Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mary K. Baxter: Gospel Artists Whom Live Hypocritical Lives and Ministers Whom Support Them Offend God

God does not condone hypocrisy in His Kingdom.  Gospel music is a part of God's Kingdom and those whom create songs supposedly for the glory of God offend God when they live discreet double lives.   When we heard the previous testimonies about various people whom went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ, they discussed how Jesus was offended by many ministers whom lived hypocritical lives.  Therefore, we could imagine He is neither pleased with gospel artists whom think they are entertainers and not performing to reach souls for God.  If Michael Jackson was allegedly seen burning in hell by Angelica Zambrano, then how do gospel artists whom are living hypocritical lives think they are going to avoid judgement?  Possibly, you think you can hide behind your pastor, but God and His angels is taking record of your misconduct within His Kingdom.  Therefore take heed to this article and do right before it is everlasting too late.

It does not matter how popular gospel artists are in the church or among their fans, God is watching everything they do, because it would be unfair to hold secular artists accountable for their sin and not those whom live hypocritical lives.   However, it is much worse for ministers whom are aware of their music ministers and gospel artists whom belong to their church and not rebuke them for them being involved with sin.   Gospel artists whom are involved with sinful affairs are those whom are possessed with all sorts of lustful demons.   In this day and age, there are many gospel artists whom are not honest enough to repent and cease their lustful affairs in their homosexual lifestyles, but to be very honest with you, these were the same sort of people Jesus Christ revealed to Mary K. Baxter, another minister of the gospel whom allegedly witnessed ministers burning in eternal hell and damnation.   Therefore, if gospel artists are continuing in sin, they are not exempt from judgement.   They are just as guilty as the ministers whom refuse to tell them to get right with God.   God has a time limit and all of this hypocrisy among gospel artists whom think they are just entertainers and can live lustful discreet lifestyles of fornicators, homosexuals, adulterers, child molesters or any other similar twisted affairs for as long as they want will eventually come to an end.   We will let you hear Mary K. Baxter's testimony at the end of this article, but before we do, we must continue to forewarn you that Jesus Christ is very serious about anything we do within His Kingdom and if gospel artists whom are hypocrites feel as though they are above the average sinner, they are wrong.  God wants each and every person clean within the body of Christ.  It does not matter what sort of minister you are.   Please realize if you are a gospel artist, you have a ministry and you are not excused in the eyes of God for living a sinful life.  You must live a complete holy lifestyle and avoid any conduct that is not like God.   Whatever God says is wrong in His Word, no gospel artist should ignore neither should pastors, bishops or evangelists allow them to continue as though the God's commandments do not apply to them, just because they are popular.  

When we listened to Mary K. Baxter's testimony, we instantly knew each and every individual on earth is not excused for living unholy lives.  This woman of God had so many stories to share with us and we appreciate every minute of it, because if she withheld her testimony, we would not have known all of the things we know now.   We desire for gospel artists to take heed now, before it is everlasting too late.   Stop thinking you are above those whom have been openly honest about their lustful lifestyles as though your position covers your sins.  God wants the entire body of Christ to be clean from immorality and if not, there will be millions of souls in eternal hell and damnation, a place that was originally meant for Satan and His demons.   You cannot think for another second your music is enough to win souls for Jesus Christ, absolutely not, God is looking at the lifestyle you live and how you conduct yourself as a gospel artist.   

Furthermore, it is time for saints of God whom are fans of these gospel artists to stop supporting them, as soon as they discover they have not been living a holy lifestyle.   God does not want us following those whom have led sinful lifestyles, because it is like spreading poison throughout the body of Christ.   If they are not clean and have led double lives, seek God for the right gospel artists to enjoy while being spiritually fed through song.   Do not offend God by supporting these gospel artists whom have not repented for their sinful affairs as homosexuals, fornicators, adulterers,  idolatry and even those whom have been supporting same sex marriages, lately.   They would not be able to proceed as gospel artists spreading poison in God's Kingdom, if they did not have so many fans, especially the ministers whom are some of their main financial supporters.

Although, Mary K. Baxter does not specifically mention gospel artists, everything Jesus Christ desires for ministers, also applies to them, because as a gospel artist one is responsible for spreading the message of Jesus Christ, which is a ministry. Therefore, all gospel artists should take heed before it is everlasting too late. God bless and love you in Christ.

Listen to Mary K. Baxter Testimony

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