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8 Greatest Legendary Gospel Artists in the history of Gospel Music

Here are 8, the second set of the greatest gospel artists in the history of the gospel music industry, which is the completion of 20.  This is the second part of our first article, '12 Greatest Legendary Gospel Artists in the history of Gospel Music.'   They are the reason why the substance has not been completely gone and so- you can understand why gospel lovers always like to go back and listen to their music when they desire some good soul-stirring church music.   We do not feel the substance of gospel music will ever completely cease, simply because authentic gospel music comes from the difficult times of these legendary gospel artists and it only retains sacredness that was placed in their hearts, straight from heaven when they created and wrote their gospel songs.

These following gospel legends did not create gospel music for fame, fortune or a trend, but  their gospel music was created to only sincerely to win souls to Christ, deliver and bless them.  There was no cutesy stuff as we see today, you know, 'bubble gum' gospel or sophisticated praise and worship.   People felt the Holy Spirit and we did not see them ever seductively sang and perform to identify with the thugs and harlots of the world.   People would get up out of their seats at the concert halls and church concerts and allow the Holy Ghost to take over without shame.  Praise and worship was not created to satisfy the European supporters, but to only please God, it was just something that came natural.   People were delivered and set free as gospel artists allowed God to have His way without any apologies to those those whom were siddity.  The most wonderful thing about these gospel artists is that we can always go back to their music in order to take us onto a heavenly realm, because God used them in a mighty way.

Note: If you know of a gospel artist who has been known as a legend in the past and they are still performing or past on, it should be obvious why they are not listed here, simply because they may have crossed their gospel songs with the world, which is ungodly in the eyes of God.  As the Bible clearly says in 2 Cor. 6:14, 'Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what partnership has light with darkness?'  The Bible also told us to be holy in I Peter 16, 'Because it is written, You will be holy; for I am holy.'  In I John 2:15, the Word of God reminds us, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'  In 2 Cor. 5:17, the Word of God says 'Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.' We are to represent God has made us brand new, not ever representing ourselves as the old man, similar of a sinner or acting like unbelievers, doing what they do.  Therefore, if gospel artists are still popular today, but have not shown they are totally different and holy through their songs and performances, their name is not listed here.  If they have created music that identifies with worldly entertainers, you will not see any of their names included here, regardless if they are an ordained pastor or evangelist.

Pastor Maceo Woods-April 23, 1932-present.  Pastor Maceo Woods is the pastor of the Christian Tabernacle Church,  in Chicago Illinois were he was born and raised.  At the young age of 12, Rev. Woods accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and he continues to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ not only through gospel songs, but also through the Word of God.   As a teen, he mastered playing the Hammond organ and began forming various gospel choirs and singing groups, according to his church website.  Rev. Maceo Woods has always blessed us with such great songs, 'Happy in Jesus', 'I'm Saved and Sanctified', 'In the Name of Jesus', 'Step to Jesus,' 'Surrender to His Will,' and the list goes on and on.  Pastor Maceo Woods has truly blessed us and even in the 21st century we can appreciate his gift to create such tasteful gospel music.  

'Step to Jesus'

'Happy in Jesus'
'The Name of Jesus'

'Jesus Can Work it Out'

The O'Neal Twins-Edward Vazon O'Neal, Jr, born Aug. 17, 1937-Dec. 15, 1990 and Edgar O'Neal died Dec. 15, 1990.  The O'Neal Twins both began singing gospel songs when they were just 12 years old.  According to the Black Gospel Blog, during the 1950s, the O'Neal brothers performed in churches around St. Louis. By 1960, they were performing outside the area.  Edward was the lead singer while Edgar played the piano and arranged the music.  Their music still blesses us today as we can certainly feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit, every time.

Watch a Short Story about the O'Neal Twins

'Jesus Dropped the Charges'

 'God's Always Making a Way for Me'

'He Chose Me'

The Davis Sisters- Births and Death Dates Unknown.  The Davis Sisters was a gospel group founded by Ruth (Babysis) Davis(upper left corner).  Every time we heard these women sang, it was truly God using them and many souls were delivered because of their anointed gift. One by one, each member died in a tragic way, but their gospel songs will always be cherished in the history of gospel music.

Watch a The Davis Sisters - A Short History

'On The Right Road He Said'

 'I Believe I'll Go Back Home'

'We'll Understand It Better By And By'

Jessy Dixon-March 12, 1938-September 26, 2011.  Jessy Dixon is legend in the history of gospel music.  He gained so much respect, he reached wider audiences outside of the black church. According to, he studied music since age 5 and he was discovered by the late King of Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland. This maestro wrote more than 200 songs, among some of his greatest hits: 'I'm Satisfied,' 'I Know What Prayer Can Do,' 'Through it All,' 'I am Redeemed,''Highway to Heaven,' and many more touched our hearts and stirred our souls over the years and even still to this day.

'Highway to Heaven'

'Moses Take Your Shoes Off'

'I Am Redeemed'

Minister Keith Pringle-Birth unknown-present.  This legendary gospel artist was trained by the late King of Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland.  Throughout the 1970's and early 80's, Minister Keith Pringle can be heard of some of Rev. James Cleveland's albums.   Keith Pringle has just made a comeback on the gospel scene in the 21st century, but hopefully he will continue to allow the Holy Spirit to use him and not become a follower of the secular trend of today within the gospel music industry.  Some of Pringle's greatest songs have been sung by many choirs all over the nation: 'When All God's Children,' 'Call Him Up,' 'No Greater Love,' 'I Feel Lie Going On,' 'Let Us Not Be Weary,' and many more great gospel hits.   We love and cherish Minister Keith Pringle's gospel songs, because we truly feel the Spirit every time we listen to him.

'No Greater Love'

'Another Day'

'When God's Children Get Together'

Minister Keith Pringle - Can't Stop Praising His Name'

Brother Joe May-Nov. 9, 1912-Jul. 14, 1972.  Brother may was born in Macon, Mississippi and grew up in the holiness church.  He and his wife Viola had seven children.  Brother Joe May worked hard at a chemical plant while spreading the word of God in song.  May's children also were gifted to sing gospel music and one of his daughters, Annette even traveled with her father.   Brother Joe May was known as one of the greatest tenors in gospel music and God blessed him to quit his job and sing for the Lord, full time.   He never yielded to secular audiences or collaborated with secular music artists for fame and fortune, but Brother Joe May remained humbly singing gospel music for many black churches and made a decent living doing so.  His biggest hits were 'Search Me Lord', 'Working on a Building' and 'Do You Know Him'.  Brother Joe May's music will forever be treasured by lovers of real gospel music.
Watch a short story, Brother Joe May

'Working On The Building'

Brother Joe May & Jackie Verdell-You're Gonna Need Him

"Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone" 

 The Barrett Sisters

The Barrett Sisters, DeLois Barrett Campbell (March 12, 1926 – August 2, 2011), Billie Barrett GreenBey and Rodessa Barrett Porter were the greatest trio group in the history of gospel music.   The legendary sisters grew up in Chicago, Illinois and were seen sometimes working closely with the late King of Gospel James Cleveland, the Queen of Gospel Albertina Walker, Willie Mae Ford and many others.  All three always worked closely together, harmonizing like angels from heaven. Their harmonizing voices were rare and very unique as they touched thousands of people everywhere they performed in churches and concert halls. The Barrett Sisters did not just share their gift with America, but they traveled to great places like France, Africa and Sweden.   Their music was always and still is cherished all over the world by those whom appreciate real gospel music. 

'Jesus Loves Me'

'The Storm Is Passing Over'

'Pass Me Not My Gentle Saviour'

Luther Barnes was born on March 10, 1954-present. Luther Barnes is a legendary record producer, director, songwriter, composer and lead singer of Luther Barnes and the Sunset Jubilaires, including the Red Budd Gospel Choir. After working as a teacher, Barnes has been a very successful gospel artist, releasing about 30 gospel albums.  Luther Barnes is also a preacher, spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Many of his biggest hits were 'I'm Still Holding On', 'Leaning on Jesus', 'So Satisfied', 'God's Promise', 'It's Your Time and many more good gospel songs have stirred our souls over the years.
'So Satisfied'

'God's Promise'

'It's Your Time'

'Leaning on Jesus'

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