Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gospel Music Set Apart: New Blog Featuring Anointed Gospel Music

Rev. James Moore and the Mississippi Mass Choir

Our sister site AT2W, writes a lot about how gospel music has changed and made a total impact on the secular world as well as the church community. If you are old enough to remember, gospel music used to really stir the soul and get us up out of our seats to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ. Though what they call 'gospel music' today may seem very popular and moving, it will never equate to what the pioneers did for us years ago.
So, instead of frowning on how the church has embraced the hip hop and R&B music trends, we are going to look back and enjoy where we came from. Some of you will remember many of the songs we will feature here and if you don't, maybe you will be able to appreciate the authenticity of what we call real gospel music at Gospel Music Set Apart Blog!!

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