Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did Pastor Marvin Winans Have Arrest Warrant Issued on Him?

Pastor Marvin Winans Arrest Warrant

This is just a shame! A prominent pastor and longtime gospel singer like Marvin Winans allegedly has not been taking care of his business. According to the Detroit News, the good pastor was a wanted man. Marvin Winans actually had an active warrant out for his arrest when he was carjacked.

While many Detroit news stations were being prideful and boastful when they covered the news on this well known singer and pastor, they now have to report that their 'man' wasn't so upstanding.

News reports also stated:

Marvin reportedly lost his driving privileges on May 9th after failing to pay 2 tickets issued back in December ... one for impeding traffic and the other from a previous driving on a suspended license incident.

Read the full report at link below:

Pastor Marvin Winans Had Arrest Warrant Issued on Him When Carjacked | AT2W


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