Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Gospel Mime in the Modern Black Church Anointed?

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Is Gospel Mime in the Modern Black Church Anointed?

Gospel mime is a growing trend in many African-American Christian churches across the U.S.
It was in Western cultures, pantomime has usually been associated with French performers and street artists. The silent art is often performed in Japanese and Indian spiritual traditions. But in recent years, the black church has taken up the art form, reinterpreting pantomime and combining it with a Christian message, says Detroit Free Press.
"You're bringing the word of God to life, illuminating it," explained Minister Myra Morrison, 47 of Detroit. "You're preaching with your body. It's not about entertainment. It's about ministry."
Yolanda Smith, a Yale Divinity School lecturer who also performs liturgical dance says "Gospel mime comes out of a history of spiritual expression that stretches back centuries in America and Africa".
"In African-American churches, movement has always been a part of our history, a part of our heritage," Smith said. She cited the ring shout, a form of expression that started during slavery and is rooted in Africa.
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