Tuesday, February 7, 2012

‘Gospel Goes To Hollywood’ Event?

Gospel Goes to Hollywood

“Oscar Week will never be the same,” exclaims event producer Tomeka Holyfield. “After receiving such an overwhelming response last year, in L.A., during NBA All-Star Weekend, we’re very excited to bring this event to Hollywood. It’s an awesome platform for actors, actresses, and TV and film directors/producers to share their Untold Stories of FAITH, and we’re confident of this event becoming a must attend event for years to come!”
We assume that the church and Hollywood find it fitting to come together and share stories. If the church could really do so without imitating and adopting the ways of the world, it might be an event that could be inspiring indeed. Unfortunately, this event may be...

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‘Gospel Goes To Hollywood’ Event Caters To Hollywood Believers | AT2W


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