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Remixed I'm Brand New, christian rap is no better than hip hop gospel, G. Craig Lewis

The name of this song is 'Remixed, I'm Brand New', but really we do not see and hear a difference than listening secular rap artists.   This sort of music would really make anyone go back out in the world and desire the real thing.  G. Craig Lewis allegedly stated that christian rap is okay, but not hip hop gospel.  Really?  So this guys can look like thugs and rap to a beat and still say their say they are brand new in Christ while hip hop gospel artists are being allegedly rebuked by him?  Is that fair?  

From this song, we felt no anointing, nothing caused us to cry out to God and praise Him.  We felt no anointing to make us speak in unknown tongues.  Really, when you sing or perform as a gospel artist, you ought to do it to please the Lord and not the world and when you hear it, the song should make you feel like the Holy Ghost is all over you and filling the room.  We asked ourselves, 'where was the anointing in the music or where was it coming from the artist to deliver the homosexual, the prostitute or even the murderer? There was none, all we heard was just a style of music, so similar secular rap artists.     If these christian rap artists are supposed to be saved and different, how are they going to approach a drug dealer or even a secular rap artists acting like them?   People whom are trying to leave the life of slanging dope want something totally different and that is an experience through the anointing of the Holy Ghost.  Furthermore, we cannot see God judging hip hop gospel artists while condoning rap, all gospel artists must show a difference between being holy and no longer being a part of Satan's camp.

God also is looking for more preachers to tell it like it is, because really you cannot bargain with God.  You cannot say to one group, your music is okay, but the other group, your music is controlled by demonic forces.   God does not show preferential treatment and if hip hop gospel artists are wrong for what they do, then so are these christian rappers, including christian rock music artists.

All of you inspiring gospel artists whom really want to do a work for the Lord and bring in lost souls through your music, be real and don't play with God, because He will not accept those whom bargain with Him and compromise with the world, in order to make money in exchange to satisfy their terms and conditions.  If you really are brand new, you ought to not just look brand new, but act brand new.   If you were once on the corner slanging dope, then sing like you are no longer a part of that fast life, so souls will pay more attention to what you have to say, because while viewing this video, it appeared as though these guys were full of foolishness, in our opinion. 

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Photo: http://youtu.be/UIJID-cwk_k

Shirley Caesar Conference: Consider the Guests and Performers at a Church Event Before Attending

Shirley Caesar 40th Annual Conference 2012
(Photo: Google.com)
Shirley Caesar Conference: Consider the Guests and Performers at a Church Event Before Attending
We wanted to thank our friends over at The Old Black Church for this. They are actually the spotlight for this discussion. We admire the bold statement the TOBC made about attendees having to use discernment when they decide to attend an event with performers and guests who are questionable.
We would like to think that TOBC was referring to some or all of the guests in the above poster:
  • Pastor Paul Morton
  • Prophet Brian Carn
  • Earnest Pugh
  • Zacardi Cortez
  • Prophet Todd Hall
  • Le'Andria Johnson
  • Lisa Page Brooks
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    Donnie McClurkin's TBN interview with gospel artist Mary Mary reveals rebellion against sacred gospel music

    First and foremost, we would like to inform you why we may not see Pastor Donnie McClurkin out publicly denouncing gay marriage during this nation's controversy against the true saints of God.  Now, we see why he seems to be allegedly remaining silent on the issue of gay marriage, along with many other gospel artists whom are afraid to stand up for Jesus Christ, but instead support our first (bi-racial) black president.   If you watch this following video, you will see Donnie McClurkin have a discussion on TBN with Mary Mary allegedly revealing the spirit of carnality, just like both of the sisters, Tina and Erika Campbell.  Pastor McClurkin could never say anything to change homosexuals, not unless he reveals an example of true holiness. 

    We are not sure, but it sounded like Pastor McClurkin allegedly stated both sisters, Mary Mary are married to cousins Warren and Ted Campbell, if you stop the video at 1:35.  First and foremost, if Pastor Donnie McClurkin is really in God's will he would not be sitting in the presence of two gospel artists whom are not appropriately representing God's music, not just the music, but also the alleged connections of family and marriage.

    When Pastor Donnie McClurkin sat them down, he first claimed these sisters are called by God.  Really?  They are called by God to shake their bodies to secular style music as though they are still in the world?   In the church, they always try to excuse women in the gospel music industry who dress loosely as though they are appearing as harlots winning souls for Christ, similar to the ones in the Bible, but the Word of God says in I Peter 1:16, 'Be ye holy for I am holy.'  That scripture means  people are supposed to see a light of Jesus Christ when they look at us and we are supposed to feel a different when we see or hear someone whom has been saved by Jesus Christ. If we are changed on the inside, we should not look similar to children of Satan on the outside.  Then, the other biblical scripture says in I John 2:15, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'   In other wards, you do not have to look like the world to win them, just do it God's way.

    Allegedly, Mary Mary reveal themselves as though they Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.   On their music video, they are revealing themselves as worldly women like they are in a nightclub, but on TBN they are dressed like sanctified women.  When you watch this following video, you will recognize them wearing long sleeve tops and their skirts are almost down to their ankles.   God not necessarily desire for us to look like nuns, but He requires us to look the same whenever people see us.   Even gospel artists should not appear to reveal themselves similar to people within the secular industry, then when they appear on a christian television, they appear totally different.   God is looking for gospel artists whom are going to be a true example for holy women and men, all the time.   Secular artists ought to admire gospel artists so much, they yearn to change their lives, because they see a difference and feel an air of holiness coming from those whom sing about God.

    Another thing we noticed while listening to Mary Mary speaking with Donnie McClurkin, they boasted about Ma and Pa Winans making it okay for the both of them to sing and perform hip hop gospel music, but we wonder did they ever ask God was it okay with Him?  We could imagine it must be a miserable feeling to continue going on in life, excusing what you do, just because other 'so-called' saved people said it was okay.   It does not matter who told Mary Mary to keep going as hip hop gospel artists, if they are offending God, it's wrong.  We want you to know, it is not okay and God is tired of it.   The one on the left, Tina had the audacity to get an attitude and insinuate they do not have to sing songs like 'Jesus on the Mainline' to reach the world, maybe not, but at least they could sing songs that are more sacred and reveal sacredness during their performances, so the world can have respect for God.  God does want us to sing meaningful songs, because in this era we are experiencing too many painful situations in our lives to be identical with the world.   God does not understand Mary Mary not being sacred gospel artists, because He told us to be holy and completely separate from the world, according to the two above scriptures we gave you.

    Mary Mary, Tina and Erika Campbell went on to allegedly encourage people to have faith and go out and get a job by filling out an application.  What does either of them know about getting a job or struggling for hours, working for someone else on a daily basis, if they are making their money by singing and dancing to hip hop gospel?  You can't tell people to go out and get that job, if you have never been in their situation.  If either of these sisters used to work a 9 to 5 job, we would like to know about it.

    Toward the end of this TBN interview, they act as though they are feeling the Spirit, along with Pastor Donnie McClurkin, but we question what is it, either of them feel, including Tina's husband?   They acted as though they all felt a quickening in the Spirit, but on the video, 'Go Get It', they are no different than Rihanna and Beyonce in our opinion.

    Note: Although, we acknowledge Pastor Donnie McClurkin may have spoken out against homosexuality in the past, we have not heard him speak out against same sex marriage, specifically.  If he has, we missed it.

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    Source and photos: http://youtu.be/6TiZcqXSFNI
    Photo Courtesy: WeTV.com 
    Video: VeVo

    Monday, July 23, 2012

    Rev. Paul Jones, such a powerful voice within the gospel music industry

    Well, we did not want to do this article based on speculation, regarding Rev. Paul Jones alleged personal life before he died, we just wanted to respect his memory.  It has been so many years since this great gospel artist, Rev. Jones passed on.  He was so gifted and had such a beautiful voice, very distinct, than the average male gospel artists of all time.  It is very sad when tragedies occur within the gospel music industry, but we know God understand all things.   However, we wish so much that all of the talented gospel music artists whom have passed on would still be here.  Then, possibly many music artists within the gospel music industry would be afraid to perform in such a worldly fashion and have complete reverence for God, singing meaningful songs like 'I Won't Complain' and 'I Will Say Yes', that still stirs our souls today.

    We are believing God for more serious gospel artists to reform the entire gospel music industry and create more anointed songs, which causes us to be better within our minds, hearts and souls. We pray and believe God for the type of gospel artists that are singing for ministry and not for fame and fortune.  Although, we discovered Rev. Paul Jones may not have wrote the song, 'I Won't Complain', it was as though he was the creator of it, because you could feel something when he sang it, much more than others we have heard.  This sort of performance is much needed within not only the gospel music industry, but also within the black church, across the nation. 

    Rev. Paul Jones had such an anointing, many gospel artists lack today.  God loved Rev. Paul Jones best and may he rest in peace in a much better place.

    Watch Video

    Watch Video, Rev. Paul Jones, 'Righteous Son of God'


     Listen to Rev. Paul Jones Live Recording, 'I Won't Complain'

    "I WILL SAY YES LORD" Rev. Paul Jones and Linda Williams, THE DWF MASS CHOIR


    "I WILL SAY YES LORD" Praise Break

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    Gospel Music Workshop of America Celebration in Nashville: Was there a subject of gospel artists remaining holy?

    Gospel Music Workshop of America just had a celebration this past week.   Every year, many African Americans gather while singing in harmony in the absent of the late Rev. James Cleveland.  However, we as true saints of God can't help but be concerned if the subject of being holy and and living a righteous life was a discussion at this conference.   The question is, is there a fear of God among the gospel artists whom celebrate GMWA, under the leadership of the head chairman of GMWA Bishop Albert Jamison?   

    In case you did not know, Bishop Albert Jamison is very well-known within Bishop Paul Morton's organization Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and is also a very prominent pastor of a church in Brooklyn, New York, Pleasant Grove Tabernacle.  It is so important to God for the leaders whom are carrying on the late Rev. James Cleveland's vision discuss what God does not agree with in His Word.   It is very hurting to know many of their prestigious gospel artists have passed on without the possibility of sin not being discussed among them at this conference.   People may brush it off and think GMWA conference should just be about singing, but this is where a lot of people get in trouble, gospel music is and should be about spreading the good news through spiritual songs and also learning how to live a holy lifestyle as a messenger for Christ.  Therefore, as a messenger for Christ, gospel artists should be taught how to live holy lives and abstain from sin while reaching lost souls, possibly through the testimony of their own lives written in their songs.   These sort of discussions should be discussed among the panelists at GMWA conferences, every year.  If there has not been much of a discussion about gospel music artists living holy and spreading the message of complete holiness in their songs, God maybe very offended by it and this could be the reason why many gospel artists have died before their time for so many years.  Possibly, many of the leaders of GMWA within various states have not advised those gospel artists and members within mass choirs about the importance of living a holy and righteous life and singing about it.  

    You see, we are all souls and God is watching what we do and say within His Kingdom.  For instance, the issue of gay and lesbian lifestyle should not be condoned in GMWA, regardless of how long some people may have been discreet homosexuals.  According to God's Word, it is wrong to be gay and those whom are ordained ministers within the gospel music industry should have regular discussions about homosexuality or any other sin that offends God.  God has feelings and if we say we love Him, we need to care about how he feels about these issues.  We ought to care about how many black men and black women have died of AIDS within GMWA, including within the gospel music industry.   The discussion about abstaining from sin, sex before marriage, adultery, HIV/AIDS are more issues that should be important for discussion among those whom sing about God and show up at these GMWA conferences.  Therefore, a celebration of Gospel Music Workshop of America still standing strong for over 40 years is not important to God, if souls could be eternally lost within the gospel music industry.

    Gospel Music Workshop of America celebrates music’s rebound in Nashville

    Genre’s top gathering in Nashville this week as its music sales rise

    By Anita Wadhwani
    The Tennessean

    The 5,100 gospel music industry professionals in Nashville this week for the genre’s biggest annual convention have reason to rejoice that goes beyond the core spiritual message of the music.

    After a decade of steep declines in music sales, the $40 million U.S. gospel music industry is bouncing back more energetically than other niche genres. A number of FM stations in major cities have switched from other formats to gospel in the past...Read full article, here. 

    Source and Photo: blogs.tennessean.com

    Photo: christianmusic.com

    Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    Man tells the Truth About Hip Hop Gospel Music: Spirit of Rebellion and Deception

    Sisters and brothers in Christ, we want you to pay close attention to this man's testimony.  He has not only worked in the secular music industry, but also the gospel music industry.   He made a lot of money in both industries and reveals there is no difference.  Satan has changed gospel music to expand his territory.  Because he was once the choir director in heaven before being thrown into his own torment, he has used many gospel artists to deceive people as though they are glorifying God, when in fact he is deceiving them.   The average pastor of a million dollar industry preaches against holiness as though it is tradition, but dear friend, holiness is definitely not a tradition, it is God's instruction for our lives to be completely separate from the ways of the world and keep sin out of our lives.   After you hear this man's testimony, you will realize how Satan has been deceiving many gospel music artists and their fans who idolize them.    

    If you are a regular reader of RGA, you know us to reveal the truth and everything that this man is going to tell you on video, is the same thing we have been forewarning you about all along about the gospel music industry.  As he said, they maybe some good ones out there, but 99.9 percent of these gospel artists are not doing the work of God and their music is bringing in the spirit of rebellion and deception.   You probably spent hundreds of dollars on hip hop gospel, holy hip hop and christian rock, but dear friends, Satan is in the music, if this music is not glorifying God.  More souls, right in the church are on their way to hell, because they believe the 'so-call' man or woman of God who tells them, 'it's okay to be like the world, because you are bringing lost souls into the church,' but many in the church, including the preacher who says that are just as lost as sinners.   This man brings up a good point, there is a different between secular and gospel music, secular music artists who create their music and do not hide their evil, but in the gospel music industry many of the artists hide their deception, they are hypocrites. Gospel music artists act as though they are closer to God than they secular artists, when in fact, many of them are without Christ.

    This man on this following video reveals how gospel music artists have mixed darkness with light and even quoted one of the same scriptures we posted before in one of our previous articles: 'Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness (2Cor. 6:14)?'  Therefore, take heed now before it is everlasting too late.  If you want some good gospel music to listen, go back and listen to the artists from years ago.  Many of them maybe gone onto their reward, but at least you are not feeding the spirit of deception and rebellion against God and you will not have any strongholds you have to deal with in your life.  Remember, being completely holy is not tradition.   Bishop Eddie Long, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Paula White and all of these other rich and famous pastors of mega ministries have twisted it, just to make you think God is not that strict, but oh yes He is, His Kingdom is completely different from the Devil's territory and He expects those whom represent Him to have no similarities with Satan's children.  Yes, God is looking at your heart, but He also wants you to reveal holiness and sanctification as child of God, whether you are a gospel music artist or even a listener of their music.  God has restrictions within His Kingdom, you cannot dress like the world and act like the world and think you are going to be free from demons of lust, greed and idolatry.   This man talks about all the same things we have forewarned you about before on this following video, being completely separate from the world.  Please pay close attention to everything he says, because he has worked in both industries, secular and gospel and reveals there is no difference between any of the music artists.

    Watch Video

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/OperationReapSouls

    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Videos: Are Gospel Artists A Part of The Alleged Black Celebrity Luciferians? Is This Why Their Music is Universal with Hip Hop?

    We watched both parts of this videos series, Black Celebrity Luciferians and it was very interesting from beginning to end.  We had to think about the following above questions in the title of this article, because we have seen Yolanda Adams collaborate with Kanye West and Mary Mary collaborate with L. L. Kool J and other secular music artists.  Therefore, if some secular music artists are discreet black celebrity Luciferians, we should close our ears when we hear hip hop gospel artists, simply because God's music should be completely different from the creators of hip hop music whom maybe Satan worshipers.   Some of these alleged Satanists like Maryilyn Mason allegedly stated on one of these following videos that he and other Satanists are not the ones whom wear triple 6 on their foreheads, but where does the name, 'Satanists' come from?   Satan.   Where does the name, Luciferian come from?  Lucifer.  Therefore, both are names are of the Devil and those whom worship Him for fame and fortune are evil beings and so are the gospel artists whom collaborate with them, black or white.

    Many of the modern day secular artists like to obscure the truth about their religion, simply because they want to get as many souls as they can to follow them into hell.   Some gospel artists whom have yielded to changing their music into universal to reach the masses have done so for fame and fortune, not necessarily to reach the masses for Christ.   True born again Christians must run away from those whom endorse many gospel artists these days, because many of them are followers of secular music artists and not followers of Jesus Christ, instead they have chosen to follow those whom are discreet Luciferians reading books written by Satanists and not those written by holy men.  If gospel artists began speaking words that they are their own god or goddess, then the black church is in trouble if they allow them to perform and even captivate the attention of our youth, because our youth will worship them and not God.   As we have mentioned before, self-glorification is idolatry and idolatry is a sin as stated in God's Word.   If we worship a person or a thing, that is sin and God sends people to hell for it.  In 2 Cor. 6-18, it reads: 'And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.'  In I Cor. 10:14, our Words says: 'Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.'

    For the past 20 years or so, preachers in the black church whom claim they are filled with the spirit have been teaching it is okay to dress like the world and even condone similar music of the world.   If there is no distinction from alleged Luciferians among the secular music elite, then the message in the music is irrelevant, because either you are worshiping God or Satan. Also, dressing different from secular hip hop artists is very important, especially if they are Satan worshipers.  The average black preacher whom is preaching for fame and fortune has always hated those within the body of Christ whom yearn a complete distinction from the world, even among gospel artists.  So really this preachers of the black church are not messengers for Christ, they have been lovers of money, refusing to encourage gospel artists to completely separate from those black celebrities in the secular music industry whom are believing they are their own god or goddess.  Millions of dollars have spoiled specific black preachers so much, they have weakened under the complete control of Lucifer.

    This is the scripture many modern day preachers within the black church run away from these days found in Matthew 6:24, 'No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.'

    Note: These are not our videos, we just discovered them on You Tube.

    Black Celebrity Luciferians, Part 1

    Black Celebrity Luciferians, Part 2

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/yungrebel561

    Saturday, July 14, 2012

    Gospel Music Artists Sensere Moving into Soulful Sound of Future Worship

    This new gospel group Sensere reminds us of the Temptations, but in a Godly fashion, they are all clean cut, wearing nice suits and all harmonize to their tune, 'Got Jesus.'  Their style is so much better than what we hear today among various Praise and Worship artists in the gospel music industry.   They don't look or sound like thugs and pimps and all have an air of sophistication. They can hold a note.  Their music is really decent gospel, also very distinct from hip hop gospel music.   If we could just bring back gospel music that represents God music with showing a difference, it would really be very nice.

    The name of their album is, Sensere: The Sound of Future Worship.  Could this be the future of some good gospel music that really moves us in the soul?  These guys are young and they seem to be on one accord, so this reveals there is hope, if they are being an example of what gospel music really should change into.  They are just decent and that's what really caught our attention, you know, not looking like hoodlums on the corner selling drugs or performing with sagging pants.  These guys, Sensere have a lot of class. They had a true message to sing about, no riddles and rhymes to a noisy beat.  We really do pray to God other gospel groups and soloists will take heed to Sensere's clean performances, every where they go while on tour.

    Another thing, it seems like God is behind them, because if they can be a part of a Jazz festival among secular artists like Mary J. Blige, Patti Labelle and Kenny Loggins without being worldly, then they really have talent.

    We really enjoyed Sensure's performance and really do hope they remain distinct from the secular music industry, which is what we heard the leader of the group mention.

    Watch Video

    Watch Video

    Video: http://www.cbn.com

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Since Hip-Hop is a Religion, it should not be Merged with Gospel Music

    Many hip hop lovers of this generation worship hip hop and we have also seen it within the (black)church when gospel music merged with the genre.   For many people who attend church these days, it is because of their love for hip hop gospel, not necessarily because they love God.  This is why it is so obvious, when you hear the average modern day parent who claims their child got saved through hip-hop gospel you must ask yourself these following question, if you are a true child of God. Why wasn't it possible for the child to be saved by God, alone?   Would that child be excited for God, if hip hop was never merged with gospel music?  If not, then that child does not really want God in his or her life.   The average testimony we ought to hear from a saved mother is, their child got saved at the altar.   The average testimony coming from even grown African Americans should be that they found Jesus at the altar, not through hip-hop, because although they call hip hop a religion it cannot save anyone, only Jesus can save and deliver one's soul from hell.

    If hip-hop is a religion according to KRS One, then it should be exempt from gospel music and pastors should teach against it.   Christianity should not be mixed with other religions and therefore, gospel music should not have ever merged with hip hop.    Any anointed man or woman of God would recognize that the gospel music industry is definitely in trouble, if they yet proceed to endorse hip hop gospel, even after a secular entertainer allegedly says hip hop is a religion.  Then we discovered KRS One went so far to allegedly create a 600 page Hip Hop bible, which reminds us of the gospel of Inclusion movement.   Allegedly, this new religion merging into the church, claiming there is no hell or Devil has a new gospel of inclusion bible.  Do you see the comparison of why hip hop should not be merged with gospel music?   We notice Satan is trying to change the minds of people through gospel music by reading one type of bible, then through the church to read another type, which reveals both ways are away from God's original Word.  Whenever someone tries to merge another religion away from God's original Word, it is very dangerous and gospel artists whom claim to be born again Christians should no longer bridge the gap between gospel and hip hop.   There is no such a thing as bridging the gap within God's Kingdom.  In I John 2:15, it says this, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'

    In Matthew 6:24, it says, 'No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.'    Look at what Merriam Dictionary says about Mammon:  material wealth or possessions especially as having a debasing influence-you cannot serve God and mammon — Matthew 6:24. You see, if Merriam mentions the scripture Matthew 6:24, it so obvious, many gospel artists have worshiped money, instead worshiping God and believing He will not bless them without bridging the gap between hip hop and gospel music.  You cannot worship money and serve God.  You cannot love money more than God and you can't love it so much you are willing to let go of the true standard of complete holiness, which many gospel artists within the gospel music industry have done since the death of the late Rev. James Cleveland.  I Peter 1:16 says, 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.'

    The merge of hip-hop with gospel music has ruined the minds of many people in the black church and Christians of other races, which is the same demonic influence as Christian rock.   The Devil has twisted God's music so much, He has deceived the youth and even many adults into believing that God can no longer save anyone and people cannot be saved without hip-hop or rock being blending into God's music.   They have chosen to believe this myth, because they have used hip hop gospel as a lucrative channel to make a lot of money.

    Those of us whom were raised in the black church, we saw gospel music change from sacredness into worldliness.   When we used to attend gospel concerts or even at church back in the 1970's and 80's, there was a reverence for God and everyone knew He could save people alone without a trend controlling His music.   The damage of pastors yearning fame and fortune has allowed many gospel artists to just entertain and not minister deliverance into the souls of people.  This age of gospel music has caused many people to focus on being high on hip-hop as a drug instead of getting hooked on Jesus.  Some gospel artists have been very selfish, simply because all they talk about is how they never were able to make money and the church used to not pay them for their performances.   Therefore, it seems as though they have depended on hip hop to dominate gospel music to give them their fortune they feel they should have, you know, using it as a crutch.   Money has always been the excuse for many gospel artists changing their music to please the world and not God.  We can recall Shirley Caesar allegedly discussing how she and the rest of the Caravans had nothing and struggled across country to perform back in her younger days.   We still ask this question after listening to her complaint?  Was it possible for God to bless them without modernizing gospel music with a secular genre?

    Hip-hop gospel and christian rock seems to be identical to homosexuality, because there is a continuous debate on it being right or wrong and people act as though they cannot live without and compromise with God.  This is how we know it has been always wrong for hip hop to merge with gospel music.  Whenever someone is a never ending their debates on a controversial issue, then it means it is wrong and should not continue to dominate souls from concentrating on God.

    Source: http://allhiphop.com/2009/08/20/krs-plans-new-hip-hop-religion-with-gospel-of-hip-hop/
    Photo Courtesy: http://rapzilla.com/rz/features/story/2543-are-the-methods-creating-madness 
    Photo Courtesy: http://tonescientizt.wordpress.com

    Saturday, July 7, 2012

    Gospel Artists Mary Mary Advises Kids to Stand Up to Bullies: Did We Hear Either of Them Mention Salvation?

    First, we want to say, usually we do not waste time listening to home made videos, but we took the time out to find out what these two sisters, Mary Mary had to say about kids standing up to bullies.   We will not say this is the true body of Christ, but morals and values sure has changed in the black church.   Now, we agree that kids should not be afraid of their bullies, but when you tell them to stand up to them, shouldn't Jesus Christ be a part of the discussion?
    Mary Mary has already made a name for themselves crossing the line from gospel into mainstream music in our opinion, so when children see them it is obvious they may not know they are not different than Beyonce, especially they boldly admitted they went to her concert.   Therefore, what comes out of their mouths does not surprise us, but the Jesus Christ not being mentioned when there is a discussion of kids being bullied by their peers is very offensive to us. After we listened to this following video, we had to ask God, where are the hearts of gospel artists today?  RGA readers, it seems like we are spiritually in danger and if we are not saved we will get caught up being foolish like Mary Mary with our words and that is not good when giving advice to children.  Let us leave you with this thought, any adult who claims to be saved and filled with the Holy Ghost should always mention Jesus Christ when advising children and showing them how they can accept Him as their personal Savior.   There is no defense against bullies, if He is not the center of their lives.

    Eventually, Mary Mary will have to face God of what they did or said wrong in their lives and this is a major issue here, because they are supposed to be better examples not only as gospel artists, but children of God. Children need to know Jesus Christ is there when they are bullied and they need to accept Him for His divine protection.   We as Christians should never give advice to children similar to the world.  
    We are supposed to look like God's children, talk like God's children and act like God's children and we kids here us speak, they will not how to handle their bullies, God's way.

     Watch Video

    Mary Mary Advises Kids to Stand Up to Bullies (Video)

    Tina, who expressed that she was bullied when she was younger said that she doesn’t want her kids to go through what she went through. So, she tries to equip her children at home for those types of scenarios.

    “My kids know to defend yourself...Read full article, here.

    Friday, July 6, 2012

    Gospel Artist Bebe Winans Opens Up About Whitney Houston and Ex-Husband Bobby Brown in New Book

    Thanks to Joy105.com, we learned about Bebe Winans friendship with Whitney Houston revealed in his new book, 'The Whitney Knew'.  You see, all of the jealous people of our late queen of love ballads want to say bad things, but Bebe Winans had a lot of good things to say about Whitney Houston.  Indeed, she was a woman who knew the Lord, certainly a child of God.  Tell us, is there any soul singer you can remember who would stop in the middle of a concert and mention their love for Jesus Christ?  Not many who we can recall, except for Whitney Houston.   Bebe mentioned her fans would boo her whenever she would express her love for God and His son, Jesus Christ.   Whitney Houston did something that many African American music artists would not do before the world and that is to boldly express her love for Christ without shame or regret.

    The fact that Bebe and Cece showed the true light of Jesus Christ not to use profanity really touched us, simply because Whitney admired them both because of it.  It shows us how people whom yearn God are watching how we as Christians carry ourselves.   After reading that point Bebe Winans mentioned, we must think about this very question, 'are we really showing the light of Jesus Christ and are we being different the way God wants us to be?'   So, the fact that Bebe mentioned it was a part of he and sister's upbringing was very touching to us.

    We want to say, Whitney Houston was more of a saint than most churchgoing Christians.  We all have problems in life and God understands us when we are having difficulty trying to overcome them.  Therefore, all of the jealous people who did not love our queen could never value such a precious soul, because they are not a part of the true family of God.

    The information that Bebe Winans has revealed about his late friend is really good to know, because we will forever love and respect Whitney for who she was, a child of God, born to touch millions of lives. 

     Watch Video


    Bebe Winans details Whitney Houston’s Christian walk, relationship with Bobby Brown and unruly spirit

    Decorated Singer Whitney Houston left her loyal fans throughout the world heartbroken when she passed away on Feb. 11. However, autopsy reports revealing that Houston had used several drugs including cocaine before her death threatened to put a cloud over her legacy as a multi-Grammy award winning artist with several chart topping albums.

    Gospel Singer and personal friend to Houston BeBe Winans hopes to unveil the New Jersey singer’s true nature in his soon-to-be-released book The Whitney I Knew.

    The gospel legend and his family forged a friendship with Houston 28 ye...Read full article, here.

    Source and Photo Courtesy: Joy105.com 

    Wednesday, July 4, 2012

    Yolanda Adams Wins Best Gospel Award! Performs With Sunday’s Best Singers, But Did the Worldly Celebrities Get Saved?

    Yes, we watched this following video clip of Yolanda Adams singing with Sunday's Best Singers, but we also noticed there was some worldly celebrities in the audience like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Pharrell Williams, Al Sharpton, Common and others.  Now you will see Yolanda Adams performing with Sunday's Best Singers, 'You Brought the Sunshine', an old hit by the Clark Sisters.  Worldly celebrities mentioned above were bobbing their heads, clapping their hands and sitting as though they were one family with gospel artists.   One important question must concern true saints of God, was there any chance for worldly music artists to get completely saved and delivered from sin?  If these gospel artists are not spreading God's songs for ministry, then there is no used to be among worldly celebrities.   Read this scripture, I John 2:15, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'  Therefore, there is no way for you to love the world, unless you are winning them to Christ and as a result, they are completely leaving the ways of the world to follow Jesus Christ.

    Just like we often tell you, it is very strange to watch a Sunday service at Bishop Eddie Long's church with the lights out, it is the same at this Gospel Award show.  In 2 Corinthians 4:6, the Bible says, 'For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.'  These gospel artists who proclaim salvation is expected by God to let their light shine, so sinners can see the glory of Jesus Christ.   However, there is no way that could happen, if they continue to glorify darkness and identify with the ways of the world.  Look at what this scripture says in Isaiah 5:20, 'Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!'   It says, woe unto them.  Now, who is God talking about? He is speaking of those whom claim to be Christians, but mix light with darkness and that is not allowed in God's Kingdom.   If these gospel artists are claiming to reach the world for Jesus Christ, they must completely come out of darkness and be holy.   We are not just speaking about the dim lights, but we are also talking about their hearts.   Many of these gospel artists hearts are just as dark as the secular music artists in the world, because they have made a choice to accompany themselves with unbelievers as though they are one of them.

    It may seem wonderful for Yolanda Adams to win best Gospel Award, but we are so very concerned about how many secular music artists have been won into the Kingdom of God and completely ceased the world.  God is looking at the entire gospel music industry and those whom are leading it, like Dr. Bobby Jones.   Jones maybe famous for making away for gospel artists to stroll down the red carpet, but did he ever think what God desired for His music and does He accept gospel artists as celebrities?  'Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!' 

    This is so very important for you to realize, because after this life, we have an place to spend eternity and our lives will be examined before the Savior.   

     Watch Video

    Yolanda Adams Wins Best Gospel Award! Performs With Sunday’s Best Singers

    Congrats to Houston’s own Yolanda Adams for winning the 2012 BET Award for Best Gospel Artist. This comes a year after Yolanda released her latest album Becoming and the single “Be Still” which we premiered earlier this...Read full article, here.

    Source and Photo: PraiseHouston.com

    Monday, July 2, 2012

    Vote for Louise M. Smith Gospel Artist/ Gospel Group of the Year

    The humble wife of Liston J. Smith Jr.  has been nominated for Gospel Artist of the year in the South Carolina Music Awards. Please go to http://www.scmusicawards.com/ and look for her name before tomorrow.   We apologize we are just giving you this notice, but we just now received it.  However, if you read this post too late, just support her by listening to a sample of her CD and buy it.

    Our opinion, this one song (below clip) we heard is very nice and soothing to our spirits.   We feel God in this song, which we cannot say about many gospel artists these days. God is really using this woman of God, Louise M. Smith.  God bless you.

    Enjoy Louise's latest CD Project


    Go vote for Louise Smith, now @ scmusicawards.com
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