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Pastor Shirley Caesar Talks New Music and Trying to Keep Her Integrity in Gospel Music

Shirley Caesar New Music, Tonex
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Pastor Shirley Caesar Talks New Music and Trying to Keep Her Integrity in Gospel Music

Reports state in a interview with Pastor and gospel singer Shirley Caesar that she knows her audience so well, she says they can expect songs in the traditional sprinkled "with a contemporary flavor."  She says the album will have "country gospel, traditional gospel, as well as contemporary gospel, [and] praise and worship songs."  Caesar admits her listeners can look forward to a few surprises but will not hear anything that compromises her integrity as a representative of Christ.
So, let's see what else she claims she won't do without jeopardizing her position with the Lord.
"I've been pitched a's called 'Hey Mr. Lover.'  It's about a couple who has seemingly fallen out of love, and the wife is saying, 'Hey Mr. Lover, will you love me again?  Will you be my best friend?'  But I'm not gonna record it [for this album] because I know many times, those that you think would be amenable and friendly toward you in doing that--" Pastor Caesar stops just short of completing her thought before adding, "I pray that I'm still a representative of Pentecostal persuasion, and I'm just afraid to take that chance, so I will not have songs like that on there."
We are not sure why she would consider even singing this song 'Hey Lover' as a pastor and gospel singer for the Lord but she states above she may add it to another album later. Does this make much sense to anyone?
The pastor acknowledges that she was even initially hesitant about her hip-hop collaboration with then-Tonéx on the radio hit "I Know the Truth."

We stated this time last year about how then gospel artist Tonex AKA B Slade and Shirley Caesar were dead wrong for doing this song in the above video. Here's what RGA has to say then:
God is not pleased with the devilish lifestyles of gospel artists since back in the days of the Caravans and possibly before that era.  There is a curse that should have been lifted by now, but if the church is not right, can they discipline the gospel artists?   The church should be so righteous, gospel artists would feel very uncomfortable to sing God's music while being a hypocrite.   However, these gospel artists know right from wrong.  Many like Tonex and Shirley Caesar were raised in the church that taught holiness like many others.  Source
"I was leery about rapping," she admits, "but because [the song] had nothing negative in it, I tried it."
"I'm hoping and praying that the Lord will give me a million seller or a 500,000 seller," appends Pastor Caesar.  "I'd like to have all of that, but not at the expense of losing my following."

While she may not want to lose her following, it is her soul she should be concerned with before even considering those that follow her. It's God we need to be pleasing not man. Also, she's even more concerned with how much money she'll bring in. It just reminds of of how she was the one back in the day when the gospel music industry was starting to make millions and everyone was jumping the bandwagon.

We are not sure if this interview showed any real repentance about dabbling in rap and hip hop from Shirley Caesar. There seemed to be more accepting and excuse making if anything.



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