Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gospel Artists Mary Mary Advises Kids to Stand Up to Bullies: Did We Hear Either of Them Mention Salvation?

First, we want to say, usually we do not waste time listening to home made videos, but we took the time out to find out what these two sisters, Mary Mary had to say about kids standing up to bullies.   We will not say this is the true body of Christ, but morals and values sure has changed in the black church.   Now, we agree that kids should not be afraid of their bullies, but when you tell them to stand up to them, shouldn't Jesus Christ be a part of the discussion?
Mary Mary has already made a name for themselves crossing the line from gospel into mainstream music in our opinion, so when children see them it is obvious they may not know they are not different than Beyonce, especially they boldly admitted they went to her concert.   Therefore, what comes out of their mouths does not surprise us, but the Jesus Christ not being mentioned when there is a discussion of kids being bullied by their peers is very offensive to us. After we listened to this following video, we had to ask God, where are the hearts of gospel artists today?  RGA readers, it seems like we are spiritually in danger and if we are not saved we will get caught up being foolish like Mary Mary with our words and that is not good when giving advice to children.  Let us leave you with this thought, any adult who claims to be saved and filled with the Holy Ghost should always mention Jesus Christ when advising children and showing them how they can accept Him as their personal Savior.   There is no defense against bullies, if He is not the center of their lives.

Eventually, Mary Mary will have to face God of what they did or said wrong in their lives and this is a major issue here, because they are supposed to be better examples not only as gospel artists, but children of God. Children need to know Jesus Christ is there when they are bullied and they need to accept Him for His divine protection.   We as Christians should never give advice to children similar to the world.  
We are supposed to look like God's children, talk like God's children and act like God's children and we kids here us speak, they will not how to handle their bullies, God's way.

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Mary Mary Advises Kids to Stand Up to Bullies (Video)

Tina, who expressed that she was bullied when she was younger said that she doesn’t want her kids to go through what she went through. So, she tries to equip her children at home for those types of scenarios.

“My kids know to defend yourself...Read full article, here.


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