Monday, March 12, 2012

Pastors Andrae and Sandra Crouch Are One of The Fewest Gospel Artists and Ministers To Consider The Poor

Not all the time do we have good news to share, regarding gospel artists.  However, this time we would like to reveal Pastors and Sandra Crouch's consideration for those whom are impoverished within their community of San Fernando Valley.   Pastors Andrae and Sandra Crouch are not only well known as legendary gospel artists, but the twins are also servants of Jesus Christ.   They also are the children of the late Bishop Benjamin and First Lady Crouch.  While carrying on the vision of their parents to minister to lost souls, they also are sharing the same sort of kindness for humanity by giving free produce every Friday at New Christ Memorial Church.

Many ministers of the gospel and even gospel artists whom are making a lot of money through tithes, offerings and music and concert ticket sales fail to consider the poor.   God told us in His Word to consider the needs of those whom are not only in prison, but also those whom are poor.  In Prov. 14:31 it says,  ' Anyone who oppresses the poor is insulting God who made them. To help the poor is to honor God.'  Those whom are poor and destitute mean so much to God.   Many church people may feel as though they are above them, dressing up in their fine expensive clothes, driving the finest latest models of cars and even living in some of the wealthiest suburban neighborhoods, but God frowns down on their pride and selfish spirits.   He and His angels are writing down and taking notes each and every time when the homeless and those whom are poor are denied assistance by the church officials or gospel artists.  Those whom are ministers of His Word and those whom spread His message through gospel music whom ignore the needs of those whom are poor will have so someday answer to God.   After many Christians whom were in the position to help the poor come to the end of their lives, God is going to ask them how many times did they give them food, shelter or clothes.  God is going to look in the record of their lives and ask them how many times did they not only physically feed them, but give them spiritual food.  Pastors Andrae and Sandra Crouch no doubt has been blessing those within their community of San Fernando Valley for a very long time.  Therefore, they are not just gifted gospel artists, but they are also gifted and truly assigned by God as true ministers to reach out to those whom are not spiritually lost, but also very impoverished people.   

Those of us whom proclaim salvation, let’s not make God unhappy by ignoring those whom are hungry, have no place to stay or have no clean clothes to wear.  Let us join Pastors Andrae and his twin sister, Sandra Crouch in reaching out to those whom are poor.   In God’s Word, He lets us know how important poor people are to him, several times in biblical scriptures.  So, there is no excuse for the body of Christ to be selfish.   For many centuries, since bible times, the church world has been so guilty of being selfish with the poor.    

Since, many gospel artists of this era have been so fortunate to make five or six figures monthly, really there is no excuse for them to ignore the poor.   Therefore, the entire gospel music industry should reserve some money to not only feed the poor, but give them shelter.   There should be a network of gospel artists reaching out to impoverished citizens.   If they say they love our God, they sing about, then they should reveal their consideration by starting a non-profit organization to build homeless shelters and create free food giveaways for many impoverished communities, across the nation.

Are Pastors and gospel artists across the nation going to be like Pastors Andrae and Sandra Crouch by giving to those in need?   If not, they will have to eventually answer to Jesus Christ for not doing so.


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