Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's Wrong With Praise and Worship Music? Is It More Holy Than Hip-Hop?

 It cannot be understood there is a specific genre called "Praise and Worship", because for many years that is what gospel music originally was to suppose to be a form of music to only praise and worship God, not for entertainment purposes.   However, since gospel music had changed in the early 90's merging into the hip-hop mainstream arena, the popularity of "Praise and Worship began to spread throughout the sanctuaries, especially the ones that were growing into mega ministries.   Then as we witnessed gospel artists like Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, the Clark Sisters, Mary Mary, Vickie Winans become more secularized in their music, we witnessed "Praise and Worship" music growing along with hip-hop gospel.  More christian music artists began to create songs that identified with a more sophisticated style of praise in their songs as many churches, both white and black became mufti-million dollar corporations.  We are not ignorant to not realize the word was out, if more money was to be made through tithes and offerings, it could no longer be an atmosphere of people allowing the the Holy Spirit to move in such an old-fashion way of having church, especially in the black church.   In the black church, many pastors geared more toward being sophisticated as they welcomed an atmosphere of entertainment.  A popular fad was growing throughout many black churches as they began moving into much bigger buildings.  

Praise and worship music has seemed to have been more of a fad or trend throughout the years, not a form of music to allow the Holy Spirit to flow.  We have have felt the Holy Spirit while listening to many songs created by Byron Cage, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp, Dr. Judith McAllister, but overall, the anointing has ceased within many church services. As many black churches have grown into multimillion dollar corporations, along with national evangelists enjoying the wealth of their own ministries, many famous christian and gospel music artists have been allowed to influence their fans into a more sophisticated way of praising God.  Many of these praise and worship artists have been blessed with beautiful voices, but there are many whom cannot hold a tune and has been invited to many church conferences.   The entertainment industry within corporate ministries has also allowed many music ministers and praise teams in the church to enjoy their lucrative salaries, even if they cannot also hold a tune.  We have seen praise dancers twirl like they are ballet dancers, waving their flags as the praise teams sang praise and worship songs.  Many of the barefooted praise dancers come twirling in the forefront in their skin tight outfits.  Many of them are young teen girls and delicate teen boys whom reveal too much and prance around in front of the ministers whom are supposed to be focused on God, but we are not dumb to realize there must be an obvious distraction, which could be another reason why so many marriages have been breaking up over the years and homosexuality has been intensified among many whom are church leaders among the various congregations.  In a popular mega church in Atlanta, we have seen young girls touching each other during their dance routine, it seemed like it was a spirit of romance coming between the two of them, which is a demon of homosexuality.   Ask yourself, are these praise dancers praising God or-are they just dancing as a form of art?   The only dance in the church should be is only to praise God, certainly not for entertainment.  It is time to stop this trend that has been going on for many years.

Just as long as the praise team can stand up, look sophisticated and not act too ethnic, they have been able to make money not only as ministers of music and praise singers, but also praise dancers.  Praise and worship is more of a European style of music, which has made more black churches into multicultural mega ministries.  Like hip-hop gospel and christian rock, praise and worship has drawn many church attendees to be more casual in the way they dress.   Praise and worship music has brought on a form of entertainment, not necessarily welcoming God's anointing to flow as He desires for it to do so.

In our opinion, there is nothing wrong with praise and worship songs, because as we have said before people in the sanctified church have always praised God.   However, there is something wrong with a race of people whom God delivered from slavery and oppression to allow more fame and fortune to cause them to change the way they praise God.  There is something wrong with the way praise and worship music has been made into a form of art, which causes a distraction.  Many praise teams in the church cannot sing, which is a sign that they have left the foundation of real gospel music.  Because of the average pastor of mega churches goals have been more focused on becoming the next most famous celebrity preacher, we have not heard many of them nor their choirs be able hold a tune.   The majority of black churches have become so focused on growing into the the next biggest popular ministry, they have shunned shouting in the spirit, tarrying and praising God, the way many of them used to do when they were growing up in the holiness or old fashion baptist church.   Their main reason for praise and worship has been more for show, but not to glorify God.  

In most mega churches and even the smaller ones, their reason for praise and worship has been to attract more of a diverse flock, but it has ruined many of our youth.  Many of the black youth in the church today do not know anything about real praise and worship and that is simply allowing the Holy Spirit to use them His way and not their own.  Many of the youth are lost and have not been blessed to sing like those in the black church, many years ago.   It is extremely sad to see, but this is what damage many pastors whom have been more focused on fame and fortune has caused within the God's church.  Many of these pastors have allowed their churches to grow more into mainstream corporations as though they are motivational speakers giving demonstrations on how their followers can become more successful, but not so spiritual to reach God's anointing to transform their own lives and even the lives of their followers into complete holiness and permanently cease sin.   They have seem to be so ashamed to identify with the history of the black church, they no longer allow the Holy Ghost to flow.   Again, there is nothing wrong with praise and worship music, but there is something very wrong with church services being more controlled by those whom are more focused on corporate praise than a sanctified praise that allows the anointing to reign throughout many sanctuaries.  

What is praise and worship, if the God is not the center of attention and the cross has not been visible in many churches in America and abroad?  

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