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Why Didn't Friends of Whitney Houston, Gospel Duo Bebe and CeCe Winans Advise Whitney Not To Marry Bobby Brown?

It is just so wonderful much of the Winans clan paid their respects at the funeral of Whitney Houston.   Pastor Marvin Winans even eulogized Whitney Houston's funeral.   Well, that was no surprise, since he was the one to marry she and Bobby Brown, allegedly.  However, the question remains among those of us whom are true followers of Jesus Christ, why wasn't the man of God and gospel music artist, Pastor Marvin Winans able to see and detect the alleged evil soul of Bobby Brown?   If he did, why did he agree to proceed with the wedding at Whitney's New Jersey estate?  The one whom marries a couple ought to be able to sense trouble ahead, because he or she is closely walking with God.  We could be wrong, but it seems like because they were a celebrity couple, it could have been the main reason Pastor Marvin Winans agreed to officiate their previous wedding or possibly because he was close to the family.   Another question remains to be is this, if Bebe and CeCe Winans are truly anointed to sing gospel music, why weren't either of them able to sense Bobby Brown could have not been the right man for Whitney Houston, especially since on this following video, he claims she was mainly in awe of him being so confident to ask for her phone number? No other reason, just that Bobby Brown was very bold in approaching her for what he wanted.

It is very sad to reveal the truth after Whitney is gone, but it must be told.   If Pastor Marvin Winans already had alleged trouble in his own previous marriage to Vickie Winans, how could the marriage between any man or woman married by him be blessed to last to the end?  In this case, it turned out for the worse between Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  Therefore, it possibly was not a good idea for him to marry them.   You know, the average preacher think they have been called by God to preach the gospel, especially in the black church among gospel artists.   But are they called to keep their own marriages together, so they can save other married couples from divorce?  We are not blaming him or even insinuating he is the cause of their breakup, we are just evaluating all the possible points.

There used to be a time when those who profess salvation would have the gift of discernment to forewarn their closet friends and family trouble was near or even many years in the future.   However, when the trend began among ministers and gospel artists to mingle with celebrities, it seem like it never stopped and lingered on into this century.   Too bad, gospel artists did not cease to desire to become celebrities themselves at a time when so many of them who were their friends passed on.  This is why God desired for us to be cautious about being yoked with unbelievers in 2 Cor. 6:14.   Although, we learned that Whitney Houston walked with God, it seemed like she could have been confused just how to do it and her friends whom were connected with the church like BeBe, CeCe and Pastor Marvin Winans should have been the ones to not only protect her, but guide her into a true life of holiness, disconnected from being a celebrity and even marrying one whom allegedly was responsible for getting her addicted to drugs.   Now, we are not saying Whitney was not a follower of Jesus Christ.  We believe she was, but there are certain people we should not marry or keep company with and possibly, precaution from the Winans siblings could have saved her life in the long run.   When one is confused on how to have a close bond with Jesus Christ and not told how He expects them to live, of course, depression will set in and cause a person to yearn anti-depressants, especially when they let go of drugs like Whitney Houston had already done.
You see this has been a prolonged danger in the gospel music industry, gospel artists became friends with celebrities, too close to forewarn them of God's possible disagreement with their decisions. Although, it was said Whitney Houston knew God, gospel artists and even a Pentecostal minister such as Pastor Marvin Winans should have had the gift to discern Bobby Brown would allegedly be the man to break her heart.   Now some of you may say, it should have been Whitney's responsibility, if she was so close to God.   That fact is very true, however, Whitney Houston was still connected to the world of celebrities and those whom came from a full gospel church should have been able to tell her the truth and not be so close as her buddy to be silent about marrying an alleged unholy man, Bobby Brown while making a wise decision to become a completely 'holy' gospel music artist.   However, how could this ever been made possible, if the Winans siblings have not shown her the true example of pure holiness?   If they were so allegedly focused on reaching stardom among black celebrities, how could they ever advise Whitney Houston how to have a complete lifestyle of holiness?  How could they ever teach Whitney Houston how choose the right man whom would not eventually break her heart?   This fact is something all three of them must live with, did were either of them true examples of righteous believers?   Also, they must think about what they could have done to prevent Whitney Houston from marrying a man whom obviously was not a born again believer.   You know, there are spiritual consequences of how they could have prevented her emotional trauma while being married to Bobby Brown.  We feel their marriage was not one designed by God and those whom claim to preach about Him and sing about Him should have been anointed enough to advise her to wait on God.   We may not know all the facts, but it seems as though God was testing the BeBe, CeCe and even Pastor Marvin Winans, to see how they would be true examples to lead Whitney Houston while being able to hear from God.
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