Friday, February 17, 2012

Whitney Houston Did Not Just Sing Love Songs, She Also Sang Gospel Songs Like Cissy Houston

Just for all of the ignorant people like those of the Westboro Baptist Church who are judging the life of Whitney Houston, making false claims that she sang sinful songs, Whitney Houston did not sang sinful songs.   Love songs, meant between a man and woman are not sinful.   Also, Whitney Houston did not just sang love songs, she also sang gospel songs, although she was not a gospel music artist.  All of these ignorant people whom are judging God's given queen in the history of love ballads and gospel songs, she get there facts straight.   You can also look compare Whitney Houston to Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Prince or any other alleged wild artist and see the difference.  Whitney Houston was a decent music artist who was known for singing more love ballads than pop songs and in her dedicated moments to God, she sang gospel songs.

Pastor Marvin Winans who is appointed to eulogize Whitney Houston's funeral remembers so well, not long ago as one of her concerts in Detroit, she called him upon stage to sang, 'I Go To The Rock'.   Also, since Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy Houston is a gospel artist by her own right, Whitney always sang gospel hymns, beside dedicating her life to Jesus Christ.  Yes, she walked with Jesus Christ, in spite of her failed and troubled marriage to Bobby Brown and at one time allegedly getting addicted to drugs while married to him.   Her mother who is a god-fearing woman made her leave the industry, because she allegedly told her daughter all the pain was not worth it.   You maybe wondering what type of pain?   You know the type we are dealing with right now, hearing all of the lies, regarding her life.   A lot of people in the entertainment industry played our queen's songs, but they stabbed her in the back, made mockery of her marriage, just like they are doing now, after she was found dead in the bathtub in a Beverly Hills hotel room.

Furthermore, Whitney Houston sang with Bebe and CeCe Winans, 'Hold Up The Light' , a song about upholding the light of Jesus Christ in America and 'Count on Me', which was a song she sang with her good friend, CeCe Winans about holding a friendship together.  She sang many gospel more gospel songs. Whitney Houston used to sang in church as a child, very often.  Her mother Cissy Houston is still the choir director at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J.   Therefore, she was reared under her mother's authority and when she grew up, she was just one of the many well respected superstars who was most known for love ballads, just like Anita Baker, Barry White, Johnny Gill, Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore among many others.   So all of you haters whom are mostly white supremacists and jealous black folks need to get your facts straight and stop lying on our dear sister, Whitney Houston.  She was a decent music artist whom mended men and women in relationships together, something that is much needed in this era of same sex couples.  Therefore, how could any one say her songs was sinful?  The songs Whitney Houston sang were beautiful love ballads.   God does not love Elvis, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Lohan, Cindy Lauper anymore than he loves Whitney Houston and that is why she is in the arms of Jesus Christ, which is where she said she wanted to be, just days before her death.  Also, she was heavily into the Bible, just days before her death.

May our dear sister, Whitney Houston rest in peace.   We cannot wait to see you in heaven, Whitney.
Sing Whitney!! 'I Go To The Rock'


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