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The King's Men, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp and Israel: Are they salesmen or just reaching souls for Jesus Christ?

The King's Men, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp and Israel: Are they salesmen or just reaching souls for Jesus Christ?

Now, we would like you to look at the title of this article, very close.  It allegedly seems like there are some well-known gospel artists starting groups these days, to allegedly earn extra money.   It is time for gospel artists to get together and create gospel music, only to reach souls for Jesus Christ.   We are not just talking about going out claiming to be a gospel artist while singing about Jesus, but spreading the Word of holiness and righteousness at these gospel concerts.  Many souls who love gospel music are yet lost, simply because they idolize the gospel artists while not living holy.  Then, if they are among carnal believers at these gospel concerts, many of them may not be living holy in their personal lives.

RGA readers, there is no since for these gospel artists getting together for these performances, if they are making money while we see no difference within much of the gospel music industry.  God is looking for them to be totally different from the world, not identical to secular music artists.   According to Philly.com, Pastor McClurkin shouted out, "We got some dancing Christians tonight," he yelled before "Again." "Dance like it's just you and Jesus."  What type of dancing is he talking about? If it is not the Holy Ghost moving people to dance in the Spirit, it is absolutely wrong, because you can't dance just like it's you and Jesus, if there is no anointing flowing through the atmosphere.  The article at Philly.com also mentioned 'Franklin's chords sounded like a '90s mix of Teddy Riley and Michael Jackson.'  Tell us, can you speak in tongues off that type of music? If gospel music continues to be made from the similarities of secular music artists, there is not going to be any true deliverance of those whom listen to it, simply because holiness does not mix with the world and holiness is not carnality.  
2 Cor. 6:14 says, Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what partnership has light with darkness?'  That scripture is not just speaking of friendships and relationships, it is also speaking of in anything else we do in business.  No, we were not there, but we can imagine the groove set as what the article allegedly mentioned did not cause people to speak in tongues and move them up into a higher level of the anointing of God.  Ask yourself, do fans of Kirk Franklin feel the Holy Spirit or even speak in tongues when they attend his concerts?  When they watch him perform on 'This is It', will they dance in the Spirit or dance like the world? Back in the early years of gospel music, gospel artists never had to tell their supporters to dance, because the Holy Ghost was flowing so much, they could not help to get up and cut a step-in the Spirit, not in a secular fashion.  Most gospel artists of today have joined the trend of creating European type of music, so mainstream, they seem as though they do not stress the importance of the Holy Ghost being in the midst.   No wonder some of these pastors are getting caught in adultery and committing sexual acts with kids, because they are either not preaching the truth to these gospel artists or they are being silent in their pulpits while supporting them by allowing them to perform at their churches.  What's even worse, some of these gospel artists are pastors themselves.   As a pastor if you are not preaching for gospel artists to be holy, any demon could over take them and caused lust to control their minds to wander in places they have no business while looking at all the thuggish guys, women and young girls wearing their short skirts, skin tight and pants and low cut tops dancing to their secular blend gospel songs.

The Kings Men, is that name something to be proud of, when you look at all four of them?   Is this what we are left with today, in the 21st century, gospel artists whom carry the name gospel while allegedly creating music to make a lot of money like secular music artists?    The absence of the Holy Spirit moving how He wants to move at these gospel concerts is not how it should be.  Most importantly, they are supposed to be completely holy in their music and performances without the combination of using music from the secular industry.

'Because it is written, You will be holy; for I am holy (I Peter 1:16).'  

Gospel tour's soul-baring and vocal passions

God's work, it seems, is never done. That's why, rather than resting on the seventh day, he called upon Live Nation to put together a gospel music tour, "The King's Men," and unite the top-selling salesman of the Word.

On Sunday, four formidable headliners - Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin, and Israel Houghton - laid bare their souls and their most impassioned voices...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: http://www.philly.com
Photo: Mr. Jeno/ http://elev8.com


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