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Has the Gospel Music Culture Ruined Lives of Men and Women In The Black Church?

Be forewarned, this is a subject that has not been discussed among the black church.  However, it is time to discuss it and reveal the truth, because many souls have left this earth without completely dedicating their lives to God.  One of the things that has blocked many people within the black church is the carnality in the lives of gospel artists and those whom idolize them.  Their fans within the black church follow the way they carry themselves, from the way they wear their hair to the way they praise and worship God and even through the alleged lifestyles of gospel artists, many fans follow the lifestyle of homosexuality.   After several decades of observing the history of gospel music and how the black church has supported it, regardless of its shift in genres, we cannot help but notices men and women whom have yielded to sin.  The demon of carnality has molded them, instead of being molded through the Word of God preached from many pulpits.  Most of these men and women have focused more on the latest gospel hits, rather than concentrating on how to be holy and remain righteous.

From the time of their youth back as earliest as the 1950's, gospel music artist's admirers attended church services mainly to be a part of a church choir, musical or groupIt seemed pastors found no other way to draw interest of the youth to their churches, except through gospel music.   As time went on, carnality among young gospel artists was revealed through their huge hair styles, latest fashion trends and similar contemporary tunes. At that time, groups like the Caravans were not out of the closet as alleged homosexuals, but various people whom were close to members of the group knew which singers were involved discreet gay and lesbian relationships. Therefore, although the spirit of homosexuality was not openly seen, people close to gospel artists knew what was going on in their close knit circles. During the 1960's when the Edwin Hawkins Singers rose to fame, the fascination to actually see the effeminate spirit be flaunted at their concerts, whether it was on stage or within the audience was very popular.  It was more bold for men to flaunt their flamboyancy and women, their butch personalities, although holiness was preached within many churches they came from, specifically the Pentecostal (COGIC) churches.   Throughout the 1970's when Edwin's brother Walter Hawkins started his church,  Love Center, most all black families knew about all the gays and lesbians whom openly flaunted their sexuality without shame and regret and when they sang gospel, even those whom claim dislike Walter's church and deny their own interest in homosexuality, they loved their music and sang their songs in their own church choirs.  During the 1980's and 1990's many young black men allegedly died of AIDS and many families grieved at their funerals, one in particular was the late drag queen Sylvester. Although, Bishop Walter Hawkins possibly made it right with God before he died and we will always love and respect him for his gospel songs, too many souls will always be remembered being lost in that particular era at the Love Center Church, allegedly.

For many black families who grew up fascinated with the different eras of gospel music and seeing them change, more and more church going fans began to die as time went on.  The cause was nothing more than carnality and not having a personal close relationship with Jesus Christ.   Many African Americans growing up in the black church always loved gospel music, but there was not enough love for God as much.   You may ask, what would gospel music have to do with blocking one's personal relationship with God, it seems like it would draw them?  To answer your question, it does not, it is the fascination of those whom have idolized gospel music artists as they failed to spend much time focusing on God and following His complete commandments.   For many years, there has been too much focus on gospel artists as entertainers, instead of them being messengers for Christ.  True messengers for Jesus Christ are empowered to cause demons to flee out of each and every one of our lives, whether it be sin, an enemy or sickness and disease.   Gospel music artists are suppose to drive out evil spirits as they minister in song; however, if the music is not strong enough, then what purpose does one have to sing or even play it?   As many of us have grown, we have seen many things change within the gospel music industry and one of those things is, too many of the people we used to see in the black church are not here any longer.   Therefore, it has been the culture of carnality in gospel music that could have ruined many lives of men and women in the black church.   There should have never been as many men and women dying in the black church as out in the world, but there has been just as many confused men and women dying of AIDS and various other sorts of diseases, going to divorce court, struggling with sin and one main one, homosexuality, and even enduring all sorts of tragedies.   Also, many black men and women have either died of drugs and alcohol while some are yet struggling to survive as addicts.    The culture of gospel music needs to completely diminish, in order for God to move through His music, which is anointed gospel music.   Too many souls have been lost and many souls in the black church are on their way to judgement, all because too many preachers of this age are afraid too preach about the carnality in gospel music for fear of losing members.

What can the black church do to reform ruined lives of men and women?

The ministers within the black church are responsible and will be held accountable for allowing so much carnality within their ministries.   Many of them allow concerts in their churches and the true gospel is not being preached to carnal souls.   Yes, many pastors are suppose to draw many souls to Jesus Christ through love and concern, but the lack of preaching holiness and righteousness has not been preached and this has allowed the gospel music culture to be the main focus and not God's Word.  Now is the time for the black church members to get serious with God and start loving the preacher, evangelist, pastor and bishop whom preaches the truth and no longer attend church just to hear the choir or praise team sing.  It is time to love God and His Word more than gospel music, because if He does not get the glory, there is no need for anymore gospel music.   

Also, the black church needs to stop copying the trends of other races.  This is one of the main things that has offended God.  Since the 1980's, we noticed there was a strong shift in the gospel music industry, we began to hear of contemporary gospel.  Contemporary gospel brought on a lot of carnality in the black church.   As the white church began creating their style of christian rock, the black church seem to want to follow.   As the white church began to change the way they worship, the black church seem to follow.   As the white church allowed the youth to wear casual attire, the black church seem to follow.  So you see, it seems like the black church became more of a follower than a leader, led by God.   Therefore, you cannot operate God's House being followers.  The pastors must make a decision to finally become leaders and stop changing the culture within their ministries to be more accepted by white ministers.   It is time for pastors and bishops to operate their churches through God's expectations and not based on trends and cultures.   

There needs to be more sincerity among clergy members and no carnality.   Pastors and bishops need to also cut ties with their peers whom have carried the spirit of carnality.  God does not want church leaders fellowshipping with those whom are followers of humanity and not leaders led by Him.   There must be complete repentance among those in the pulpit.   There is no time for keeping up with how the next minister is running His church.  Popularity needs to cease in order to save more lives in the black church and win many more from the world to God.   Let God be the center of attention and not the various trends and cultures of gospel music.   If not, then souls will continue to be lost within the black church and many souls coming into the church will not discover the real meaning of living for Jesus Christ.

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