churches, except through gospel music.   As time went on, carnality among young gospel artists was revealed through their huge hair styles, latest fashion trends and similar contemporary tunes. At that time, groups like the Caravans were not out of the closet as alleged homosexuals, but various people whom were close to members of the group knew which singers were involved discreet gay and lesbian relationships. Therefore, although the spirit of homosexuality was not openly seen, people close to gospel artists knew what was going on in their close knit circles. During the 1960's when the Edwin Hawkins Singers rose to fame, the fascination to actually see the effeminate spirit be flaunted at their concerts, whether it was on stage or within the audience was very popular.  It was more bold for men to flaunt their flamboyancy and women, their butch personalities, although holiness was preached within many churches they came from, specifically the Pentecostal (COGIC) churches.   Throughout the 1970's when Edwin's brother Walter Hawkins started his church,  Love Center, most all black families knew about all the gays and lesbians whom openly flaunted their sexuality without shame and regret and when they sang gospel, even those whom claim dislike Walter's church and deny their own interest in homosexuality, they loved their music and sang their songs in their own church choirs.  During the 1980's and 1990's many young black men allegedly died of AIDS and many families grieved at their funerals, one in particular was the late drag queen Sylvester. Although, Bishop Walter Hawkins possibly made it right with God before he died and we will always love and respect him for his gospel songs, too many souls will always be remembered being lost in that particular era at the Love Center Church, allegedly.

For many black families who grew up fascinated with the different eras of gospel music and seeing them change, more and more church going fans began to die as time went on.  The cause was nothing more than carnality and not having a personal close relationship with Jesus Christ.   Many African Americans growing up in the black church always loved gospel music, but there was not enough love for God as much.   You may ask, what would gospel music have to do with blocking one's personal relationship with God, it seems like it would draw them?  To answer your question, it does not, it is the fascination of those whom have idolized gospel music artists as they failed to spend much time focusing on God and following His complete commandments.   For many years, there has been too much focus on gospel artists as entertainers, instead of them being messengers for Christ.  True messengers for Jesus Christ are empowered to cause demons to flee out of each and every one of our lives, whether it be sin, an enemy or sickness and disease.   Gospel music artists are suppose to drive out evil spirits as they minister in song; however, if the music is not strong enough, then what purpose does one have to sing or even play it?   As many of us have grown, we have seen many things change within the gospel music industry and one of those things is, too many of the people we used to see in the black church are not here any longer.   Therefore, it has been the culture of carnality in gospel music that could have ruined many lives of men and women in the black church.   There should have never been as many men and women dying in the black church as out in the world, but there has been just as many confused men and women dying of AIDS and various other sorts of diseases, going to divorce court, struggling with sin and one main one, homosexuality, and even enduring all sorts of tragedies.   Also, many black men and women have either died of drugs and alcohol while some are yet struggling to survive as addicts.    The culture of gospel music needs to completely diminish, in order for God to move through His music, which is anointed gospel music.   Too many souls have been lost and many souls in the black church are on their way to judgement, all because too many preachers of this age are afraid too preach about the carnality in gospel music for fear of losing members.

What can the black church do to reform ruined lives of men and women?

The ministers within the black church are responsible and will be held accountable for allowing so much carnality within their ministries.   Many of them allow concerts in their churches and the true gospel is not being preached to carnal souls.   Yes, many pastors are suppose to draw many souls to Jesus Christ through love and concern, but the lack of preaching holiness and righteousness has not been preached and this has allowed the gospel music culture to be the main focus and not God's Word.  Now is the time for the black church members to get serious with God and start loving the preacher, evangelist, pastor and bishop whom preaches the truth and no longer attend church just to hear the choir or praise team sing.  It is time to love God and His Word more than gospel music, because if He does not get the glory, there is no need for anymore gospel music.   

Also, the black church needs to stop copying the trends of other races.  This is one of the main things that has offended God.  Since the 1980's, we noticed there was a strong shift in the gospel music industry, we began to hear of contemporary gospel.  Contemporary gospel brought on a lot of carnality in the black church.   As the white church began creating their style of christian rock, the black church seem to want to follow.   As the white church began to change the way they worship, the black church seem to follow.   As the white church allowed the youth to wear casual attire, the black church seem to follow.  So you see, it seems like the black church became more of a follower than a leader, led by God.   Therefore, you cannot operate God's House being followers.  The pastors must make a decision to finally become leaders and stop changing the culture within their ministries to be more accepted by white ministers.   It is time for pastors and bishops to operate their churches through God's expectations and not based on trends and cultures.   

There needs to be more sincerity among clergy members and no carnality.   Pastors and bishops need to also cut ties with their peers whom have carried the spirit of carnality.  God does not want church leaders fellowshipping with those whom are followers of humanity and not leaders led by Him.   There must be complete repentance among those in the pulpit.   There is no time for keeping up with how the next minister is running His church.  Popularity needs to cease in order to save more lives in the black church and win many more from the world to God.   Let God be the center of attention and not the various trends and cultures of gospel music.   If not, then souls will continue to be lost within the black church and many souls coming into the church will not discover the real meaning of living for Jesus Christ.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Carnal Choir Performance: Percy Gray with Chicago Mass Choir- “Jesus Promised”

Chicago Mass Choir and Percy Gray

This song that Percy Gray is singing is a traditional song with the traditional sound to it but many of the choir members of Chicago Mass are 'flip', if you know what we mean. One man on the left of Gray is dancing like he's in the world and it almost looks like he's 'backing it up' in the choir stand. If you don't know what that is, it is a dance from the world where women 'back it up' towards a man.

Also, there are many others dancing and just fairly loose acting. While they sing a traditional gospel song, they are moving and grooving like they were in a night club. One woman even appears spaced out as she waves her hands in the air and moving like no one is around. It doesn't appear that many of them are in the spirit...

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In the Flesh Choir Performance: Percy Gray with Chicago Mass Choir Sings “Jesus Promised” | AT2W

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Las Vegas Mass Choir As The “Tweet Choir” at CES 2012 [VIDEO]

 Las Vegas Mass Choir as "Tweet choir"
We are always so disenchanted with today's gospel choirs and this video proves just how far down the music has went. This video (thanks to The Mo'Kelly Report) is a performance from this year's 2012 CES Consumer Electronics Show. The group singing are the Las Vegas Mass Choir doing a rendition of singing and 'tweeting' a song? We are not sure  what it means but there was once a upon a time when choirs were asked to do commercials and they would blow it out of the box. There was nothing a black choir...

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What is This? Las Vegas Mass Choir As The “Tweet Choir” at CES 2012 [VIDEO] | AT2W

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bubblegum Gospel’s Kirk Franklin Performs Song ‘In Love’ [VIDEO]

Kirk Franklin 'Joyful Noise'- In Love song
Thanks to one of our readers for sending us this video. We always give our 'spill' on today's gospel music and the artists that portray this new trend of music but its always a shame how far gospel music has gone.
As you may know already, we don't endorse nor support the new movie "Joyful Noise" with rapper Queen Latifah and country singer Dolly Parton because they are continuing the mockery of gospel music in the black church. One of our readers made a great point when they stated that we can't blame the world for what the church allows and endorses themselves.
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Bubblegum Gospel’s Kirk Franklin Performs In ‘Joyful Noise’ Movie with Song ‘In Love’ [VIDEO] | AT2W

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Would The Late Rev. James Cleveland Ever Condone Hip Hop Gospel?

In honor of the King of Gospel, we want to tell the truth about what we truly feel, because although the late Rev. James Cleveland allegedly had a personal weakness for men, he indeed had standards.   Those of us who remember him before hip hop gospel was came on the scene, knew he man of dignity.  The legendary Rev. James Cleveland continued to create such sacred gospel songs until the day he died.   His songs were so beautiful and way beyond the rhythm and rhyme of today's secularized gospel songs created by those whom have disrespected his legacy and that is the majority of gospel artists of today.   One of the only giants we can respect who did not yield to the temptation of fame and fortune, to be among secular entertainers, is the late Jessy Dixon and this is why he is so well missed.   Many could not believe we lost Jessy Dixon, because he never stooped low to Satan's tricks and schemes, but until the day died, the Ambassador was a true inspiration for all generations and we are very sure not only James Cleveland would have been proud of him, but most of all, God.

To answer your question, absolutely not, Rev. James Cleveland would never condone hip hop gospel, which was creeping on the scene before he died in 1991.  Rev. James Cleveland always spoke out against such worldly entertainment.   In the book, Black Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland allegedly made it clear, he did not want to produce the song for the movie, Roots, but he did it, anyway.   Rev. James Cleveland also made it very clear, white producers wanted him to create music their way, but he said he was not one to do what "the white man" wanted, but only God's way.  Therefore, Rev. James Cleveland was not a weak gospel artist, he spoke his mind and created music, which was sent straight from heaven, never borrowed from worldly music.  This is why Rev. James Cleveland was the King of Gospel, he was not a follower, but a strong leader.   If only he could ignore the alleged demons of homosexuality, we possibly would have still had him in the industry, a bit longer.   However, what is so sad is this very fact, there were many alleged meetings among carnal gospel artists who wanted to subtract the sacredness of gospel music to make more money. One of the biggest names, Daryl Coley allegedly discovered Kirk Franklin and introduced him to a Los Angeles producer who allegedly agreed to promote his music.   Eventually, GMWA (Gospel Music Workshop of America) allegedly welcomed Kirk Franklin and many other hip hop gospel artists to perform at their events, the organization the late Rev. James Cleveland founded.

Even before Rev. James Cleveland died many gospel artists were so tired of working on a 9 to 5 job while promoting their music, part-time.  They wanted quick money and during the era of secular hip-hop, they thought of a scheme and that was to pretend to care so much about the dying youth whom idolized 2pac and Biggie Smalls and bring it into the gospel music industry.  Many big names were on this agenda and when the alleged news spread that Rev. James Cleveland died of AIDS, hip hop gospel began to become a household name among those who were supposedly holiness Pentecostal, COGIC (Church of God in Christ), Apostolic and even old fashion Baptist church members.   Remember, this was the same time, Bishop T. D. Jakes was beginning to get big on the scene, people were buying his books and going to his conferences.  Those who were considered full gospel ministries also wanted to get in on changing the gospel music industry into a multi-million dollar capitol and they were going to use the youth at their churches to make it happen.  The youth were glad the restraints of restrictions were released off of them and they could finally be like those making money through rap music in the streets.   They wanted to make God approve of their wicked transformation, by calling it Holy Hip Hop and this was everyone's pot of gold: the preachers and their families, gospel promoters and gospel artists.  They called it holy hip hop as though they were sanctifying it, without realizing God was taking record of their plotted scheme to make millions off of the youth whom idolized those within the secular hip hop industry.   The relevance of looking and acting holy had ceased, it was now wrong to preach against hip hop in the church and even not popular to disagree with worldly dancing among those whom claimed to be followers of Christ.   Pastors of mega ministries began preaching against those who disagreed with those dressing like you were holy.  The death of Rev. James Cleveland was nothing more than a money making machine for many within the gospel music industry and within the church world that made it no longer necessary to make a distinction from the world. 

Then, there was a spirit of 'keeping up with the joneses' among pastors, bishops and evangelists, everyone who wanted a piece of a million dollar fortune became followers and not leaders.  In the mid nineties, many pastors and bishops became accustomed to the corporate church, mostly preaching the prosperity gospel and sin was less mentioned in many of their sermons.  If you want to know why the LGBT has to much power to expand their agenda, blame it on the mega ministries who fail to keep sacredness within their ministries.  For without sacredness, Satan began to have his way of manipulating the minds of people, even in God's House.   Therefore, along with the growth of hip hop gospel as you can see, is the expansion of the gay agenda, which has been condoned by the first bi-racial (black) President who has supported gay marriages.   So, how can the corporate church and their mega ministries have power to combat those demons, which now has influenced children to claim they are born gay and teens?  You see, pastors who became followers of the hip hop gospel movement did not have enough anointed power to pray away homosexual demons that has now taken over our country, and it was all for the celebrity status of fame and fortune. There were no more leaders to instruct those within the choir and even gospel artists how to be holy, because they became ashamed of being holy and the true anointing had ceased.   The absence of the late Rev. James Cleveland has made them much fame and fortune, but many scandals among clergy members like Bishop Eddie Long, the late Dr. Zachery Tims and many others have left them with no true example to influence wickedness in America.  The black church had became so diversified and agreed to make gospel music so European, they also diversified with pure lust and greed.

Furthermore, Rev. James Cleveland's last album, 'Having Church' was truly sacred and his anointing had not ceased his gift, even in his sickness.   The alleged disease, AIDS was not even strong enough make him yield to secular producers even during the birth of mega ministries among black preachers.  We deeply feel Rev. James Cleveland repented for his personal sin as God would expect anyone else to do (according to the sincerity we heard on his last album and even his overall humble spirit on this following video, which was not his last album, but the one before it).  Rev. James Cleveland was  truly a man of morals and values who never condoned subtracting the sacredness of gospel music when he lived and never would condone hip hop gospel if he was alive.  May God rest His soul.

Lifting for Me, Rev. James Cleveland (King of Gospel)-& LA Gospel Messengers

Monday, January 9, 2012

Alleged Ancient Demons of Homosexuality Within GMWA: Why Do They Remain Among Men and Women?

Although, we honor and respect the legacy of the late Rev. James Cleveland, we are sympathetic to how God feels about how many men and women experienced their first sexual relationship with a person of the same sex who were alleged members of the Gospel Music Workshop of America Mass Choir.   We have received anonymous tips on various members whom were innocent at one time, but eventually began a sexual relationship with the same sex whom were also alleged members of the mass choir or a minister of a church.   It is very nasty and sickening to hear these alleged reports, but we must reveal the truth.   Possibly, many black men and women would have never known about homosexuality, if they had not joined GMWA.   The organization allegedly has a history of condoning same sex relationships, even though members never were so proud to boast publicly about their sexual identity, but only flaunt it.

GMWA 1980's and 1990's 

In the era of the 1980's, it was very scary when many men died of AIDS within the black church and the gospel music industry, according to the article, 'And The Choir Sings On'.  Many of them were not out of the closet as homosexuals, but they allegedly enjoyed their sexual experiences with men of all ages behind close doors.  The women, it was the same, but they became less infected with AIDS back in the day.  It is very sad, but very true, this is how we lost a lot of African Americans, but God allowed it because of sin.  Although, gays were dying all across America, the black church got caught up in the epidemic, including GMWA.  It was an enormous scare and those whom admired great black preachers and gospel artists began to ponder about their discreet double lives.  Although, they sang good gospel songs, their promiscuous lifestyles not only infected many wives, but also many children were infected with AIDS.   We love the late Rev. James Cleveland, but we must tell the truth, allegedly there have always been a demon of homosexuality among men and women of GMWA.  Certain men had beautiful voices that were more prettier than a woman's voice and certain women had deep tenor voices were most admired whenever they performed at various gospel music events, all over the nation, allegedly.  Before hip hop gospel was born, Satan always controlled many souls within the gospel music industry, hip hop gospel just pacified the demon of lust through so much flesh being revealed among the dancers within the church and as gospel artists, allegedly looking like seductive entertainers, very similar to secular artists.  Yes, many men enjoy seeing the look of thuggish young men who rap and hip hop, this is possibly why we feel Bishop Eddie Long could not avoid his homosexual demon that gratified his lust, allegedly.  According to this former member of GMWA, allegedly Bishop Long had a secret affair with gospel music artist Byron Cage back in the 1990's.  Now, we do not know if this is true or not, but you can check it out for yourself, here at  It is the same way with young women, they pacify these older men and women who pretend to oppose homosexuality in the church, but behind close doors they have allegedly yielded to the temptation to gratify their lust.  This is possibly why Kirk Franklin is so welcomed within the organization of GMWA, it is not just his past history of being a choir director and composer, it is because he brought something to the table among those who are no longer interested is the sacredness of gospel music, but just to satisfy the demon of lust.  God is not pleased with what has been going on for years within GMWA, even when its' founder, Rev. James Cleveland was alive.  The demons of homosexuality is revealed through an alleged witness who desired to broadened his gift as a gospel artist, which we previously wrote about at, but you can read it here for yourself.  This man claims he went to an event and saw so many things, he did not want to see. 

We are giving ministers whom are involved with GMWA and have allowed gay and lesbians to have same sex relations before and after the death of the King of Gospel, the late Rev. James Cleveland: clean it up before we see God's wrath worst than ever before.   Don't you know God is angry at this long term behavior of homosexuality?   If the ministers whom are involved with GMWA wanted to destroy the alleged ancient demons of homosexuality they could have by now, but they are too afraid of what people may say about them.  Let us ask you "so-call" ministers a question, are you afraid of hell?  Just like we have heard previous testimonies of rock stars being in hell, we do not think gospel music artists are exempt, if they are not living right. Therefore, we urge you to clean it up or walk away.  Well, how do you clean it up?  Start speaking out against it, in your churches.  Begin speaking against homosexuality at the gospel workshops, if you are a true man or woman of God.   God is not pleased, and He will reveal His wrath, if you do not hold the leaders of this organization accountable for allowing the ancient demons to roam among men and women of GMWA, allegedly.   If you do not get alleged sin out of GMWA and the entire gospel music industry, just-what-are you singing about?   God is tired and will not put up with it any longer.  He wants members of GMWA to be sanctified and live complete holy lives.  

Nowadays for many of you whom may condone homosexuality and feel no remorse for all of the souls whom died of AIDS, we will give you these following scriptures.  Because all though many say AIDS is not a gay disease, it began with the community of gay men back in 1981.   Therefore, God cannot stop this disease, if men and women refuse to obey these following commandments, even if they are sexual sinners of any sort: fornicators, adulterers, prostitutes and homosexuals.  For we believe many have died of AIDS because of lust, although some innocently caught the disease through blood transfusions and automatically through birth.  God's voice is very clear: "Get rid of the ancient demons not only in the entire gospel music industry, but also GMWA which could be accountable for the spread of homosexuality among many gospel artists who died gay or lesbian or whom are yet alive carrying on with their sinful lifestyle."

Scriptures Against Homosexuality
  •  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

  • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."   

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Demon of Jezebel In The Gospel Music Industry

How can there be a such a thing as a demon of Jezebel in the gospel music industry?  Wherever, a spirit of carnality dominates any sort of demon can move in and this one so happens to be a demon of Jezebel.  Those of us who are truly saved know what a demon of Jezebel is.  It does not just control the spirits of loose women, but also men who have performed in an indecent fashion for fame and fortune.  In the book of Revelation 2:20, it says this: Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.  Gospel artists are among those in ministry, simply because they are sending the message of Jesus Christ to win the lost from the Satanic world.  Therefore, they have a responsibility to represent God's Kingdom in decency and in order (I Cor. 14:40), not looking, acting or even singing like harlots and thugs.  Therefore, those within the mega church whom are sponsoring these gospel artists are in trouble with God, because he gave those whom are overseers of the church to remove those who have been possessed by the demon of Jezebel.

The demon of Jezebel has not just been in the pulpits sleeping with various ministers of the gospel, but also those whom are gospel artists whom claim to love God and spread His message have been possessed by Satan and His demons.  Not only because many of them have discreetly taken the oath as Satanists, but because they have allowed producers and managers to promote them as though they secular artists.  God is not pleased with their rebellion and he has been very patient and given them much time to repent.  We have seen many gospel artists these days doing the Corna hand sign, which is a message to honor Satan.  Members of the Satanic Illuminati whom are celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs have also held the same hand sign whenever they are seen in the media.   We want you to know, the gospel music industry is in trouble with God, for it is an industry of alleged corruption, allowing women and men to represent God in their music like worldly artists.  Secular artists expect their fans to idolize them and it is the same way in the gospel music industry, gospel artists are expecting those to idolize them as though they are celebrities, not necessarily to spread the Word of God, but to make millions of dollars, just-like-rock, pop and hip hop artists in the world.

The spirit of seduction is revealed by the clothes certain gospel artists wear.  They reveal to much flesh, the same way worldly artists do.   The spirit to lure the eyes of ministers whom are having trouble keeping the marriage together is nothing but the demon of Jezebel.  The spirit to lure and captivate those whom are seeking to get deliverance from the demon of lust is nothing but the spirit of Jezebel.  The spirit to dominate the gospel music industry and make appearance of a holy woman irrelevant, is nothing more than the demon of of Jezebel.   The spirit to cause preachers to remain silent, regarding how a woman dresses, similar to a harlot, is nothing but a demon of Jezebel.  Utmost power of even the woman behind the pulpit to insult those who believe in dressing holy is nothing more than the demon of Jezebel.   We have even seen women in the pulpit idolizing the female gospel artists so much, they are dressing just like them, attracting many demons of Jezebel among various congregations they preach to.  Yes, the demon of Jezebel has been incorporated among the mega ministries to bring more fame and fortune.  However, when each and every last soul takes his or her last breath, they will be reminded of how many souls they allowed to be lured through the demon of Jezebel and was not focused on captivating souls from Satan's territory to become followers to Jesus Christ.

As a gospel artist, you cannot claim to minister through song and music without being willing to let go of the demon of Jezebel.  It does not matter if the gospel music industry expects you to look, dress and even act like secular artists, you will have to stand before God some day.

On This Following Video, Pastor Brenda Timberlake Tells People of God, We Cannot Dress Like The Word.  Around 6:53, she says it.  Although Pastor Timberlake does not specifically rebuke the gospel music artists for being bad influences within the church, we feel gospel artists should follow this holy principle of looking holy, not just those within the pews of the churches. We pray there be more women and men like her who sincerely spread the true message of Jesus Christ and not a false message just to get more tithes and offerings.  We feel this message is also for gospel artists, because they are suppose to be Christ-like examples within the body of Christ.  Not only Mary Mary, but many other gospel music artists have not been disciplined by the church to be holy, perform in a holy fashion and even look holy.   Gospel artists are suppose to be ministering for Jesus Christ, therefore, they should act like it and look like it.  Gospel artists have a responsibility to represent the body of Christ in decency and in order (I Cor. 14:40).

Watch Pastor Brenda Timberlake

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