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Would The Late Rev. James Cleveland Ever Condone Hip Hop Gospel?

In honor of the King of Gospel, we want to tell the truth about what we truly feel, because although the late Rev. James Cleveland allegedly had a personal weakness for men, he indeed had standards.   Those of us who remember him before hip hop gospel was came on the scene, knew he man of dignity.  The legendary Rev. James Cleveland continued to create such sacred gospel songs until the day he died.   His songs were so beautiful and way beyond the rhythm and rhyme of today's secularized gospel songs created by those whom have disrespected his legacy and that is the majority of gospel artists of today.   One of the only giants we can respect who did not yield to the temptation of fame and fortune, to be among secular entertainers, is the late Jessy Dixon and this is why he is so well missed.   Many could not believe we lost Jessy Dixon, because he never stooped low to Satan's tricks and schemes, but until the day died, the Ambassador was a true inspiration for all generations and we are very sure not only James Cleveland would have been proud of him, but most of all, God.

To answer your question, absolutely not, Rev. James Cleveland would never condone hip hop gospel, which was creeping on the scene before he died in 1991.  Rev. James Cleveland always spoke out against such worldly entertainment.   In the book, Black Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland allegedly made it clear, he did not want to produce the song for the movie, Roots, but he did it, anyway.   Rev. James Cleveland also made it very clear, white producers wanted him to create music their way, but he said he was not one to do what "the white man" wanted, but only God's way.  Therefore, Rev. James Cleveland was not a weak gospel artist, he spoke his mind and created music, which was sent straight from heaven, never borrowed from worldly music.  This is why Rev. James Cleveland was the King of Gospel, he was not a follower, but a strong leader.   If only he could ignore the alleged demons of homosexuality, we possibly would have still had him in the industry, a bit longer.   However, what is so sad is this very fact, there were many alleged meetings among carnal gospel artists who wanted to subtract the sacredness of gospel music to make more money. One of the biggest names, Daryl Coley allegedly discovered Kirk Franklin and introduced him to a Los Angeles producer who allegedly agreed to promote his music.   Eventually, GMWA (Gospel Music Workshop of America) allegedly welcomed Kirk Franklin and many other hip hop gospel artists to perform at their events, the organization the late Rev. James Cleveland founded.

Even before Rev. James Cleveland died many gospel artists were so tired of working on a 9 to 5 job while promoting their music, part-time.  They wanted quick money and during the era of secular hip-hop, they thought of a scheme and that was to pretend to care so much about the dying youth whom idolized 2pac and Biggie Smalls and bring it into the gospel music industry.  Many big names were on this agenda and when the alleged news spread that Rev. James Cleveland died of AIDS, hip hop gospel began to become a household name among those who were supposedly holiness Pentecostal, COGIC (Church of God in Christ), Apostolic and even old fashion Baptist church members.   Remember, this was the same time, Bishop T. D. Jakes was beginning to get big on the scene, people were buying his books and going to his conferences.  Those who were considered full gospel ministries also wanted to get in on changing the gospel music industry into a multi-million dollar capitol and they were going to use the youth at their churches to make it happen.  The youth were glad the restraints of restrictions were released off of them and they could finally be like those making money through rap music in the streets.   They wanted to make God approve of their wicked transformation, by calling it Holy Hip Hop and this was everyone's pot of gold: the preachers and their families, gospel promoters and gospel artists.  They called it holy hip hop as though they were sanctifying it, without realizing God was taking record of their plotted scheme to make millions off of the youth whom idolized those within the secular hip hop industry.   The relevance of looking and acting holy had ceased, it was now wrong to preach against hip hop in the church and even not popular to disagree with worldly dancing among those whom claimed to be followers of Christ.   Pastors of mega ministries began preaching against those who disagreed with those dressing like you were holy.  The death of Rev. James Cleveland was nothing more than a money making machine for many within the gospel music industry and within the church world that made it no longer necessary to make a distinction from the world. 

Then, there was a spirit of 'keeping up with the joneses' among pastors, bishops and evangelists, everyone who wanted a piece of a million dollar fortune became followers and not leaders.  In the mid nineties, many pastors and bishops became accustomed to the corporate church, mostly preaching the prosperity gospel and sin was less mentioned in many of their sermons.  If you want to know why the LGBT has to much power to expand their agenda, blame it on the mega ministries who fail to keep sacredness within their ministries.  For without sacredness, Satan began to have his way of manipulating the minds of people, even in God's House.   Therefore, along with the growth of hip hop gospel as you can see, is the expansion of the gay agenda, which has been condoned by the first bi-racial (black) President who has supported gay marriages.   So, how can the corporate church and their mega ministries have power to combat those demons, which now has influenced children to claim they are born gay and teens?  You see, pastors who became followers of the hip hop gospel movement did not have enough anointed power to pray away homosexual demons that has now taken over our country, and it was all for the celebrity status of fame and fortune. There were no more leaders to instruct those within the choir and even gospel artists how to be holy, because they became ashamed of being holy and the true anointing had ceased.   The absence of the late Rev. James Cleveland has made them much fame and fortune, but many scandals among clergy members like Bishop Eddie Long, the late Dr. Zachery Tims and many others have left them with no true example to influence wickedness in America.  The black church had became so diversified and agreed to make gospel music so European, they also diversified with pure lust and greed.

Furthermore, Rev. James Cleveland's last album, 'Having Church' was truly sacred and his anointing had not ceased his gift, even in his sickness.   The alleged disease, AIDS was not even strong enough make him yield to secular producers even during the birth of mega ministries among black preachers.  We deeply feel Rev. James Cleveland repented for his personal sin as God would expect anyone else to do (according to the sincerity we heard on his last album and even his overall humble spirit on this following video, which was not his last album, but the one before it).  Rev. James Cleveland was  truly a man of morals and values who never condoned subtracting the sacredness of gospel music when he lived and never would condone hip hop gospel if he was alive.  May God rest His soul.

Lifting for Me, Rev. James Cleveland (King of Gospel)-& LA Gospel Messengers


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