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Preacher explains why you cannot mix hip hop or any other genre with gospel music

Sorry, we did not hear back yet who this preacher is, but he sure is telling the truth about gospel music.   He is so close to God, he does not agree with any genre being mixed with gospel music.   He explains the scripture found I Samuel 16:16 that a harp was played to drive out an evil spirit.  The Bible never said Saul rhymed poetry, added any other musical element or any thing else, he just simply played a harp to drive out the demon.  Therefore, many of these gospel artists you are listening to today who are blending their gospel music with secular music are unknowingly putting in demons into the music, because they have allowed demonic forces to control their creativity by using secular styles of music.

Interim, some gospel artists who have been guilty for many years of adding musical elements from the worldly genres into their music have unknowingly caused not only a lot of rebellion among the youth in the church, but also adults whom may have been rebellious to obeying God's Word and also struggling with addiction with various types of lusts.   This preacher makes the point, 'this is the trouble among the youth in the church today,' but really, if you have lived 35 or more years, you can recall certain gospel and christian artists that began the style of Jazz, R & B and Soul into their music: Amy Grant, the Archers, the Winans, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Edwin and Walter Hawkins, the Hawkins Family, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and other similar gospel artists.  This change within the gospel music industry began back in the 1980's.  If you noticed as the music became more secularized within the gospel music industry, the more young folks years ago, became rebellious and got further away from God. Many people like to add Rev. James Cleveland to the list after he died, claiming that he had an identical style to Louis Armstrong, but really, we could tell Cleveland's gospel songs were very different from secular jazz and we could feel the Holy Spirit in his songs. The only made claim, because they were guilty of completely changing gospel music, after the King of gospel died and they know if he was alive, he would not have agreed with hip hop gospel being within the church nor the gospel music industry.   Now, we do not think you can have some sort of creativity in gospel music, but there should not be any similarities with secular music. There should be a limit and there should be strict guidelines within any church, including the gospel music industry.   That's what it was when the King of gospel, Rev. James Cleveland was alive, there were strict guidelines that was not necessarily presented to the black church and gospel music industry, but gospel artists and even those whom enjoyed their music knew how far to go.   We knew you could not be identical to the world while worshiping God.   These days, gospel artists have collaborated so much with secular artists, there certainly needs to be guidelines enforced within the gospel music industry and especially in the church.   

Back in the day, Rev. Al Green even stopped singing soul music before coming to Christ.   He got saved and delivered and then preached the gospel while separating his music from the world, now as you can see, although he is still preaching as a pastor, he sings both soul and gospel music.   Either way, God desires for us to have some distinction from the world, to drive out evil spirits, but if you use Satan's creativity in your songs, you are welcoming demons into the music, which is called 'strange fire', according to this preacher.  It is so very clear what this preacher was saying on this following video.  In Matthew 6:25, the Bible tell us, 'No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.'  Therefore, gospel artists are not supposed to sing for the world and the church at the same time, they must choose to do either.   Also, gospel artists are not supposed to blend God's music with the Devil's music.

Gospel music has gotten so far away from God, it is time for ministers of music along with their pastors to make a wise decision and not offend God by blending 'strange fire' into their music, because when doing so, it is no different than listening to secular music.

We paid close attention to how this preacher was honest enough to admit when he was doing hip hop performances, no one even expressed their gratitude and the different women would give him their phone numbers as though he was a secular artist.   Now, we tell you, this man of God is definitely called to preach God's Word, because we have heard no other preacher make such an honest confession like him.   

Furthermore, we have always tried to tell you the truth and how this preacher forewarns the church about gospel music comes real close to what we have been saying, all along.

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