Thursday, March 1, 2012

Black Gospel Artists Attending Award Shows Are Rebuked By This Preacher

This clip was sent to us by one of our readers and here our thoughts, regarding this man of God's words: 'black gospel artists need to repent, before it is everlasting too late.'  Now, we do believe it would be okay to go out into the world to win the lost, but many gospel artists have become like the world and has not seemed to change those whom are yet lost, something Jesus said was wrong in I John 2:15, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'   Secular artists they attend music award shows with like Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z and many others are winning awards just like these gospel artists, but yet remain as worldly entertainers yet attending the same award show.  Therefore, we do agree it is now time for gospel artists to step back and no longer take part in these award shows, especially since possibly many secular entertainers who have recently died may have entered judgement without repentance and now spending their eternal lives in hell.  For instance, Michael Jackson we believe for sure is in hell, after we heard Angelica Zambrano's alleged testimony of seeing him, there.

We believe that Jesus Christ is going to hold gospel artists accountable, if they do not cease having affiliation with secular award shows.  God wants us to win the lost, but after all these years of gospel artists mingling with secular entertainers, there seems to be too many souls going into judgement while there is no change.   We have not seen secular artists completely turn away from being secular music artists, all because they have testified how they got saved through gospel artists winning them to Jesus Christ.   Therefore, the message gospel artists say is in their music has not been enough, if there has been no testimonies of secular artists getting saved through their music.   Although, Kim Burrell allegedly said Whitney Houston was listening to John P. Kee right before her death as what she allegedly heard over the phone, it was not enough to save her from an early death, although her soul may have been possibly saved.   For you see, gospel music is supposed to be a ministry to not only save lost souls, but protect demonic forces from controlling their lives from any deadly disease or even mend broken relationships and marriages (between men and women, only) back together again.  There should be so much power Satan would have to flee.   Therefore, there needs to be enough power and anointing not only in gospel music, but also through the lives of gospel artists to completely save and completely draw secular artists from the world and to no longer sing and perform for the Devil.  If you recognized too many gospel artists are dying just like secular artists.  So, if secular artists cannot survive from the souls whom did not win them away from the world, then how can they ever believe there is a God who can save them from anything or anyone whom may try to attack their lives?
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Source: Angelica Zambrano's Testimony
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