Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Mothers Discover Their Child's Virginity Was Taken By a Down Low Gay or Lesbian Gospel Artist or Choir Director

Note: We are not saying that all gospel artists or choir directors molest children, we are only saying some of them have been destroying the lives of our youth for many years since the 20th century and we felt led by the Holy Spirit to post it in this article.  We do believe there are some righteous gospel artists and choir directors, but some have not been doing right in the eyes of God, so we must inform you about it.

This hurts us very much to post, but we must bring this out to the public, because this issue of young boys and girls whom got their first sexual immoral experience by an in the closet or 'down low' homosexual was possibly a gospel artist or even a choir director.  For too many years, we have heard the stories in the air about mothers whom allowed their innocent young daughters and sons to be allegedly mentored by someone whom was active in the gospel music industry.  It was not just the alleged claim Christopher Wallace brought to our attention, after the death of his adopted father, the late Rev. James Cleveland, but there were also other situations that occurred back in the 20th century.  The lives of many young men and women were ruined, all because they were first sexually violated by a down low choir director or a singer or musician within the gospel music industry, allegedly.   These same women and men have grown up to raise children of their own while hiding the pain of what happened to them as a child, which destroys many black families.

We must stop this cycle, which has repeated itself throughout the years.   Many African Americans within the black church do not like to discuss down low issues, but it has not stopped yet and neither has AIDS.  We are still losing a lot of our youth through unprotected sex.   Many preachers of the black church whom feel as though they have arrived from the pulpits of mega ministries fail to preach against sinful behavior.   However, one day each and every minister will have to stand before God for not preaching the truth and getting these lost souls delivered from the strong holds of the enemy.   They will have to answer to God for being afraid of not being liked by popular gospel artists whom depend on them to provide their church for their performances.   Now that we have gay affirming churches and possibly many of these pastors are active within the gospel music industry, it is time for righteous pastors to stand up and preach against homosexuality and against those whom live double lives, which are those whom do not identify themselves as gays or lesbians, but do sinful acts in their private time.  God is tired of the hush-hush movement, all because many of these rich and famous ministers want recognition from the gospel music industry.   God wants the truth to be spoken in the House of God, at revivals and even at conferences where there is so much sophistication, they do not want to touch issues that have been killing the race of African Americans.   

In a lot of cases, these young people may not even admit what happened to them, because they are showered with money and gifts.  This is what happens in a lot of cases when some mothers discover their sons or daughters have lost their virginity to a gay or lesbian choir director or gospel artist, they cry and comfort their children.  Then, they most likely will discuss the issue of molestation with their family pastor.   Often times, these are single mothers and their child's molester knows they have raised the child on their own, so the child molester possibly feel they can take advantage of the child who has no father figure.   If the mothers have a very important position in the church, they are requested to remain silent and they may escalate to a higher position, so they receive a more prestigious position.   Then, if it is a gospel artist, most likely it is a man or woman who does not belong to the church and the pastor may not feel obligated to handle the issue.  These young people become confused and they began to rebel against their mother.   Often when these mothers are afraid, they think it is best to remain quiet, so they will not risk being disliked by those whom admire the gospel artist or the choir director at their church whom sexually violated their child.  Some of these mothers allow grown men to remain their son's mentor as though they can take the place of a father, when it happens to girls, it may be somewhat different, because she is a female.  However, the girls often may grow up to feel confused about their sexual identity.   When these victims grow up to be young adults, they make a choice if they desire to have anything to do with the church or even the gospel music industry, because they are bitter.   The saddest part is their mothers may not ever get see them walk down the aisle to marry the opposite sex, but instead they come out as homosexuals.

Dear readers, you must take this issue very serious, there are so many more stories than the one we heard about years ago, regarding the King of gospel, the late Rev. James Cleveland.  If you desire to know why there are so many homosexual black men and women, it is simply because their virginity may have been taken away by an adult their mother trusted to be an inspiration in their child's life.   We ask you, when will this cycle stop repeating itself?   When will those whom are righteous say enough is enough? It is time to stop the gospel concerts, if we are not going to have revivals before the performances start.   Let us get serious with God and approach the ministers in the black church to hold more revivals against this demonic spirit that has ruined the lives of so many black men and black women when they were very young and innocent.   Of course, we believe God can change these victims once they ask Jesus Christ to come into their lives, but-there needs to be more men and women of God preaching against child molestation that may occur in the gospel music industry and even in the black church.  Let us request that these preachers enforce that the youth remain virgins and not even be touched by the same sex before marriage.  Let us request that these preachers preach against all foul spirits that have controlled the sick minds of grown men and women to destroy the lives of our youth.

Let us sincerely pray against this ancient demon, but we must not only pray, we must also preach against it is our churches and revivals.   Prayer is good, but the Lord wants us take action and approach holy men and women of God, so they will preach against what has destroyed the lives of so many men and women within the gospel music industry and even the black church.

Father, we come before you right now, thanking you for our lives.   We know, if it was not for you, we would not be able to endure the struggles in our daily lives.  God, we bring this issue of alleged child molestation within the gospel music industry and the black church to you.   We need you to comfort and guide us in an age when the spirit that tormented so many adults when they were young kids has been allegedly affirmed to be okay.  Lord God, we ask you to control the mouths of every preacher in the pulpit.  We ask you to give these preachers whom maybe guilty themselves to live righteous lives.   Those whom are not guilty of molesting children, we ask you to give them a mind to preach against what has destroyed the lives of so many of our youth for a very long time.   God, we ask that you bind every demon from the pit of hell that has been destroying the innocence of our youth.   We know you can save and deliver every soul from Satanic forces.   We ask that you heal the souls of many choir directors and gospel artists whom may not be living righteous lives.  Dear Lord, we ask for you to protect our children today and shield them from anything that is evil.  We ask you to heal the black church and make it a holy sanctuary all over this nation and even abroad, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.


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