Monday, January 30, 2012

Would The Black Youth Even Go To Church, If Hip Hop Gospel Did Not Exist?

To say the youth need hip hop gospel to be excited about God, does not make sense.  God does not need hip hop gospel music to save souls neither did He inspire that sort of genre within His Kingdom.  Since hip hop gospel has been within the black church, it has made many black families and churches more lax, meaning they use it as a source of income and have became more lazy in their discipline.  If you notice, black families are not as business-minded as over 20 years ago before hip hop gospel came on the scene in the black church.   Therefore, hip hop gospel seems to have made the black church more lazy, which is a bad influence on today's youth.  Shrewd lenient pastors of the black church know hip hop music out in the world gained millions of dollars and therefore, they knew it would attract the youth to attend church.  As you can see, the youth within the black church seem to have gotten much worse within the black community than over 20 years ago and they lack just as much respect for their elders, just as much as the black youth whom do not attend church.   It is very sad that hip hop gospel seems to be the main reason why most African American youth attend church.

The subject of salvation is not mentioned in a lot of today's contemporary, hip-hop gospel music.   How can the black youth learn about God, when He is not focused much in today's gospel music lyrics?   Prominent pastors whom have gotten filthy rich off of collaborating with hip hop gospel music artists seem to use their music as a tool to win the black youth, making it seem impossible to just win them with the Word of God.  Therefore, how much is sin and hell discussed in hip hop gospel music?  The subject of being holy seems to be absent within a lot of today's gospel music, especially hip hop.  We did research and did not find many hip hop gospel lyrics that expressed what God says about hell and sin in His Word.   Therefore, parents whom have allowed their black youth to idolize hip hop gospel, instead of taking time to teach them how to serve God and abstain from sin will have to one day give an account to God.   The Bible says to, 'train up a child the way he (or she) should go, when he becomes old, he will not depart from it.'   To train means to sit your children down and teach them how to live righteous and not get involved with sinful affairs in life, not depend on the average black mega churches way to get their attention by letting them idolize hip hop gospel music.  

How will the black youth in today's black church learn how to exercise their mind, if they are always focused on hip hop gospel?  It is time to teach them how to focus more on their studies in school and spend more time with God when they are not studying their courses.   Because if they think hip hop gospel is the only way to God and the only way to earn an income, then we will always have less doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs, scientists among other professions.   They need to know God's Kingdom is much smarter than that and they can become just as great as other races and excel in their courses.   They cannot focus on their studies while always listening to loud music, which blocks their concentration while studying their homework.  

Today's youth in the black church need to learn how to live holy and remember biblical scriptures. As mentioned above, they need more time to study in school.  When it comes to church, they should be so excited about God, they will voluntarily attend church without hip hop gospel music being the reason. Then, as a parent, you will have less trouble with them focusing on sex before marriage, sexual identity crisis and even drug and alcohol addiction.  God has all the power to save the youth within the black church and He should be the center of attention within church services, not hip hop gospel.   Hip Hop gospel is not strong enough to deliver today's youth from demons of lust, homosexuality and drug and alcohol addiction, it takes God and many of today's black preachers refrain from saying so, but He is the only One who can deliver the black youth in and out of the church.

Furthermore, if today's black church would learn how to love God more than hip hop gospel music, they would know how to dress better, which would prepare them how to dress on a job interview when they get old enough.   However, the way many of these hip hop gospel music artists dress today, it does not prepare the average young person for success in corporate America or even in the medical industry.  There needs to be more focus on God and the youth need to learn how to worship Him and not idolize hip hop gospel music.   Because hip hop music is allegedly a religion out in the secular music industry, it really does not make sense for it to be used as a tool to win the youth within the black church, because God does not condone any religion, outside of Christianity.

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