Monday, July 23, 2012

Rev. Paul Jones, such a powerful voice within the gospel music industry

Well, we did not want to do this article based on speculation, regarding Rev. Paul Jones alleged personal life before he died, we just wanted to respect his memory.  It has been so many years since this great gospel artist, Rev. Jones passed on.  He was so gifted and had such a beautiful voice, very distinct, than the average male gospel artists of all time.  It is very sad when tragedies occur within the gospel music industry, but we know God understand all things.   However, we wish so much that all of the talented gospel music artists whom have passed on would still be here.  Then, possibly many music artists within the gospel music industry would be afraid to perform in such a worldly fashion and have complete reverence for God, singing meaningful songs like 'I Won't Complain' and 'I Will Say Yes', that still stirs our souls today.

We are believing God for more serious gospel artists to reform the entire gospel music industry and create more anointed songs, which causes us to be better within our minds, hearts and souls. We pray and believe God for the type of gospel artists that are singing for ministry and not for fame and fortune.  Although, we discovered Rev. Paul Jones may not have wrote the song, 'I Won't Complain', it was as though he was the creator of it, because you could feel something when he sang it, much more than others we have heard.  This sort of performance is much needed within not only the gospel music industry, but also within the black church, across the nation. 

Rev. Paul Jones had such an anointing, many gospel artists lack today.  God loved Rev. Paul Jones best and may he rest in peace in a much better place.

Watch Video

Watch Video, Rev. Paul Jones, 'Righteous Son of God'


 Listen to Rev. Paul Jones Live Recording, 'I Won't Complain'

"I WILL SAY YES LORD" Rev. Paul Jones and Linda Williams, THE DWF MASS CHOIR


"I WILL SAY YES LORD" Praise Break


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