Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Demon of Jezebel In The Gospel Music Industry

How can there be a such a thing as a demon of Jezebel in the gospel music industry?  Wherever, a spirit of carnality dominates any sort of demon can move in and this one so happens to be a demon of Jezebel.  Those of us who are truly saved know what a demon of Jezebel is.  It does not just control the spirits of loose women, but also men who have performed in an indecent fashion for fame and fortune.  In the book of Revelation 2:20, it says this: Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.  Gospel artists are among those in ministry, simply because they are sending the message of Jesus Christ to win the lost from the Satanic world.  Therefore, they have a responsibility to represent God's Kingdom in decency and in order (I Cor. 14:40), not looking, acting or even singing like harlots and thugs.  Therefore, those within the mega church whom are sponsoring these gospel artists are in trouble with God, because he gave those whom are overseers of the church to remove those who have been possessed by the demon of Jezebel.

The demon of Jezebel has not just been in the pulpits sleeping with various ministers of the gospel, but also those whom are gospel artists whom claim to love God and spread His message have been possessed by Satan and His demons.  Not only because many of them have discreetly taken the oath as Satanists, but because they have allowed producers and managers to promote them as though they secular artists.  God is not pleased with their rebellion and he has been very patient and given them much time to repent.  We have seen many gospel artists these days doing the Corna hand sign, which is a message to honor Satan.  Members of the Satanic Illuminati whom are celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs have also held the same hand sign whenever they are seen in the media.   We want you to know, the gospel music industry is in trouble with God, for it is an industry of alleged corruption, allowing women and men to represent God in their music like worldly artists.  Secular artists expect their fans to idolize them and it is the same way in the gospel music industry, gospel artists are expecting those to idolize them as though they are celebrities, not necessarily to spread the Word of God, but to make millions of dollars, just-like-rock, pop and hip hop artists in the world.

The spirit of seduction is revealed by the clothes certain gospel artists wear.  They reveal to much flesh, the same way worldly artists do.   The spirit to lure the eyes of ministers whom are having trouble keeping the marriage together is nothing but the demon of Jezebel.  The spirit to lure and captivate those whom are seeking to get deliverance from the demon of lust is nothing but the spirit of Jezebel.  The spirit to dominate the gospel music industry and make appearance of a holy woman irrelevant, is nothing more than the demon of of Jezebel.   The spirit to cause preachers to remain silent, regarding how a woman dresses, similar to a harlot, is nothing but a demon of Jezebel.  Utmost power of even the woman behind the pulpit to insult those who believe in dressing holy is nothing more than the demon of Jezebel.   We have even seen women in the pulpit idolizing the female gospel artists so much, they are dressing just like them, attracting many demons of Jezebel among various congregations they preach to.  Yes, the demon of Jezebel has been incorporated among the mega ministries to bring more fame and fortune.  However, when each and every last soul takes his or her last breath, they will be reminded of how many souls they allowed to be lured through the demon of Jezebel and was not focused on captivating souls from Satan's territory to become followers to Jesus Christ.

As a gospel artist, you cannot claim to minister through song and music without being willing to let go of the demon of Jezebel.  It does not matter if the gospel music industry expects you to look, dress and even act like secular artists, you will have to stand before God some day.

On This Following Video, Pastor Brenda Timberlake Tells People of God, We Cannot Dress Like The Word.  Around 6:53, she says it.  Although Pastor Timberlake does not specifically rebuke the gospel music artists for being bad influences within the church, we feel gospel artists should follow this holy principle of looking holy, not just those within the pews of the churches. We pray there be more women and men like her who sincerely spread the true message of Jesus Christ and not a false message just to get more tithes and offerings.  We feel this message is also for gospel artists, because they are suppose to be Christ-like examples within the body of Christ.  Not only Mary Mary, but many other gospel music artists have not been disciplined by the church to be holy, perform in a holy fashion and even look holy.   Gospel artists are suppose to be ministering for Jesus Christ, therefore, they should act like it and look like it.  Gospel artists have a responsibility to represent the body of Christ in decency and in order (I Cor. 14:40).

Watch Pastor Brenda Timberlake

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