Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Rhythm of Rebellion in gospel music controlling the youth: Lucifer, creator of music in rebellion against God

Since you have been following our articles, you know we have decided to inform you about this series, 'The Rhythm of Rebellion,' authored by two men of God, Ministers Sean Davis and Cary Rodgers.  They reveal the reason why many youth in the church are against God and even rebelling against their parents.  It all began with Lucifer who was the master of music.  God gave Lucifer a gift, but when he turned against God, He created His own rhythm and a lot of it has moved into many churches, deceiving a lot of our youth.  Now, this sort of music is allowed within many churches and created by many gospel artists whom have used rhythms similar to secular artists.

Ministers Davis and Rodgers mentioned the scripture found in Ezekiel 28:13, which reveals how music was in Lucifer from the beginning of time.  Therefore, the church has no business using his music to make more money nor sharing the fame with his children, in our opinion.  When Satan rebelled against God, his music was no longer a part of God's Kingdom.  So, we are not to ever listen nor use his music and put the words of God in it, it should be very easy for all of us to understand.   Therefore, you can now understand why God said to love not the world, neither things in it (I John 2:15), which includes music created by Satanic forces.  Many of these gospel artists whom have blended their music with hip hop, rock, and pop are not doing the work for God, but they are winning souls for Satan and this is why they are showing no difference between themselves and secular artists.  As we can see today among many gospel artists, they are performing for self-glorification instead of drawing their fans to worship God.   This is what Lucifer did before he was cast into hell, he rebelled against God, because he did not want God to have any glory, he was selfish and desired it all for himself.  Think about it, many of the secular artists whom perform hip-hop, rock and pop are famous, because their fans glorify them and so many gospel artists are in rebellion, because they want that same attention.

So, just listen to how these two men of God explain the dangers of today's music that has been allowed in the average church and within the gospel music industry.

Watch Video, The Rhythm of Rebellion EXPOSED-Part 2A

Part 2B-EXCLUSIVE!!! The Rhythm of Rebellion EXPOSED!!! 





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