Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gospel Music Artists Sensere Moving into Soulful Sound of Future Worship

This new gospel group Sensere reminds us of the Temptations, but in a Godly fashion, they are all clean cut, wearing nice suits and all harmonize to their tune, 'Got Jesus.'  Their style is so much better than what we hear today among various Praise and Worship artists in the gospel music industry.   They don't look or sound like thugs and pimps and all have an air of sophistication. They can hold a note.  Their music is really decent gospel, also very distinct from hip hop gospel music.   If we could just bring back gospel music that represents God music with showing a difference, it would really be very nice.

The name of their album is, Sensere: The Sound of Future Worship.  Could this be the future of some good gospel music that really moves us in the soul?  These guys are young and they seem to be on one accord, so this reveals there is hope, if they are being an example of what gospel music really should change into.  They are just decent and that's what really caught our attention, you know, not looking like hoodlums on the corner selling drugs or performing with sagging pants.  These guys, Sensere have a lot of class. They had a true message to sing about, no riddles and rhymes to a noisy beat.  We really do pray to God other gospel groups and soloists will take heed to Sensere's clean performances, every where they go while on tour.

Another thing, it seems like God is behind them, because if they can be a part of a Jazz festival among secular artists like Mary J. Blige, Patti Labelle and Kenny Loggins without being worldly, then they really have talent.

We really enjoyed Sensure's performance and really do hope they remain distinct from the secular music industry, which is what we heard the leader of the group mention.

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