Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gospel Music artists can you welcome the Holy Ghost like Rev. Louis Overstreet???

Real gospel music stirs the soul and makes you enter into another realm where the Holy Ghost is controlling the atmosphere, you are not doing it yourself.   This is what has been lost in most black churches and even at most gospel concerts today, the anointing of the Holy Ghost moving from the gospel artist to the people whom cannot stop praising God, because the supernatural presence is so strong.   Back in the era of Rev. Louis Overstreet, there was no such thing as celebrities in the House of God or even at a gospel concert.  Only a gospel singer and musician was known sharing their gift with those whom only sought to feel the Holy Ghost moving through their souls as they praised God without sophistication or hesitation.

Unashamedly, Rev. Louis Overstreet had a church service similar to many other gospel greats whom were also ministers of God's Word.  Back in those days of the 1940's and 50's it was not relevant to be accepted by white congregants and black church folks just wanted God to be honored and glorified where ever gospel hymns were sung.  Yes, the black church was more separate from the white church, but there was more unity among African Americans whom did not mind having church while listening to their favorite gospel singer preach in his songs, often times.  In there everyday lives, life was hard times among many church people and even gospel artists.  Therefore, it was very important that they reached a divine presence which conquered the enemy that fought them in that era of segregation.   They more humble and not shy about allowing the Holy Ghost to move them into a holy dance, which was purely sanctification, completely non-identical to worldly dancing.  Therefore, no choreographer was ever needed when gospel artists would bless many souls in that particular era.  Very rare, do we see this sort of church service controlled by the Holy Spirit today whenever a gospel artist perform in front of their audience, unless the church is completely full gospel, opposed to the hip-hop nightclub atmosphere.

You see, Pentecostal ministers like Rev. Louis Overstreet were Godly sincere men and were not ashamed to be different, from the world.  Back in those days, it was a disgrace to mingle with the secular music industry and so God-fearing men like himself drew a crowd whom also were opposed to secular music.  Also on the following video, you will see women who shouted in the spirit were not dressed like harlots and Rev. Overstreet was not dressed as a thug or an athlete, but they all were appropriately dressed in the House of God.  They all had respect for God and had some decency about themselves.

Thank God for the memory of Rev. Louis Overstreet, such a powerful dynamic gospel artist who should never be forgotten, but honored for singing real gospel congregational songs that welcomed the Holy Ghost to touch many souls whom admired his talent.   

In 1947, Rev. Overstreet was born in Louisiana.  He often evangelized on the streets and later on was the pastor of St. Luke Powerhouse Church of God in Christ in Phoenix, Arizona. He died in 1980.

Watch Rev. Louis Overstreet sing under the anointing of the Holy Ghost

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