Monday, June 18, 2012

American Gospel Artists Should Oppose Homosexuality In Their Songs Like 'The Angels' in Ghana

The spirit of homosexuality is trying to dominate across the world, not just in America and this is why we have already informed you, God is holding gospel music artists responsible for not publicly denouncing homosexuality.  As we mentioned in our previous article, 'God Expects For Gospel Music Artists to Start a Coalition Against Same Sex Marriage', God is expecting for a coalition against gay marriage to begin among gospel artists whom claim to be born again Christians.   As gospel artists, you cannot continue to sing about God, but refuse to obey Him and properly represent the Kingdom of God.  You cannot continue call yourselves gospel artists as though you are so different from secular artists, which many of you have already proven by collaborating with many of them.  If this gospel artist in Ghana, 'The Angels' can spread the word to stop the spirit of homosexuality in their country, then so can you, there is no excuse.

Many of you gospel artists in America, think you are okay in the eyes of God, because your pastor is not rebuking you for not speaking out against homosexuality, but you are really in danger of God's wrath.  You are not showing you are God's child by remaining silent on this issue that has been trying to dominate the body of Christ.   You are only showing that you are a puppet and fear man and not God.   When you watch this following video, 'The Angels' gospel music may not be our style, but they are getting the message across without fear.   If you are truly holy, then you must prove it, by singing about it in your songs.  It does not matter what your producer may say, it does not matter what Dr. Bobby Jones or other popular gospel artists may say, you are going to have to one day face judgement for not ministering in music.  When you call yourselves ministering in music, it is not just singing about God, but also His commandments and how he feels about sin and since homosexuality is the biggest issue in this country, you ought to be singing about it to show God how much you love Him and honor His commandments.

Possibly, we as born again Christians should begin a coalition for true believers of Christ to no longer support gospel artists whom refuse to sing against sin in their songs.

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