Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Rhythm of Rebellion EXPOSED in gospel music, many youth lost in the black church

Ministers Sean Davis and Cary Rodgers did a series on The Rhythm of Rebellion and they have shared this information to explain why there are yet so many young people dying and not being saved and delivered in the black church or any other church.   The connection of hip hop and rock with God's music are distracting them from being in total submission to God's Word.  Many of our youth are in rebellion while being hypnotized by the beat of the music, but not really listening to it, to be close to God.   They are in a trans when they listen to christian rap, hip hop gospel or even christian rock music, which is controlled by the demon of rebellion.   

Our brothers in Christ brought up a very good point about God's government in warfare with Satan's government.  Did you know we have spiritual governments?   Satan has been trying to control God's government through christian rap, hip hop gospel and christian rock and he has not stopped yet, because many of today's pastors are getting rich off of this music, in other-wards, they are sharing the wealth.   These ministers whom are sharing the wealth are ignoring the fact that they cannot blend God's government with Satan's government. Therefore, when you go to church, think about which government the church is under, God or the Devil.   The Devil's government is making it look like hip hop gospel, christian rap and christian rock are the only way to win the youth, when in fact, he is still capturing them into hell, because they are addicted to the music and not God.   Think about it, which government does the gospel music industry belong to?  It's certainly not God, because they have allowed money to control how they create their music and how gospel artists perform at their concerts.

Saints of God, this is the intro to this series and it is very clear, you cannot mix Satan's music with God's music, because God's government has nothing to do with Satan's government that has negatively influenced many young people through secular music and now gospel music that has blended with it.

Watch Video, Rhythm and Rebellion-Part 1A

Watch, Rhythm and Rebellion-Part1B


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