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Gospel Music Workshop of America Celebration in Nashville: Was there a subject of gospel artists remaining holy?

Gospel Music Workshop of America just had a celebration this past week.   Every year, many African Americans gather while singing in harmony in the absent of the late Rev. James Cleveland.  However, we as true saints of God can't help but be concerned if the subject of being holy and and living a righteous life was a discussion at this conference.   The question is, is there a fear of God among the gospel artists whom celebrate GMWA, under the leadership of the head chairman of GMWA Bishop Albert Jamison?   

In case you did not know, Bishop Albert Jamison is very well-known within Bishop Paul Morton's organization Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and is also a very prominent pastor of a church in Brooklyn, New York, Pleasant Grove Tabernacle.  It is so important to God for the leaders whom are carrying on the late Rev. James Cleveland's vision discuss what God does not agree with in His Word.   It is very hurting to know many of their prestigious gospel artists have passed on without the possibility of sin not being discussed among them at this conference.   People may brush it off and think GMWA conference should just be about singing, but this is where a lot of people get in trouble, gospel music is and should be about spreading the good news through spiritual songs and also learning how to live a holy lifestyle as a messenger for Christ.  Therefore, as a messenger for Christ, gospel artists should be taught how to live holy lives and abstain from sin while reaching lost souls, possibly through the testimony of their own lives written in their songs.   These sort of discussions should be discussed among the panelists at GMWA conferences, every year.  If there has not been much of a discussion about gospel music artists living holy and spreading the message of complete holiness in their songs, God maybe very offended by it and this could be the reason why many gospel artists have died before their time for so many years.  Possibly, many of the leaders of GMWA within various states have not advised those gospel artists and members within mass choirs about the importance of living a holy and righteous life and singing about it.  

You see, we are all souls and God is watching what we do and say within His Kingdom.  For instance, the issue of gay and lesbian lifestyle should not be condoned in GMWA, regardless of how long some people may have been discreet homosexuals.  According to God's Word, it is wrong to be gay and those whom are ordained ministers within the gospel music industry should have regular discussions about homosexuality or any other sin that offends God.  God has feelings and if we say we love Him, we need to care about how he feels about these issues.  We ought to care about how many black men and black women have died of AIDS within GMWA, including within the gospel music industry.   The discussion about abstaining from sin, sex before marriage, adultery, HIV/AIDS are more issues that should be important for discussion among those whom sing about God and show up at these GMWA conferences.  Therefore, a celebration of Gospel Music Workshop of America still standing strong for over 40 years is not important to God, if souls could be eternally lost within the gospel music industry.

Gospel Music Workshop of America celebrates music’s rebound in Nashville

Genre’s top gathering in Nashville this week as its music sales rise

By Anita Wadhwani
The Tennessean

The 5,100 gospel music industry professionals in Nashville this week for the genre’s biggest annual convention have reason to rejoice that goes beyond the core spiritual message of the music.

After a decade of steep declines in music sales, the $40 million U.S. gospel music industry is bouncing back more energetically than other niche genres. A number of FM stations in major cities have switched from other formats to gospel in the past...Read full article, here. 

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