Saturday, June 2, 2012

God Expects For Gospel Music Artists to Start a Coalition Against Same Sex Marriage

When we read Karen Clark Sheard allegedly refused to join Detrick Haddon to stand with National Organization for Marriage, we were very disappointed as followers of Christ, simply because she has been married to an ordained minister of COGIC, Bishop Drew Sheard for several years, now.   If you have not read our previous article, you have got to read it, so you can understand why we were shocked to discover her stepping back from NOM: 'Why Are Pastors Deitrick and Damita Haddon The Only Gospel Artists We Hear Of Who Support NOM and We Still Hear Nothing From Karen Clark Sheard?' 

It is not just Karen Clark Sheard we were surprised did not join Deitrick Haddon, but they were many others whom should have shown up at that previous event to honor God's desire for marriage to remain only remain between one man and one woman in America.  Like ministers in the pulpit preaching God's Word, gospel artists will also be held accountable for if they spoke out against this controversial issue of same sex marriage. Therefore, we feel it is our duty in the Kingdom of God to inform gospel artists their responsibility as messengers for Christ in song to start a coalition against same-sex marriage.   God expects for you to now look at gospel music as a ministry and not as a career, for if you look at it as a stream of income, then you will care more about satisfying your listeners whom maybe gay or lesbian and not fulfilling God's expectations according to His Word.  Too many souls are bound for hell for gospel artists to continue to think they are in a career and not necessarily a ministry.  So, spreading the gospel in song also means to inform your listeners your stance for gay marriage.   A good way of doing so, would be to start a coalition for gospel artists whom do not approve of homosexuality nor same sex marriage.   As a child of God, you would not longer care if you are invited to the White House to perform, but only you have a place with God in heaven.

One of the main people who would be a president of this ideal coalition would be a pastor like Donnie McClurkin.   Pastor McClurkin is not only a gospel artist, but He is a minister who has spoken out against homosexuality, because he is an alleged reformed homosexual.  This coalition of gospel artists against same sex marriage would be organized by someone whom is not afraid to stand up before the nation to honor God's commandments for righteousness.   This is not just an idea, but this is something all gospel artists need to consider, in order to take action against a demonic force that is controlling our country and even our children within it.   It is time out for gospel artists seeking fame and fortune as celebrity entertainers, instead of upholding the light of Jesus Christ to reveal complete holiness for all the world to recognize.   That phase of being celebrities to please worldly music entertainers should now be something of the past.   God is looking for sincere gospel artists to please him and no longer the world's expectations.  This would probably mean to no longer associate with gospel promoters like Matthew Knowles and Dr. Bobby Jones, because they may not fear God or even abide by God's Word that opposes homosexuality.   This plan should be led under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and if gospel artists refuse to take part with this coalition they should cease and not collaborate with gospel artists of this coalition, because God's plan should not be distracted by those whom are in rebellion to remain popular among the secular elite.  It is time for the entire gospel music industry to change the course of their operation, but if the leaders refuse to do so, it would be very wise for those whom are truly called and anointed by gospel to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through song to separate and begin this coalition against same-sex marriage.

Hip hop gospel has been idolized too long and not many examples of pure holiness has been felt in much of the music.   It is time for gospel artists to please God and not gospel promoters whom may agree with same-sex marriage.   Many gospel artists are so excited and feel as though they have arrived if they are scheduled to perform at the White House, but not many of them are just satisfied pleasing God and letting their beliefs against same-sex marriage be known to many within the elite of the world and even among those within mega ministries.   If it is more important for gospel artists to maintain their celebrity status and follow President Obama's agenda for same-sex marriage in order to just remain popular, then just maybe they are not called to sing gospel music and only meant to be secular artists for the Devil.

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