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Gospel Artist James Fortune and Wife Taken to Court for Child Abuse

This news about popular gospel artist, James Fortune does not surprise us, because it seems like most of the singers and musicians within the gospel music industry have no conscious.  Since most of them have blended their music to satisfy European mainstream audience, no telling what news maybe revealed...Read at A Toast 2 Wealth

The Death of Gospel Mass Choirs caused by many black men and women who died of AIDS

If you were blessed to live during the era of dominance among gospel mass choirs within the gospel music industry, you can recall the devastation of losing many black men and some black women back in the 1980's and early 90's, because of the epidemic of AIDS.  Especially back in the early and mid 80's, it was not only a scary time in the black church, but also within the gospel music industry.  We began hearing of shocking deaths of gifted black men whom died off, one by one.  Some were very prominent single and married pastors and bishops of the holiness and baptist church and the rest of the AIDS victims were those within their sanctuaries.  Among all of the shocking reports of black men and even their wives and children being infected with AIDS, there were those whom were talented musicians and sang in mass choirs, then in 1991 after the King of gospel, the late Rev. James Cleveland allegedly died of the disease, many of us whom recognize authentic gospel realized there was a permanent silence to hearing gospel mass choirs, all over this nation.  Indeed, there was a death of great mass choirs and big names we began to hear about created music unrecognizable.

The sound of the organ began to die within the gospel music industry and music artists whom were yet alive began to accept the new generation of merging hip hop within their music.   The substance of gospel music was lost, songs about living holy while feeling the spirit became a memory.   Along with gospel songs that taught us how to live according to God's Word were also memories of funerals held for choir directors that produced them. Strangely, we also can recall when the death of congregational songs ceased from among many congregants of black churches whom avoided discussion about AIDS as they grew into mega ministries.  The long church songs played on record albums with the sound of hand claps, tambourines, bongos and drums following along with the piano and organ became known as traditional gospel music.  The truth is, it was not just because gospel music was going through a new trend, it was simply because those whom dominated the industry during the reign of Rev. James Cleveland had mostly died of AIDS and some other diseases.  Since the new fad of pastors growing their black churches into multicultural mega ministries, there were no more restrictions on those whom sang gospel songs.  Most gospel music became mainstream that not only could reach European audiences, but could also make a lucrative income to satisfy fans of hip-hop and rap, the youth.   Since AIDS had swept through many mass choirs and took a lot of lives of great men in the pulpits whom not only preached, but also created great gospel hits, many celebrity pastors began insulting the gospel songs that allowed the Holy Ghost to move and bless the souls within their churches and even concerts.  Hundreds of voices that silenced good gospel music left us in an era of barely any anointing coming from certain gospel artists whom yearned fame and fortune while mingling with secular music artists.  Although, many of today's gospel artists have made their money, by blending rap and hip hop in their songs, the memory of many funerals of well-known greats will never cease in the minds of those whom loved and appreciated them.  When we mention gospel greats, we are not referring necessarily to gospel music artists, but also all of those whom led songs in mass choirs and even those whom directed them.  Although, it was very discreet among many black congregants about how many of them died of AIDS, regarding their sexuality, some former members of those mass gospel choirs can recall the popular names, whether they lived in the west coast or east coast and they cannot deny losing a close friend or relative that was a member of one of those mass choirs.  According to, 'And The Choir Sings On', it was mentioned about the sadness, regarding members of Wilmington's Chester Mass Choir whom allegedly died of AIDS, but many people whom also grew up in the Oakland Bay Area can also recall all of the alleged funerals held at the Love Center Church during the 1980's and early 90's.   The legendary drag queen Sylvester who died of AIDS belong to the Love Center Church and his funeral was held there.

Many of us cannot help but wonder, why did these gospel mass choirs come and go, after we lost so many great legends of mass choirs to AIDS?   As African Americans whom grew up in the black church, we can now see God gave us such valuable talents, money could never buy.   What we hear today, is nothing compared to those gospel songs performed by various mass choirs that made us lift our hands and join in with the choir.  We had utmost respect for God's songs and knew how far to go when enjoying them, there was a standard. Much respected gospel legends whom died of AIDS respected God and you could feel their expression of ultimate love for Him in their songs, although they may have had discreet sexual affairs.   There has been such a great loss and the youth today do not even know what value their parents and grandparents had during the time when they were growing up.  Mass Choirs full of black men and black women were in harmony and gospel music was what brought many of them together, in unity.  Unfortunately, same sex affections got in the way and caused a weakness among many popular gospel artists whom had the most beautiful voices and directed their grand choirs full of sopranos, tenors and altos with such pride and dignity.  Those of us whom are blessed to yet be alive and hear those recorded songs by mass choirs can agree with us, we had so much more before AIDS (among other diseases) took the lives of such great legends and those whom sang their gospel songs.  Those legends had so much power, some gospel artists whom allow collaboration with the secular industry today would have been afraid to do so back then and the thought of gospel music being a 'trend' or being called 'old-fashioned' or 'traditional' would not have ever been thought of.  However, because of the rebellion among most black preachers today, they have cashed in on the rap and hip-hop merging with the gospel music industry.

It is very sad for us to admit the truth, but it seemed as though black gospel choirs died with many gospel legends whom died of AIDS in their caskets.  No longer, do we hear actual church services going forth in the Spirit like on previous albums conducted by some who not necessarily died of AIDS, but possibly other health conditions.  Of course, when mention many gifted leaders Rev. James Cleveland, Charles Fold, Donald Vails, Thomas Whitefield, Rev. Ernest Davis, Jr., Rev. James Moore, Frank Williams, you see all of those lives were of really talented black men.  They created gospel music that stirred the soul so much, people were often heard on albums shouting, screaming and rejoicing in the Lord.   Even the soloists they appointed to lead specific songs were very naturally anointed and they touched many souls, still to this day.   However, the death of anointed gospel choirs may have ceased from among us, but we will always remember those good times rushing to the record stores to buy certain albums that really touched and stirred our souls.   So sad to admit, because many of them died of AIDS (and various other diseases), we will only hear such dynamic gospel mass choirs performing in heaven, the substance of authentic gospel music died with them.

Note: Although, we acknowledge, there are some mass choirs that exist today, they do not compare to those directed by late legends in previous decades.  They are not standard of value in comparison to previous mass choirs.

Source: http://www.qrd.or

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Mothers Discover Their Child's Virginity Was Taken By a Down Low Gay or Lesbian Gospel Artist or Choir Director

Note: We are not saying that all gospel artists or choir directors molest children, we are only saying some of them have been destroying the lives of our youth for many years since the 20th century and we felt led by the Holy Spirit to post it in this article.  We do believe there are some righteous gospel artists and choir directors, but some have not been doing right in the eyes of God, so we must inform you about it.

This hurts us very much to post, but we must bring this out to the public, because this issue of young boys and girls whom got their first sexual immoral experience by an in the closet or 'down low' homosexual was possibly a gospel artist or even a choir director.  For too many years, we have heard the stories in the air about mothers whom allowed their innocent young daughters and sons to be allegedly mentored by someone whom was active in the gospel music industry.  It was not just the alleged claim Christopher Wallace brought to our attention, after the death of his adopted father, the late Rev. James Cleveland, but there were also other situations that occurred back in the 20th century.  The lives of many young men and women were ruined, all because they were first sexually violated by a down low choir director or a singer or musician within the gospel music industry, allegedly.   These same women and men have grown up to raise children of their own while hiding the pain of what happened to them as a child, which destroys many black families.

We must stop this cycle, which has repeated itself throughout the years.   Many African Americans within the black church do not like to discuss down low issues, but it has not stopped yet and neither has AIDS.  We are still losing a lot of our youth through unprotected sex.   Many preachers of the black church whom feel as though they have arrived from the pulpits of mega ministries fail to preach against sinful behavior.   However, one day each and every minister will have to stand before God for not preaching the truth and getting these lost souls delivered from the strong holds of the enemy.   They will have to answer to God for being afraid of not being liked by popular gospel artists whom depend on them to provide their church for their performances.   Now that we have gay affirming churches and possibly many of these pastors are active within the gospel music industry, it is time for righteous pastors to stand up and preach against homosexuality and against those whom live double lives, which are those whom do not identify themselves as gays or lesbians, but do sinful acts in their private time.  God is tired of the hush-hush movement, all because many of these rich and famous ministers want recognition from the gospel music industry.   God wants the truth to be spoken in the House of God, at revivals and even at conferences where there is so much sophistication, they do not want to touch issues that have been killing the race of African Americans.   

In a lot of cases, these young people may not even admit what happened to them, because they are showered with money and gifts.  This is what happens in a lot of cases when some mothers discover their sons or daughters have lost their virginity to a gay or lesbian choir director or gospel artist, they cry and comfort their children.  Then, they most likely will discuss the issue of molestation with their family pastor.   Often times, these are single mothers and their child's molester knows they have raised the child on their own, so the child molester possibly feel they can take advantage of the child who has no father figure.   If the mothers have a very important position in the church, they are requested to remain silent and they may escalate to a higher position, so they receive a more prestigious position.   Then, if it is a gospel artist, most likely it is a man or woman who does not belong to the church and the pastor may not feel obligated to handle the issue.  These young people become confused and they began to rebel against their mother.   Often when these mothers are afraid, they think it is best to remain quiet, so they will not risk being disliked by those whom admire the gospel artist or the choir director at their church whom sexually violated their child.  Some of these mothers allow grown men to remain their son's mentor as though they can take the place of a father, when it happens to girls, it may be somewhat different, because she is a female.  However, the girls often may grow up to feel confused about their sexual identity.   When these victims grow up to be young adults, they make a choice if they desire to have anything to do with the church or even the gospel music industry, because they are bitter.   The saddest part is their mothers may not ever get see them walk down the aisle to marry the opposite sex, but instead they come out as homosexuals.

Dear readers, you must take this issue very serious, there are so many more stories than the one we heard about years ago, regarding the King of gospel, the late Rev. James Cleveland.  If you desire to know why there are so many homosexual black men and women, it is simply because their virginity may have been taken away by an adult their mother trusted to be an inspiration in their child's life.   We ask you, when will this cycle stop repeating itself?   When will those whom are righteous say enough is enough? It is time to stop the gospel concerts, if we are not going to have revivals before the performances start.   Let us get serious with God and approach the ministers in the black church to hold more revivals against this demonic spirit that has ruined the lives of so many black men and black women when they were very young and innocent.   Of course, we believe God can change these victims once they ask Jesus Christ to come into their lives, but-there needs to be more men and women of God preaching against child molestation that may occur in the gospel music industry and even in the black church.  Let us request that these preachers enforce that the youth remain virgins and not even be touched by the same sex before marriage.  Let us request that these preachers preach against all foul spirits that have controlled the sick minds of grown men and women to destroy the lives of our youth.

Let us sincerely pray against this ancient demon, but we must not only pray, we must also preach against it is our churches and revivals.   Prayer is good, but the Lord wants us take action and approach holy men and women of God, so they will preach against what has destroyed the lives of so many men and women within the gospel music industry and even the black church.

Father, we come before you right now, thanking you for our lives.   We know, if it was not for you, we would not be able to endure the struggles in our daily lives.  God, we bring this issue of alleged child molestation within the gospel music industry and the black church to you.   We need you to comfort and guide us in an age when the spirit that tormented so many adults when they were young kids has been allegedly affirmed to be okay.  Lord God, we ask you to control the mouths of every preacher in the pulpit.  We ask you to give these preachers whom maybe guilty themselves to live righteous lives.   Those whom are not guilty of molesting children, we ask you to give them a mind to preach against what has destroyed the lives of so many of our youth for a very long time.   God, we ask that you bind every demon from the pit of hell that has been destroying the innocence of our youth.   We know you can save and deliver every soul from Satanic forces.   We ask that you heal the souls of many choir directors and gospel artists whom may not be living righteous lives.  Dear Lord, we ask for you to protect our children today and shield them from anything that is evil.  We ask you to heal the black church and make it a holy sanctuary all over this nation and even abroad, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Monday, June 18, 2012

American Gospel Artists Should Oppose Homosexuality In Their Songs Like 'The Angels' in Ghana

The spirit of homosexuality is trying to dominate across the world, not just in America and this is why we have already informed you, God is holding gospel music artists responsible for not publicly denouncing homosexuality.  As we mentioned in our previous article, 'God Expects For Gospel Music Artists to Start a Coalition Against Same Sex Marriage', God is expecting for a coalition against gay marriage to begin among gospel artists whom claim to be born again Christians.   As gospel artists, you cannot continue to sing about God, but refuse to obey Him and properly represent the Kingdom of God.  You cannot continue call yourselves gospel artists as though you are so different from secular artists, which many of you have already proven by collaborating with many of them.  If this gospel artist in Ghana, 'The Angels' can spread the word to stop the spirit of homosexuality in their country, then so can you, there is no excuse.

Many of you gospel artists in America, think you are okay in the eyes of God, because your pastor is not rebuking you for not speaking out against homosexuality, but you are really in danger of God's wrath.  You are not showing you are God's child by remaining silent on this issue that has been trying to dominate the body of Christ.   You are only showing that you are a puppet and fear man and not God.   When you watch this following video, 'The Angels' gospel music may not be our style, but they are getting the message across without fear.   If you are truly holy, then you must prove it, by singing about it in your songs.  It does not matter what your producer may say, it does not matter what Dr. Bobby Jones or other popular gospel artists may say, you are going to have to one day face judgement for not ministering in music.  When you call yourselves ministering in music, it is not just singing about God, but also His commandments and how he feels about sin and since homosexuality is the biggest issue in this country, you ought to be singing about it to show God how much you love Him and honor His commandments.

Possibly, we as born again Christians should begin a coalition for true believers of Christ to no longer support gospel artists whom refuse to sing against sin in their songs.

Watch Video

Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/pocalousmedia

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Gospel Music Set Apart Features Aretha Franklin's 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' [VIDEO]

Gospel Music Set Apart Blog- Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin Singing Song: "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" 

We found this song as a remake from Aretha Franklin. We are not sure if she meant it to be a gospel song, but we all know how Aretha Franklin can sing any song and probably not intend it to be gospel. We know that because gospel truly flows in her veins, she just can't help it.

Visit Gospel Music Set Apart and see the video to the song HERE

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Gospel Music Set Apart: New Blog Featuring Anointed Gospel Music

Rev. James Moore and the Mississippi Mass Choir

Our sister site AT2W, writes a lot about how gospel music has changed and made a total impact on the secular world as well as the church community. If you are old enough to remember, gospel music used to really stir the soul and get us up out of our seats to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ. Though what they call 'gospel music' today may seem very popular and moving, it will never equate to what the pioneers did for us years ago.
So, instead of frowning on how the church has embraced the hip hop and R&B music trends, we are going to look back and enjoy where we came from. Some of you will remember many of the songs we will feature here and if you don't, maybe you will be able to appreciate the authenticity of what we call real gospel music at Gospel Music Set Apart Blog!!

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Did Beverly Crawford Just Have a Concert At Pastor Kenneth Samuel's Gay Affirming Church?

Now we know you see gospel artist, DeWayne Woods on the above poster on the right side, but we are used of DeWayne Woods' hypocrisy.  Woods testified how God allegedly healed him of AIDS, but not too long ago he was singing at a lesbian wedding.   We did a previous article called, 'When Gospel Artists Start Performing at Gay Weddings, It's a Scary Time.  Even GCMWatch.com did an article about his performance at this previous gay wedding. RGA readers, we are living in the last days and Jesus is certainly on His way back.   There used to be a time when gospel artists would be afraid to compromise with evil.   If gospel artists are truly saved, they are not supposed to be performing at gay churches, because the Bible told us to have no fellowship with unbelievers in II Cor. 6:14: 'Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?'   Gay affirming churches are unbelievers, because they do not believe it is a sin to be gay, so what are these gospel artists like Beverly Crawford or even DeWayne Woods doing performing at the Victory for the World Church or any other gay affirming ministry?

When we listen to Beverly Crawford's music is sounds as though it is so different, very traditional and some would even called it truly gospel music under the anointing, when really the gospel artist that does all of that shouting, yelling and screaming behind those old classic tunes lacks the gift of discernment.  The gift of discernment is to see through the spirit of a soul that is not right with God and He will tell you what is good and what is evil and when you sense it is evil, that is your sign to immediately step back.   However, in this case, Pastor Kenneth Samuels has been so open about his gay affirming ministry, Beverly Crawford should already know as a Co-Pastor herself, it is wrong to be in a church singing where God's presence is absent, you don't need a gift of discernment when a gay affirming pastor has already allegedly admitted he agrees with homosexuality.   For in the last days, God's told us Satan would be the head of the church in the book of Revelation.  Therefore, God cannot be the head of any gay affirming church that condones what God says is wrong in His Word.   So, gospel artists whom perform at gay affirming churches will have to eventually give an account for just assuming their gospel music as a form of entertainment and as their career, instead of it being only to minister to lost souls and win them to Christ.   If gospel artists associate with gay affirming pastors without them and their members getting fully delivered and set free from homosexuality, then they are wrong for their association with them.  Many gospel artists today make an excuse of their affiliation with gay affirming pastors as business without even accepting the fact that gospel music is not and should not ever be about business, because God's music should always remain for only ministry to deliver souls from going to hell.   As many of us know, Pastor Kenneth Samuels has allegedly compared homosexuality to eating pork as though these following scriptures are obsolete in God's Kingdom, but it is so sad he does not realize how serious this issue, regarding homosexuality is.   In Minister Mary K. Baxter's testimony, we did not hear of her mentioning anyone she saw in hell for eating pork, but we did hear hear her discuss, a lake of fire specially created for gays and lesbians.   Therefore, Pastor Kenneth Samuels is in spiritual danger and needs to realize that his philosophy is entirely out of order with God's commandments.  So, if Pastor Samuels is allegedly preaching the wrong gospel, then it is very wrong for Beverly Crawford or any other gospel artist to perform at his church and have any affiliation with the Victory for the World Mass Choir.   God is angry at many of today's gospel music artists and especially if they are preachers in the pulpit, they should know when God forbids them to have any association with unbelievers, in this case those whom do not believe it is a sin to be gay or lesbian.

Many years ago, we were sad to discover that CeCe Winans refused to take heed to Pastor Daryl Foster who pleaded with her not to perform at Victory for the World Church.  In this prior letter to CeCe Winans, he even mentioned how her sisters Debbie and Angie released a song against the sin of homosexuality.  Therefore, CeCe Winans knew better, because obviously she and her siblings were taught to obey the holy scriptures against homosexuality.   This is one of the main reasons why we understand why much of gospel music has been created for mainstream audience these days, simply because many of these gospel artists are in rebellion to God's Word that told us to distance ourselves from the world. In I John 2:15, it says: 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'  This is why these gospel artists are spiritually blind and cannot understand why they would not refuse to associate and perform at gay affirming churches, which clearly reveals that the world in now in many churches that are not led by God, but by demonic forces.   Again, God's presence is not in any church that opposes His scriptures against homosexuality, and when Satan seems to be the head of that organization, all gospel artists should resign from performing in their sanctuaries, because they are most definitely in danger while on Satan's territory.

Furthermore, it is so scary, after listening to Minister Mary K. Baxter's testimony to imagine how many gospel artists are on their way to the same place where many souls are bound the lake of fire, all because they refuse to take heed to those of us whom forewarned them to have no association with gay affirming churches.  Even if many of these gospel artists are not (assistant) pastors of churches like Beverly Crawford, they know better, because they are already supposed to be ministering to souls of people, not entertaining them.   Therefore, as gospel artists they are supposed to be ministers of music, showing a difference between the clean and the unclean.   Ministry is much different than entertainment and when singing songs that are supposed to represent God's Kingdom, the gospel artists should represent nothing but holiness.   Gospel artists whom perform at gay affirming churches like Pastor Kenneth Samuel's church, Victory for the World church are unholy, according to God's Word, because they refuse to distance themselves from a ministry that condones homosexuality.  I Peter 1:16 says, 'Because it is written, You will be holy; for I am holy.'   

Scriptures Against Homosexuality

  •  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 
  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." 
  • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." 
  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." 

Source: GCMWatch.com
Photo Courtesy: CeCeWinans.com

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gospel artists flock to Atlanta to advance career Like Lecrae, But Are They Winning Souls For Jesus Christ?

After doing research about some hip hop gospel artists allegedly tossing up the triple six sign or the corna hand sign, we knew in our hearts, the gospel music industry seem to have gone too far.   If Atlanta is the place many amateurs are going to advance their careers as gospel artists, God have mercy on them, for Atlanta is the same place that is allegedly called the headquarters for black gays and lesbians.   This news of these people trying to find hopes and fulfill their dreams in Atlanta is a trick of the enemy.   Every life of a gospel artist will eventually come to an end and they will have to answer to God how many souls they brought to Jesus Christ.   The question will be asked whether they promoted themselves to seek fame and fortune or did they glorify God during their performances.   Absolutely no idolatry should ever be at any gospel music performances neither should they be so similar to the world, people are coming to be entertain and not seek salvation.   Pastors of the black church or any other church is at fault for not disciplining gospel artists and preaching against their carnality.

Like in our previous article, Helen Baylor even mentioned how the gospel music industry has became so demonic, it allegedly drove her back into drugs.   A lot of fans of gospel artists do not take this issue, seriously, but the gospel music industry is no different than the gay and lesbian community in our opinion, because many gospel artists desire what they want and not what God wants and that is complete holiness and righteousness.   Idolatry is no different than homosexuality, the Bible describe it as an abomination.   It is a sin to seek a career in an industry that is supposed to only be meant for ministry.  We have got too many souls to save while some gospel artists are seeking fame and fortune and expecting to gain the same celebrity status as secular entertainers.   God is not happy with the gospel music industry.   Too many gospel artists are desiring their own fame and fortune, but not necessarily for God to get all the glory in their performances.   This is very similar to some homosexuals whom claim to be born gay without even caring about how God feels about their lifestyle, it called self-glorification. 

We are living in an age when gospel artists are rebellious and do not want to take heed to God's Word that forewarned us in I Peter 1:16, 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.'   To be be holy means to be different and to live holy.  These gospel artists whom are throwing up the corna hand sign and looking like thugs and harlots are not looking or acting holy.  They are definitely not presenting themselves as righteous believers in our opinion.   Listeners of gospel music are being led astray into looking and acting like the world, because so many of them idolize gospel artists instead of worshiping God.   Gospel music was never supposed to lead people away from holiness, but the words along with the performances were always to remain Christ-like, so others can be won to Jesus Christ through their music ministry.  In I John 2:15, the Bible says this: 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'    

It is so sad, true ministers of the gospel have so much work to do and the gay and lesbian community is not the only group that has been wrong in the eyes of God, but evil ways have been allowed right in God's House.   So many gospel artists are on their way to the same hell as the homosexuals we are angry at for changing God's law of marriage.   Many gospel artists flocking to Atlanta to advance a career are so spiritually blind and don't even realize it.   Happiness is not using God's music as a career, but true joy is living for Jesus Christ and sharing it through His Word and song, not for fame and fortune.   God did not give His music for gospel artists to misuse as a career, but God yet expects music to be performed to advance the Kingdom of God.   Millions of souls are dying every second and the preacher whom chooses not to forewarn these worldly (hip-hop) gospel artists to get right will have to eventually face judgement.   The truth of the matter is this, God would rather these gospel artists go out in the world and be real, rather than to advance gospel music as a career, instead of completely advancing their musical talent for only His Kingdom and His glory.   In God's Word, Revelation 3:16, He told us this: 'So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.'  Many gospel artists want to claim they are gospel artists, but they have collaborated with various secular artists, which most definitely offends God.   You cannot claim to love God, act as though you are a gospel artist, but you not only dress and perform like the world, but you collaborate with them.   In Matthew 6:24, the Word forewarned us, 'No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.'

Note: These following videos do not belong to us.   The above photos are from the following videos on YouTube.com.

Lecrae EXPOSED Part 1 of 2 

Lecrae Reach Records EXPOSED Part 2 of 2

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Gospel artists flock to Atlanta to advance career

5:34 PM, Jun. 4, 2012
ATLANTA — Christian rapper Lecrae first came to Atlanta as a teenager for a youth conference in 1999, but what ultimately convinced him to lay down roots here was its thriving gospel music scene.
"Atlanta is just a musical hub," said the 32-year-old, who moved from Houston three years ago. "There are a slew of producers, engineers, artists and writers. There's a wealth of outlets here, and it's a community of artists who are here as well. That's a major reason why I came here."

Atlanta has become a key place of business for many of the heavyweights in gospel and Christian music, like Marvin Sapp, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin...Read full article, here. 

Source: Shreveportimes.com 
Video source: http://www.youtube.com/user/mcflmjig 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

God Expects For Gospel Music Artists to Start a Coalition Against Same Sex Marriage

When we read Karen Clark Sheard allegedly refused to join Detrick Haddon to stand with National Organization for Marriage, we were very disappointed as followers of Christ, simply because she has been married to an ordained minister of COGIC, Bishop Drew Sheard for several years, now.   If you have not read our previous article, you have got to read it, so you can understand why we were shocked to discover her stepping back from NOM: 'Why Are Pastors Deitrick and Damita Haddon The Only Gospel Artists We Hear Of Who Support NOM and We Still Hear Nothing From Karen Clark Sheard?' 

It is not just Karen Clark Sheard we were surprised did not join Deitrick Haddon, but they were many others whom should have shown up at that previous event to honor God's desire for marriage to remain only remain between one man and one woman in America.  Like ministers in the pulpit preaching God's Word, gospel artists will also be held accountable for if they spoke out against this controversial issue of same sex marriage. Therefore, we feel it is our duty in the Kingdom of God to inform gospel artists their responsibility as messengers for Christ in song to start a coalition against same-sex marriage.   God expects for you to now look at gospel music as a ministry and not as a career, for if you look at it as a stream of income, then you will care more about satisfying your listeners whom maybe gay or lesbian and not fulfilling God's expectations according to His Word.  Too many souls are bound for hell for gospel artists to continue to think they are in a career and not necessarily a ministry.  So, spreading the gospel in song also means to inform your listeners your stance for gay marriage.   A good way of doing so, would be to start a coalition for gospel artists whom do not approve of homosexuality nor same sex marriage.   As a child of God, you would not longer care if you are invited to the White House to perform, but only you have a place with God in heaven.

One of the main people who would be a president of this ideal coalition would be a pastor like Donnie McClurkin.   Pastor McClurkin is not only a gospel artist, but He is a minister who has spoken out against homosexuality, because he is an alleged reformed homosexual.  This coalition of gospel artists against same sex marriage would be organized by someone whom is not afraid to stand up before the nation to honor God's commandments for righteousness.   This is not just an idea, but this is something all gospel artists need to consider, in order to take action against a demonic force that is controlling our country and even our children within it.   It is time out for gospel artists seeking fame and fortune as celebrity entertainers, instead of upholding the light of Jesus Christ to reveal complete holiness for all the world to recognize.   That phase of being celebrities to please worldly music entertainers should now be something of the past.   God is looking for sincere gospel artists to please him and no longer the world's expectations.  This would probably mean to no longer associate with gospel promoters like Matthew Knowles and Dr. Bobby Jones, because they may not fear God or even abide by God's Word that opposes homosexuality.   This plan should be led under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and if gospel artists refuse to take part with this coalition they should cease and not collaborate with gospel artists of this coalition, because God's plan should not be distracted by those whom are in rebellion to remain popular among the secular elite.  It is time for the entire gospel music industry to change the course of their operation, but if the leaders refuse to do so, it would be very wise for those whom are truly called and anointed by gospel to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through song to separate and begin this coalition against same-sex marriage.

Hip hop gospel has been idolized too long and not many examples of pure holiness has been felt in much of the music.   It is time for gospel artists to please God and not gospel promoters whom may agree with same-sex marriage.   Many gospel artists are so excited and feel as though they have arrived if they are scheduled to perform at the White House, but not many of them are just satisfied pleasing God and letting their beliefs against same-sex marriage be known to many within the elite of the world and even among those within mega ministries.   If it is more important for gospel artists to maintain their celebrity status and follow President Obama's agenda for same-sex marriage in order to just remain popular, then just maybe they are not called to sing gospel music and only meant to be secular artists for the Devil.

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Photo Courtesy: http://mypraiseatl.com
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