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Donnie McClurkin's TBN interview with gospel artist Mary Mary reveals rebellion against sacred gospel music

First and foremost, we would like to inform you why we may not see Pastor Donnie McClurkin out publicly denouncing gay marriage during this nation's controversy against the true saints of God.  Now, we see why he seems to be allegedly remaining silent on the issue of gay marriage, along with many other gospel artists whom are afraid to stand up for Jesus Christ, but instead support our first (bi-racial) black president.   If you watch this following video, you will see Donnie McClurkin have a discussion on TBN with Mary Mary allegedly revealing the spirit of carnality, just like both of the sisters, Tina and Erika Campbell.  Pastor McClurkin could never say anything to change homosexuals, not unless he reveals an example of true holiness. 

We are not sure, but it sounded like Pastor McClurkin allegedly stated both sisters, Mary Mary are married to cousins Warren and Ted Campbell, if you stop the video at 1:35.  First and foremost, if Pastor Donnie McClurkin is really in God's will he would not be sitting in the presence of two gospel artists whom are not appropriately representing God's music, not just the music, but also the alleged connections of family and marriage.

When Pastor Donnie McClurkin sat them down, he first claimed these sisters are called by God.  Really?  They are called by God to shake their bodies to secular style music as though they are still in the world?   In the church, they always try to excuse women in the gospel music industry who dress loosely as though they are appearing as harlots winning souls for Christ, similar to the ones in the Bible, but the Word of God says in I Peter 1:16, 'Be ye holy for I am holy.'  That scripture means  people are supposed to see a light of Jesus Christ when they look at us and we are supposed to feel a different when we see or hear someone whom has been saved by Jesus Christ. If we are changed on the inside, we should not look similar to children of Satan on the outside.  Then, the other biblical scripture says in I John 2:15, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'   In other wards, you do not have to look like the world to win them, just do it God's way.

Allegedly, Mary Mary reveal themselves as though they Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.   On their music video, they are revealing themselves as worldly women like they are in a nightclub, but on TBN they are dressed like sanctified women.  When you watch this following video, you will recognize them wearing long sleeve tops and their skirts are almost down to their ankles.   God not necessarily desire for us to look like nuns, but He requires us to look the same whenever people see us.   Even gospel artists should not appear to reveal themselves similar to people within the secular industry, then when they appear on a christian television, they appear totally different.   God is looking for gospel artists whom are going to be a true example for holy women and men, all the time.   Secular artists ought to admire gospel artists so much, they yearn to change their lives, because they see a difference and feel an air of holiness coming from those whom sing about God.

Another thing we noticed while listening to Mary Mary speaking with Donnie McClurkin, they boasted about Ma and Pa Winans making it okay for the both of them to sing and perform hip hop gospel music, but we wonder did they ever ask God was it okay with Him?  We could imagine it must be a miserable feeling to continue going on in life, excusing what you do, just because other 'so-called' saved people said it was okay.   It does not matter who told Mary Mary to keep going as hip hop gospel artists, if they are offending God, it's wrong.  We want you to know, it is not okay and God is tired of it.   The one on the left, Tina had the audacity to get an attitude and insinuate they do not have to sing songs like 'Jesus on the Mainline' to reach the world, maybe not, but at least they could sing songs that are more sacred and reveal sacredness during their performances, so the world can have respect for God.  God does want us to sing meaningful songs, because in this era we are experiencing too many painful situations in our lives to be identical with the world.   God does not understand Mary Mary not being sacred gospel artists, because He told us to be holy and completely separate from the world, according to the two above scriptures we gave you.

Mary Mary, Tina and Erika Campbell went on to allegedly encourage people to have faith and go out and get a job by filling out an application.  What does either of them know about getting a job or struggling for hours, working for someone else on a daily basis, if they are making their money by singing and dancing to hip hop gospel?  You can't tell people to go out and get that job, if you have never been in their situation.  If either of these sisters used to work a 9 to 5 job, we would like to know about it.

Toward the end of this TBN interview, they act as though they are feeling the Spirit, along with Pastor Donnie McClurkin, but we question what is it, either of them feel, including Tina's husband?   They acted as though they all felt a quickening in the Spirit, but on the video, 'Go Get It', they are no different than Rihanna and Beyonce in our opinion.

Note: Although, we acknowledge Pastor Donnie McClurkin may have spoken out against homosexuality in the past, we have not heard him speak out against same sex marriage, specifically.  If he has, we missed it.

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