Saturday, October 13, 2012

Legendary Gospel Music Artist, Dr. Charles G Hayes and CCPC Comes out with New Gospel Album and Label

Dr. Charles Hayes is one of the fewest gospel music legends left who has blessed us with such great gospel music that really stirs the mind and soul.   Dr. Charles Hayes is doing it again with his upcoming gospel album, 'Back Again.' Dr. Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church or Prayer Choir surprise us every time with such great songs and we are never disappointed after purchasing an album.

According to, Dr. Charles Hayes has also created a new record label, Cosmo Sounds.  Hopefully, under his new label, more real gospel artists will release some decent gospel music that will be sacred, not just in their music, but also performances.  

New Music and New Label for Dr. Charles G Hayes and Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir

Written by: Gregory Gay

Chicago’s own Dr. Charles G Hayes announced the formation of his new label Cosmo Sounds and the upcoming release from the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir...Read full article, here.

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