Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rhythm of Rebellion: Gospel Music Artists use the same trap set in Hip Hop and Rock and Roll

We are going to tell you right now, gospel music artists using the same trap set, the same drum beats as secular music artists is very wrong.   There are demonic beats in worldly music and for the church to allow this during worship services or even allow a gospel artists to perform with music they got from the world, is inviting evil spirits into the sanctuary.   The average church is no longer God's House when you use worldly beats in your worship songs, it then becomes the House of Satan.   God created music and does not need the Devil's help when putting gospel songs into the minds of the gospel artists.   Therefore, you need to be careful of which gospel artist you listen to and even which church you attend that allows this sort of shameful hypocrisy.

Now, we are going to show you a video by these two ministers whom are revealing satanic forces in gospel music.   We know we skipped to Part 20, but we have other articles to present to you.   If we have time, we will go back, but for now, we want you to take heed to what Minister Sean Davis and Minister Cary Rodgers is saying on this following video.  You will learn why many pastors are no longer reaching out to the troubled black community, but instead spoiling them by allowing them to bring this junk in the church while receiving millions of dollars off of hip hop dominating gospel, which is not really saving nor delivering lost souls, but keeping them with a demon of Rhythm and Rebellion.  Any church that agrees and supports secular set traps used in gospel music is not God's House, but it is allegedly being controlled Satan and his demons.

Part 20-EXCLUSIVE!!! The Rhythm of Rebellion EXPOSED!!! 



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