Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Since Hip-Hop is a Religion, it should not be Merged with Gospel Music

Many hip hop lovers of this generation worship hip hop and we have also seen it within the (black)church when gospel music merged with the genre.   For many people who attend church these days, it is because of their love for hip hop gospel, not necessarily because they love God.  This is why it is so obvious, when you hear the average modern day parent who claims their child got saved through hip-hop gospel you must ask yourself these following question, if you are a true child of God. Why wasn't it possible for the child to be saved by God, alone?   Would that child be excited for God, if hip hop was never merged with gospel music?  If not, then that child does not really want God in his or her life.   The average testimony we ought to hear from a saved mother is, their child got saved at the altar.   The average testimony coming from even grown African Americans should be that they found Jesus at the altar, not through hip-hop, because although they call hip hop a religion it cannot save anyone, only Jesus can save and deliver one's soul from hell.

If hip-hop is a religion according to KRS One, then it should be exempt from gospel music and pastors should teach against it.   Christianity should not be mixed with other religions and therefore, gospel music should not have ever merged with hip hop.    Any anointed man or woman of God would recognize that the gospel music industry is definitely in trouble, if they yet proceed to endorse hip hop gospel, even after a secular entertainer allegedly says hip hop is a religion.  Then we discovered KRS One went so far to allegedly create a 600 page Hip Hop bible, which reminds us of the gospel of Inclusion movement.   Allegedly, this new religion merging into the church, claiming there is no hell or Devil has a new gospel of inclusion bible.  Do you see the comparison of why hip hop should not be merged with gospel music?   We notice Satan is trying to change the minds of people through gospel music by reading one type of bible, then through the church to read another type, which reveals both ways are away from God's original Word.  Whenever someone tries to merge another religion away from God's original Word, it is very dangerous and gospel artists whom claim to be born again Christians should no longer bridge the gap between gospel and hip hop.   There is no such a thing as bridging the gap within God's Kingdom.  In I John 2:15, it says this, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'

In Matthew 6:24, it says, 'No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.'    Look at what Merriam Dictionary says about Mammon:  material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence-you cannot serve God and mammon — Matthew 6:24. You see, if Merriam mentions the scripture Matthew 6:24, it so obvious, many gospel artists have worshiped money, instead worshiping God and believing He will not bless them without bridging the gap between hip hop and gospel music.  You cannot worship money and serve God.  You cannot love money more than God and you can't love it so much you are willing to let go of the true standard of complete holiness, which many gospel artists within the gospel music industry have done since the death of the late Rev. James Cleveland.  I Peter 1:16 says, 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.'

The merge of hip-hop with gospel music has ruined the minds of many people in the black church and Christians of other races, which is the same demonic influence as Christian rock.   The Devil has twisted God's music so much, He has deceived the youth and even many adults into believing that God can no longer save anyone and people cannot be saved without hip-hop or rock being blending into God's music.   They have chosen to believe this myth, because they have used hip hop gospel as a lucrative channel to make a lot of money.

Those of us whom were raised in the black church, we saw gospel music change from sacredness into worldliness.   When we used to attend gospel concerts or even at church back in the 1970's and 80's, there was a reverence for God and everyone knew He could save people alone without a trend controlling His music.   The damage of pastors yearning fame and fortune has allowed many gospel artists to just entertain and not minister deliverance into the souls of people.  This age of gospel music has caused many people to focus on being high on hip-hop as a drug instead of getting hooked on Jesus.  Some gospel artists have been very selfish, simply because all they talk about is how they never were able to make money and the church used to not pay them for their performances.   Therefore, it seems as though they have depended on hip hop to dominate gospel music to give them their fortune they feel they should have, you know, using it as a crutch.   Money has always been the excuse for many gospel artists changing their music to please the world and not God.  We can recall Shirley Caesar allegedly discussing how she and the rest of the Caravans had nothing and struggled across country to perform back in her younger days.   We still ask this question after listening to her complaint?  Was it possible for God to bless them without modernizing gospel music with a secular genre?

Hip-hop gospel and christian rock seems to be identical to homosexuality, because there is a continuous debate on it being right or wrong and people act as though they cannot live without and compromise with God.  This is how we know it has been always wrong for hip hop to merge with gospel music.  Whenever someone is a never ending their debates on a controversial issue, then it means it is wrong and should not continue to dominate souls from concentrating on God.

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