Friday, July 6, 2012

Gospel Artist Bebe Winans Opens Up About Whitney Houston and Ex-Husband Bobby Brown in New Book

Thanks to, we learned about Bebe Winans friendship with Whitney Houston revealed in his new book, 'The Whitney Knew'.  You see, all of the jealous people of our late queen of love ballads want to say bad things, but Bebe Winans had a lot of good things to say about Whitney Houston.  Indeed, she was a woman who knew the Lord, certainly a child of God.  Tell us, is there any soul singer you can remember who would stop in the middle of a concert and mention their love for Jesus Christ?  Not many who we can recall, except for Whitney Houston.   Bebe mentioned her fans would boo her whenever she would express her love for God and His son, Jesus Christ.   Whitney Houston did something that many African American music artists would not do before the world and that is to boldly express her love for Christ without shame or regret.

The fact that Bebe and Cece showed the true light of Jesus Christ not to use profanity really touched us, simply because Whitney admired them both because of it.  It shows us how people whom yearn God are watching how we as Christians carry ourselves.   After reading that point Bebe Winans mentioned, we must think about this very question, 'are we really showing the light of Jesus Christ and are we being different the way God wants us to be?'   So, the fact that Bebe mentioned it was a part of he and sister's upbringing was very touching to us.

We want to say, Whitney Houston was more of a saint than most churchgoing Christians.  We all have problems in life and God understands us when we are having difficulty trying to overcome them.  Therefore, all of the jealous people who did not love our queen could never value such a precious soul, because they are not a part of the true family of God.

The information that Bebe Winans has revealed about his late friend is really good to know, because we will forever love and respect Whitney for who she was, a child of God, born to touch millions of lives. 

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Bebe Winans details Whitney Houston’s Christian walk, relationship with Bobby Brown and unruly spirit

Decorated Singer Whitney Houston left her loyal fans throughout the world heartbroken when she passed away on Feb. 11. However, autopsy reports revealing that Houston had used several drugs including cocaine before her death threatened to put a cloud over her legacy as a multi-Grammy award winning artist with several chart topping albums.

Gospel Singer and personal friend to Houston BeBe Winans hopes to unveil the New Jersey singer’s true nature in his soon-to-be-released book The Whitney I Knew.

The gospel legend and his family forged a friendship with Houston 28 ye...Read full article, here.

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