Monday, October 8, 2012

Gospel Music Artist, VaShawn Mitchell comes out with his new hit album, 'Created 4 This'

Gospel Music Artist, VaShawn Mitchell comes out with his new hit album, 'Created 4 This,' hopefully, there is some anointing on this CD.   Many gospel artists these days are making hits, simply because there music identifies with the mainstream sector and when it comes to black gospel artists, some of their music lacks authenticity.  For most of them, just as long as they make the big bucks, it does not bother them that their music does not satisfies God.

Previously, we heard just a few of his songs and they are very nice and soothing type of songs, you know, Praise and Worship, sort of European style, but lets listen to this new one and see if it takes us in a realm of real church music.   

As far as the DVD, we assume it will be alright, as long as no one is shaking their butts and jiggling their bosoms to God's music, you know the hip hop thing.

VaShawn Mitchell's new album is called the Deluxe edition with a combination of a CD/DVD.   

Here are the following songs:

Disc: 1
1. Psalm 150
2. Faithful
3. Greatest Man
4. Worship Medley
5. Lost
6. Awesome God
7. His Record
8. Turning Around for Me
9. Status
10. The Potter's House
11. Created4This
12. I Will
13. Reasons
Disc: 2
1. Turning Around for Me (Live)
2. Psalm 150
3. Faithful
4. Behind the Scenes Interview



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