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Miami Rapper “Bizzle” Shot Dead In Liberty City is not Christian rapper 'Bizzle', but it's time for Christian Rappers to be holy

We think a lot of news reporters got the music artists confused, the miami rapper that died who called himself, 'Bizzle' is not the Christian rapper.  This rapper, Robert Labranche, 37, of Miami is also known as 'Chowtime' and also 'Recession Proof' as what it revealed on his Myspace page. The Christian rapper who a lot of people think got shot and killed is a totally different person on this following You Tube video.  See for yourself.   However, this is why we are encouraging all of you gospel artists whom are promoting christian rap and hip-hop to stop identifying with worldly artists, because as you can see, most of them do not live long. 

  Watch Christian Rapper, 'Bizzle', totally different person

You know, on one of this christian rapper's videos description, there is information that he is not the one who died.  However, God has a way of giving these Christian rappers forewarning.   If they would be different and holy, then they would not be confused with someone of the world.   In I Peter 1:16, he Bible clearly says, 'Be ye holy, for I am holy.'   The way these worldly rappers and hip hop artists are dying, why would these gospel artists want to be like them?   Why would they want to dress like them or even perform like them?   The way many of them die is a disgrace, God's Kingdom does not identify with that sort of mess.  Therefore, we are calling all of you gospel artists whom have made money as though you are gospel or christian music artists, but allegedly appear similar to Satan's children to repent.   'Repent,' saith the Lord before you begin dying like these worldly artists.   God does not want his music nor those within ministry to identify with the secular music industry, because holiness does not lead to death.  Get right, before each and every last one of you start dropping off.   Celebrity preachers are not going to tell you the truth, because many of them are also allegedly making money from your concerts, sometimes performed at there churches.   We know you are in a billion dollar industry, according to Pastor Shirley Caeser, allegedly, but if you don't get right with God and start being holy in your music and attire, you may die like secular music artists because many of you identify with how they dress and perform. 

This christian rapper 'Bizzle' has the audacity to rap against Jay-z, Kanye West and Rick Ross, but he is no different than they are.   He has to be different first, before he can preach to anybody.  What do we mean by being different?  It's being holy and sanctified, not looking and acting like the world. In I John 2:15, God forewarned us not to be like the world, ' Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'    The average celebrity preacher won't tell you the truth, because they love the money that comes from collaborating with you, but the Bible already forewarned us to be different.   There is no such a thing as gospel rap, christian rap, hip-hop gospel or holy hip hop, you cannot take the Devil's music and turn it around as though it's holy.  God does not need any help from secular style of music in reaching the world.  He wants all of his music holy and even in the way you gospel music artists dress and perform, he wants you holy and righteous.   'Change your wicked ways,' thus saith the Lord.   The scriptures about being holy are not read by the average celebrity preacher, but now that we have given you the scriptures, you have no excuse.  'Change,' thus saith the Lord, because when you act like the world and dress like the world, you are headed for the same type of destruction.   

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Miami Rapper “Bizzle” Shot Dead In Liberty City

LIBERTY CITY (CBS4) – Family and friends say a man killed in Liberty City Monday night was popular local rapper Robert Labranche who went by the name “Bizzle.”

Police said he was killed outside a Liberty City car wash abound 8 p.m. Monday at 770 NW 54th St.   Two of his children were in the car just feet away when he was murdered.   Neither child was hurt...Read full article, here.

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