Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remixed I'm Brand New, christian rap is no better than hip hop gospel, G. Craig Lewis

The name of this song is 'Remixed, I'm Brand New', but really we do not see and hear a difference than listening secular rap artists.   This sort of music would really make anyone go back out in the world and desire the real thing.  G. Craig Lewis allegedly stated that christian rap is okay, but not hip hop gospel.  Really?  So this guys can look like thugs and rap to a beat and still say their say they are brand new in Christ while hip hop gospel artists are being allegedly rebuked by him?  Is that fair?  

From this song, we felt no anointing, nothing caused us to cry out to God and praise Him.  We felt no anointing to make us speak in unknown tongues.  Really, when you sing or perform as a gospel artist, you ought to do it to please the Lord and not the world and when you hear it, the song should make you feel like the Holy Ghost is all over you and filling the room.  We asked ourselves, 'where was the anointing in the music or where was it coming from the artist to deliver the homosexual, the prostitute or even the murderer? There was none, all we heard was just a style of music, so similar secular rap artists.     If these christian rap artists are supposed to be saved and different, how are they going to approach a drug dealer or even a secular rap artists acting like them?   People whom are trying to leave the life of slanging dope want something totally different and that is an experience through the anointing of the Holy Ghost.  Furthermore, we cannot see God judging hip hop gospel artists while condoning rap, all gospel artists must show a difference between being holy and no longer being a part of Satan's camp.

God also is looking for more preachers to tell it like it is, because really you cannot bargain with God.  You cannot say to one group, your music is okay, but the other group, your music is controlled by demonic forces.   God does not show preferential treatment and if hip hop gospel artists are wrong for what they do, then so are these christian rappers, including christian rock music artists.

All of you inspiring gospel artists whom really want to do a work for the Lord and bring in lost souls through your music, be real and don't play with God, because He will not accept those whom bargain with Him and compromise with the world, in order to make money in exchange to satisfy their terms and conditions.  If you really are brand new, you ought to not just look brand new, but act brand new.   If you were once on the corner slanging dope, then sing like you are no longer a part of that fast life, so souls will pay more attention to what you have to say, because while viewing this video, it appeared as though these guys were full of foolishness, in our opinion. 

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