Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bishop O. C. Allen Claims Some Gospel Artists Refuse to Perform for Gay Ministries Like The Vision Church of Atlanta

When a few of our journalists decided to watch Bishop O. C. Allen gay pastor of The Vision Church of Atlanta's interview, we were all amazed when they learned there are still actually some gospel artists who refuse to perform at gay churches.   While watching the Lexi Show, we heard Bishop O. C. Allen make this claim.   Can you believe we still have completely saved gospel artists who are standing up for Jesus Christ?  This made us so proud and angels are rejoicing for them turning around when they instantly learned what sort of church Bishop O. C. Allen pastors.   The Vision Church of Atlanta is a gay affirming church, although Allen claims he does not like his church to be called a "gay" church.   Well, isn't that what it is, when you affirm homosexuality while opposing the following scriptures God's Word that does not condone it as righteousness, but only as sin?   We see The Vision Church of Atlanta as a gay church, because pure sanctified holy straight men, women and children do not want to subtract from God's Word, but we desire to hear and follow the complete Word of God.  However, Bishop O. C. Allen views his church, claiming it is for everyone, obviously everyone does not agree with his doctrine that opposes the Word of God.

We are wondering whom were these gospel artists who turned around, after learning The Vision Church was an alleged gay dominated church?   Whomever they are, we just want to congratulate them for their holy boldness for Jesus Christ Christ, because we are living in an age where there are churches on the assignment for Satan.   They think they are fulfilling their own pleasures, but our Bible lets us know their pleasures are only lust and God does not condone lust.   God wants His House pure and righteous and the gospel artists whom profess salvation should also be completely holy and not willing to bow down to those whom are not preaching the complete Word of God.  To hear gospel artists refuse to perform for The Vision Church of Atlanta was like a million dollars being given to us, because their righteousness was in the highest respect for the Lord and Jesus Christ is winning this evil race against Satan.

How can Bishop O. C. Allen expect for true born again Christians to sing for his congregation, if he is ignoring these following scriptures we are about to reveal to you?  His followers should not hear gospel music, if they follow him instead of following God.  These gospel artists are representing God's Kingdom, obviously they are not among the average entertainers who just want to sell gospel music to make a lot of money, but they are singing and performing to save souls for Jesus Christ.  Therefore, if Bishop O. C. Allen and his followers refuses to completely surrender their lives to the Lord God, then they should not expect true children of God to fellowship with them in any form or fashion.   

Thank God we still have some truly saved gospel artists and may God richly bless them for refusing to be among those who claim to know God, but do not fully obey His Word.

Although, we acknowledge God loves gays, lesbian and transgender people, His Word lets us know He does not condone their sin and we as true saints of God do not either, because we are truly His children.  If churches like Bishop O. C. Allen's ministry like The Vision Church refuse to obey these following scriptures, then they should not expect straight people whom happened to be gospel artists or church attendees whom are straight to fellowship with them.

God's Scriptures Against Homosexuality

  • 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

  •  Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

  •  Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

  •  Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." 

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Le'Andria Johnson: Why Is Her 'Make Him Like You" Video More About Romance

We wanted to speak on a gospel singer who has quickly made her album debut a huge success by making it secular. For those of you who know Le'Andria Johnson, you'd know she won on 'Sunday Best' gospel talent show last year and was adored for her authentic gospel sound.

Well, we are not sure if she is really doing gospel anymore because her new song, "Make Him Like You" is the equivalent to a R&B love song. It seems like she 'hooked' her gospel fans with her first single "Jesus" but now we see what's really going on. Like we wrote before, there is barely any hint of God or Jesus in the song. It is literally a love song. Don't get us wrong: love songs are for couples in the appropriate setting. No one can disagree with that.

We just saw the video that was released earlier this month and we can't say we were surprised. On the other hand, we still find it hard to believe that some gospel artists have turned secular yet want to carry the name 'gospel artist'. We say just go secular because God states in his word that He'd rather us be hot or cold and not lukewarm. (Revelations 3:15).

Now, Le'Andria Johnson's role in the video is totally contrary to what a real gospel singer should be singing. She's seen in a few seductive scenes with the video companion. But we thought this was a gospel song?

Read full article HERE

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How Many Gospel Artists Could Be On Their Way To Hell And Don't Even Know It?

This is such a very important question to think about, if you are a gospel artist, gospel musician or even a gospel producer.   Our staff of journalists have listened to testimonies of people who have went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ and one in particular is Angelica Zambrano (r. photo).   Angelica met Jesus Christ as He revealed to her certain people in eternal hell and damnation and it was not just her own grandmother.   She also saw Michael Jackson, Selena and Pope John Paul II, allegedly.   Now, you see why we ask you this very important question?   It is not to scare you, but it is to help you.  Many of today's average ministers will not preach against carnality in the gospel music industry, but we love your soul too much to allow the truth to cease.   Therefore, please take heed before it is everlasting too late.   Again, we will reveal to you Angelica's testimony at the end of this post, but first we have more to discuss with you at Repent Gospel Artists blog.   

If the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Selena and Pope John Paul II is allegedly in hell, what makes you think, God is not holding gospel artists accountable for the way they live their lives and the way they perform?   You cannot claim you are singing for Christ and you are talking, looking, acting or even singing like the world.   Jesus Christ wants to shine through your talent, but instead many of you have chosen to allow Satan to deceive souls through you by giving you fast money if you discreetly have sold your soul for fame and fortune.  You see, if you call yourself a gospel artist, you are suppose to be a messenger for Christ, not making it clear that it is okay to look and act like Beyonce or Jay-z.   It is not okay and God strictly told us in His Word to be holy and be not of this world.   If you regularly read your Bible turn to I Peter 1:16, 'Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.'  Then turn with us to another scripture in I John 2:15, it says this, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.'  God also gives us more scriptures to discipline us as His children, but for now we are going to stop right there.  Now, if God has told us to be holy and to keep distant the ways of this world, then why are so many gospel artists looking and acting like secular music artists?   If Michael Jackson and Selena are allegedly in hell, God will be even more angry will gospel artists, because you are suppose to represent God's Kingdom at a higher standard.   You are suppose to sanctify yourselves, so the world can see Christ through you, not catering to their ways to get their money and so they will idolize you as a celebrity.   Dear sisters and brothers, this subject is very serious and if you do not believe it, when you get done reading this article, do not think Angelica's testimony does not apply to people in the gospel music industry.  When you say you are a child of God, you are not going to bow down to what this wicked world wants you to be, but you are going to bow down to Jesus Christ, regardless of how you are persecuted by those who are against you being holy.

Dear gospel artists, you must realize we care so dearly about you, but you must began to care about your own souls before it is everlasting too late.   Jesus Christ also told Angelica Zambrano He is on His way back real soon.   If you will pay more attention to the things that are taking place in our nation, you will realize she is telling the truth.  One of those facts, is simply most of you whom have supported President Obama's same sex agenda, God is against it and you know it, but yet you have ignored God's Word.   We are living in the last days, because most of you gospel artists have not been like Pastor Deitrick Haddon and his wife, Co-Pastor Damita who have opposed Obama's affirmation for homosexual marriages.  God is not pleased with you, if you are guilty and you will face judgement, if you do not repent.   Please take this very seriously, you could be on your way to hell and do not even recognize it.  You are without excuse as our Bible tell us, simply because you know it is wrong to do what you are doing while some of you may have even sold your souls to Satan.   God is not pleased and you must now repent before it is everlasting too late.   Don't you know God sees you enjoying the wealth while not really cleaning up your act or even telling those who listen to your music they need to repent?   Don't you know God sees you enjoying your fame like a celebrity and not really living as the holy saint He wants you to be?   Gospel artists, there are so many things God has not been pleased with the gospel music industry and if you have been connected for too long, He is not going to wait for you to yield and repent.   For too long, God has waited for gospel artists to stop their affairs as gays and lesbians.   For too long, God has waited for gospel artists to stop wanting fame and fortune more than Him and judgement is on its way.  Again, what allegedly applied to Selena and Michael Jackson, will certainly apply to you much worse, because you know better.  You know God's Word, but you would rather follow others, instead of leading them into righteousness.  Each and ever last one of you gospel artists know God forbids you to collaborate with secular artists, but many of you have took the satanic oath and God is angry.  Repent and completely turn around before it is everlasting too late saith the Lord.  

Now, you maybe deceived by Mr. Bobby Jones, Karen Clark Sheard and her sisters, Kirk Franklin and many others who have been a part of the gospel music industry for a very long time, but they do not have the key to heaven and hell, only Jesus Christ does.  Therefore, you must no longer listen to them, you must listen and follow Jesus Christ before you lose your soul to Satan and His demons.

Watch Video of Angelica Zambrano's Testimony

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Can The Black Church Stop The Curse of The Gospel Music Industry's Alleged Connection With The Satanic Illuminati?

Now that the black church has yielded to the worldly ways of secularized gospel music, the anointing has ceased most of their ministries, completely.  Therefore, the pastors who are over these churches are not blessed to rebuke the curse of the gospel music industry's alleged connection with the Satanic Illuminati.   God can only remove it, if each and every gospel artist, gospel producer and gospel promoter repents for their collaboration with secular artists who have allegedly sold their souls to the Devil.   God wants each and every lost soul to surrender to Him and cease their wickedness. Many of the gospel artists of today are bound by Satanic influences, because they have chosen to idolize the gospel music industry, instead of completely surrendering to God.   Overall, the black church has no power to rebuke the curse of alleged Satanism, because the black church has also allegedly idolized these gospel artists who are not holy.  How could this be?  Simply, because the average pastor does not preach holiness and righteousness, they have taught false doctrine that makes it okay to bargain with God.

Gospel artists are in more trouble with God than they have ever been and it is such a shame most black churches fail to see it.   Pastors who allegedly use these gospel artists to attract the youth to their ministries have not preached deliverance, but mostly preached false doctrine.   The black church is in just as much trouble with God as these gospel artists, because Jesus Christ has been used as though he is a product as Bishop T. D. Jakes allegedly claimed it was so.   Let us assure you, Jesus Christ is not to be sold not through music and not through His Word, but Jesus Christ gives salvation for free.   However, the false doctrine has been preached otherwise and therefore, the curse that has dominated the alleged evil connection of the gospel music industry with Satanism will deceive many souls into thinking they are okay with God.   Because the pastor of black churches refuse to preach righteousness, God has turned many of them over to a reprobated minds and many who attend these ministries do not even know they are also in danger.

There has been alleged reports of gospel artists who are connected to the Satanic Illuminati.   It is shown through their attire.  Now, this is why we say it does matter what a saint wears, because these particular gospel artists regularly wear certain colors to represent their connection as a discreet Devil worshiper.   Many of them wear red and black with satanic symbols that represent their love for Satan.  Yet most black churches invite these artists to their churches to supposedly win the young folks, but they have no knowledge of such deception.   Today's modern age preachers preach it does not matter what you wear while not acknowledging we are living in an age where gospel artists are wearing certain clothes that reveal certain codes of their connection to satanism.   God is not pleased with the ignorance in the black church and He wants these ministers to stop collaborating with other ministers who refuse to be aware of such satanic practices in gospel music, which no longer belongs in the church.   Secondly, these gospel artists are upholding the baphomet sign, which is the corna hand signal, which is not saying "I love you" according the the late Anton Lavey, the founder of the church of Satan.   Whenever you see a gospel artist uphold a sign that is similar to the above photo, it is indeed alleged satanism and it does not belong in God's music.   Also, there are other satanic hand signs these gospel artists are doing while following everything their friends are doing in the secular industry.   Thirdly, these gospel artists are getting so bold, they do not think it is necessary to be different than the world, these are hypocrites, they are not in the gospel music industry to spread the message of Jesus Christ, but out to deceive souls for Satan.  These gospel artists have verbally claimed you do not need to be holy to be saved and that is false doctrine.   The Bible told us this, "Be Ye holy for I am holy (I Peter 1:16)."  The average black church is so lost, they sell these particular gospel artists' music in their bookstores and will even allow them to have concerts at their churches.   These are the three main reasons why the black church is not capable to remove the curse from the gospel music industry's alleged connection with the Satanic Illuminati, it is so clear and simple, they have no anointing to acknowledge what is going on, is pure evil in the eyes of God.

The average pastor wants to be liked and accepted, not an outcast for standing up for pure holiness.   They do not want to experience persecution by the church, because they have been fooled into believing they are not loving people, if they do not accept their sinful behaviors.   Many black churches who are deceived into believing the average gospel artist belongs to Jesus Christ are spiritually blind and are bound by a curse themselves.  These pastors teach as motivational speakers, but they are not anointed to preach as true messengers of Jesus Christ.  They are just as deceived as gay affirming ministers who preach the false doctrine against God's Word.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Is Christian Rapper Lecrae Throwing Up Illuminati Hand Signs [VIDEO]

We have are reservations when it comes to Christian rappers because we have always stood on the principle that it is worldly and should not be in the church. Well, we were alerted about a video of Christian rapper Lecrae and it has pointed out the rapper allegedly wearing occult like apparel, flashing Illuminati hand signs several times from several clips and more. Quite frankly, it appears to be pretty convincing.

We didn't create the video report so no hate mail to us guys.

If it is true, it goes to show that even Christian rappers are dabbling in the occult to obtain fame and fortune.

Click HERE to see video and judge for yourself.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jesus Weeps: Bishop Lester Love Has NIghtclub in Church and Sings Secular Love Songs

Bishop Lester Love
We came across some videos of a well known bishop of New Orleans named Bishop Lester Love of City of Love Ministries. He has apparently used his last name, "Love" as a branding strategy allegedly to make a name for himself. 

With his 'City of Love' church and the remaking secular loves songs, his brand is very clear as a business and promotional model. He's apparently popular for singing secular songs to describe how he feels about God or Jesus, he says. This branding is surely bringing in a lot of money from disillusioned
walkers church members. As far as we can see, he has not only tried to take secular songs and put a gospel spin on it but, in our opinion, he's making an absolute idiot of himself.

Though people have been turning secular songs into gospels songs for years now, it only shows their love and desire to be accepted by the world and ultimately the image of the world. The church seems to be open to accepting just about anyone who says they are a man of God and can hold a tune (maybe). This, ladies and gentlemen- is the result of such respecter of persons many have become.
To read the entire article and see the videos of nightclub at his church as well as him sing 'secular love songs to Jesus', go HERE.

Mary Mary Illuminati Allegedly Exposed At Black Girls Rock! [Pics and VIDEO]

Mary Mary's Erica Campbell Allegedly flashes the Corna Hand signMary Mary Illuminati Allegedly Exposed At Black Girls Rock!

We wanted to thank one of our readers, S.D. for revealing the alleged Illuminati hands signs by gospel sister duo, Mary Mary. We reviewed the video of their performance at the 2011 Black Girls Rock! event from last week and its appears to be clear what sister Erica Campbell is doing. It actually looks pretty blatant how she allegedly flashes the hidden coven 6 hand sign several times along with the Corna hand sign. She allegedly flashes the "6" sign so many times, we couldn't keep up. If this is true, it goes to prove the many reports that gospel artists are seeking more fame and fortune and will even abandon any sense of the God they supposedly serve for Satan's kingdom.

Fred Hammond to Release Love Songs Album (Not For the Gospel Audience)

Singer Fred Hammond's Upcoming Love Song Album Inspired By Book of Song of Solomon
The new 'love song' album from Fred Hammond will release soon for those Christians that think its alright to mix gospel music and love songs together. We know that some Christians have no problem with this because we are beginning to hear those who make 'gospel and love song' mix tapes? What? Yes, this is where we are.
God, Love and Romance, slated to release Jan. 31, gives an honest perspective on love and marriage. Hammond says more Christians should explore this topic when singing, preaching or teaching. 
"One of the things that I scratch my head over is why do we go to Psalms and Proverbs, skip over [Song of Solomon], and go to Ecclesiastes?" he said in a YouTube interview. "We act like it doesn't exist, but God thought it was important enough to say it." 
Read more here

Black Churches and Seminaries Believe They Must Embrace Christian Hip Hop

Bishop Eddie Long and Hip Hop in Church
We are always flabbergasted by this mentality that Christian Hip Hop, Rap, etc., is becoming the norm in America's churches, especially the black church. We can't see how hip hop and rap in the church will bring young people to Christ. They may be introduced to Him but to seriously live by the bible and live righteously as He intended, we're not seeing this. Many may not agree but bringing something 'from the world' into the church and intending to make it 'godly' does not work. Sorry we have to use this analogy but if being a Christian gay is wrong, then how is Christian rap/hip hop right? Again, this is trying to make a wrong right when the wrong must be rebuked and repented and the embracing of a new godly being is the only true way to God.
We know many people just don't understand why hip hop should not have a place in the church but while the church has invited other things in, this is just another invitation to Satan. "Come on in, Lucifer. Have a seat and take over" is essentially the concept. The church has embraced so much of the outside world for many, many reasons (mainly for money) that has nothing to do with God and we are continually looking to imitate the world when God never said to do so. In fact, we are suppose to 'show a difference' not conform to these new age philosophies.
Read recent report:
"If we're going to take young people seriously, we have no choice," said Alton B. Pollard III, dean of the Howard University School of Divinity.
Howard University recently had their annual convocation featured the rocking beat of Christian hip-hop artists Da' T.R.U.T.H. and Sean Simmonds, and professors are using spoken word -- poetry performed as social commentary -- to examine the New Testament.
Read the entire article here

Youtuber Says Gospel Singer Vickie Winans Should Repent

Vickie Winans

The owner of the Youtube video who allegedly exposed Vickie Winans has addressed her and told her to repent. On the Youtube page with video, Vickie Winans Exposed ( Hidden Coven 6), she states she is very sorry for living up to their standards. In fact she also states she has tried to please people all of her life and asks for forgiveness.

It struck us odd that she would really go on with this person but she appears to want to address it though she never addressed the specifics recognized in her alleged behavior in the video. She only spoke against it and threatened to sue.

We don't know if she knew what she was doing or not, but she surely has been influenced by the crowd she deals with in her songs and many of them have been producing her music and videos in the recent years.

We want to continue to pray for Vickie Winans and others who are allegedly losing touch with what gospel really means and how it is to remain authentic and sacred.
NOTE: We want to make it clear that this is not a fake Vickie Winans responding because the comments are coming from her official Youtube account.

Youtuber Rebukes Vickie Winans


Friday, November 18, 2011

What Is It Going to Take To Reverse Gospel Music Back To Holiness?

There is a demonic root in the history of gospel music, allegedly.  You may not want to accept the truth, but when you trace the historical lives of specific gospel artists who accepted Satan's invitation to indulge in lustful acts, which mostly involved homosexuality, you have got to admit there is definitely a demonic root.   For example, the King of Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland will always be known as the genius of gospel music, but-he also will always be known for allegedly allowing lust to control his personal life.   However, we just want to say, people can always repent and God will forgive them, no matter what life they lived here on earth.  We just wish the history of gospel music was not tainted with the demon of homosexuality.  The question is this, is there a way to reverse gospel music back to holiness?  This means people who are gospel music artists are converted to living a complete holy lifestyle and presenting themselves as holy messengers for Jesus Christ.

We think there is a way to do it, however, it takes the people of God to agree they no longer desire to be haunted with the demon of homosexuality while supporting gospel artists and their music.  If the black church refuses to fast and pray about this situation that has been an ancient problem, then God cannot solve it.   He will only do what we request or when we desire for something to change for the good of us who love the Lord, it will most definitely change.   However, their has been too many people who like it just the way it is.  Many adore gay men and their dainty ways, so God cannot change anything, the stigma will always be known when gospel music is mentioned.   If you are saved, you should not want to think about anything that is impure while listening to good gospel music.  Right? 

Here is an important question, do you think there was a time when holiness was among gospel music artists?   Were they ever holy?  Because if not, no wonder we have such a demonic force that has dominated the entire industry, not only with homosexuality, but hip hop gospel and christian rock.   God said in His Word to be holy in I Peter 1:16, 'Be Ye Holy for I am Holy.  Therefore, gospel music artists within the industry must be holy and willing to not see themselves as entertainers, but only presenting their music for the Lord, decently and in order.  I Corinthians 14:40 instructs this to God's children, "Let all things be done decently and in order."  So, if they are completely holy, then they will strive to turn to pure holiness not only in creating gospel music, but in their personal lives, which includes the company they keep.   There has to be enough people in the church to change gospel music, even without the gospel music artists themselves.   The foundation of gospel music has always been the church, so if the church has no form of holiness and righteousness, then gospel music artists will be misled by those who promote them.   They must be enforced to make a decision to choose whom they will serve, not just how sing, but how they live.   God expects holiness to be on the minds of those who listen to gospel music.   If the black church who supports these gospel artists are not focused on God each second they listened to their gospel songs, then there is no reason for it.   So, it is very simple and not difficult to find a way to make it holy and pleasing to God.   

There has to be a strong desire for God and less desire for fame and fortune.   You may say how will they live without having a career?   Money will come the right way on God's terms, but now they are making money the quick and easy way on the world's terms, God cannot accept or be happy with it.

To answer the question were gospel music artists ever holy?   We cannot answer that question, but what we do know is during the time of slavery, there were Spirituals, when our people were taught to be holy and honor God.  There was no desire for fame or fortune, the favorite prayer of our ancestors was "Lord, deliver us from the hands of our slave masters."   So, you see they were humble enough to cry out to the Lord, because they were being beaten and facing to be lynched on a daily basis.   Now that our race has been free, it seems as though God has been forgotten about among those who claim to know Him within the black church and as gospel music artists.   It seems since there is no need to cry out to God to save us from our ancestor's former enemy, the white supremacists, they freely expect to live and act like the world and be idolized as celebrities.   We feel God is very angry because of it.   Spirituals were possibly the only time when those who sang them were spiritual and did not possess a demonic spirit of carnality.   Gospel music possibly was never holy and possibly this is why it may never be able to be reversed to holiness through the artists, but it can be changed among only those who are truly seeking God.

Living holy will indeed change gospel music to the way God expects it to be, but it cannot not be controlled by secular producers any longer, because the anointing is only controlled by the Kingdom of God and that has not been heard in years.  What we have now is Satan who is glad gospel music artists is doing it the world's way and not God's way.     The way the world enjoys music does not give any glory and honor to God, it only pacifies them not to change and totally surrender their lives to God. If living holy is not enforced in the black church, then gospel artists will not feel it is necessary to be holy or to even present themselves as righteous believers. 

photo courtesy: http://northbysouth.kenyon.edu

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Le'Andria Johnson and Bishop Lester Love: Video Proves Gospel Music Including Romance In Gospel Music Is Wrong

A good Christian man by the name of Bro. Ken has broadcasted his thoughts on today's Worship music in the church and this includes gospel music.   We have told you it was wrong for Le'Andria Johnson, BeBe and Cee Cee, Mary Mary or whomever is guilty of including such words similar to 'Baby Baby' is sacrilegious, this means it is disrespectful to God and does not belong in His music.   We thank Bro. Ken for shedding a little light on the exact reason why we should not allegedly support gospel artists or even condone their gospel songs that does not glorify God.   We discovered this video while one of our journalists was doing research on how many gospel artists have allegedly sold their souls to the Devil for fame and fortune.   Specifically, Le'Andria Johnson has just allegedly came out with a song produced by Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, which sounds like a love song written for a man, other than Jesus Christ.   Tell us, how can any of these gospel artists today claim to be a witness for Christ and sing, 'Baby Baby' as though they are in the world.   The Bible told us we are not of this world, it says this: "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him (I John 2: 15)".  Read this article at AToast2Wealth.com, which will reveal to you how far, LeAndria Johnson has allegedly gone into turning gospel music into mainstream.

Let us be very clear with you, God is not playing with any of us.   No matter what we do in our lifetime, He gave us a forewarning, we must completely separate from this world.  A lot of the songs now produced and composed in gospel music are allegedly blasphemy, because they have been allegedly assigned by Satan and his demons.  This is why hip hop gospel has dominated gospel music and now, Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles wants to remove the name gospel from the industry.   Yes, why call it gospel, but it is a shame he is going this far.  Let us tell you about another hypocrite who has sang love songs, even while he preaches, Bishop Lester Love who has not only offended true Christians, but most of all, God Almighty.   That's right Bishop Lester Love has took love songs from the world and sings them before preaching his sermons.   Look forward to an upcoming article, revealing to you about this false prophet, Bishop Lester Love who thinks he can just freely sing love songs of the world before and even during his sermons in the House of God.  Our journalist of AToast2Wealth.com are going to give you some frightening details about this man who has disrespected the Kingdom of God, but for now, just watch this video of why we should no longer support these hypocritical gospel artists who have given God's music over into Satan's dominion.

Satanic Music in Christian Worship Services? FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY 

photo courtesy: www.poptower.com
Source: http://www.youtube.com

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This is The Only Dancing God Understands, Gospel Artists Mary Mary

On a previous televised interview with Mary Mary and Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary: Erica Atkins-Campbell and Tina Atkins-Campbell made the excuse of gospel artists and those in the church who idolize should have a right to perform, sing and dance like the world, when they allegedly said, " David danced".   Really?   David was not doing the sort of dancing Mary Mary was referring to.   The sort of dancing David did was giving full glory to God not doing any sort of secular dancing like the world.   Let us assure you that all of this dancing that has been made okay by the black church is pure blasphemy and sacrilegious.  Who do Mary Mary think they are to lie on King David as though he danced in a secular fashion.   Let us remind Mary Mary and the ministers of the black church who have not rebuked them, the only dancing God understands is dancing under the anointing and power of God.

The ministers of the gospel who have not publicly rebuked Mary Mary for not living up to the standard of pure holiness will have to stand before God.  You may say why public?   Simply because it is time for the church to get serious with God and stop listening to music like Mary Mary.   Mary Mary was on television lying on King David as though his dancing was secular, allegedly.   Get some sense, when King David danced it was to give full glory and honor to God, it was not similar to the way the children of Satan dance for him.   It is time for ministers of God's Word to start preaching against hip hop gospel artists who have violated God's music, speaking lies that have not been confirmed by God.   So Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Canton Jones, Vickie Winans, Shirley Caesar or whomever have been claiming this lie, this is the only dancing God understands.   For if your dancing is not under the full anointing of our most high God, it is not acceptable and should never be accepted within the body of Christ.

The black church has gotten so far away from praising ans worshiping God in a serious fashion, they have allowed hypocritical gospel artists like Mary Mary to dominate the way God expects us to praise Him and we cannot and will not stand for it, anymore. God's praise was never intended for entertainment purposes compared for being in a night club.

Mary Mary has not only defiled God's music, but they have also defiled God's praise and His praise in the church and even in gospel music has never been compared to how Satan receives his praises.

Watch Video Apostle Johnnie Washington, Praise Break

Watch Video, Bishop Bloomer-Coming Out of the Fire, Praise Break

How Gay The Sound By Pastor Kevin Shell

How Sweet The Sound Judges

Also, first published at our parent site AT2W in cooperation with its author.

We want to thank Pastor Kevin Shell for his wisdom and consistent word from God. We are going to let Pastor Kevin Shell tell you all about what happened here and we will try and contain ourselves in the midst!

Eurweb reported the group among the other winners:
Regional choirs from across the country were on hand to win up to $50,000. Grammy award winning artists CeCe Winans and Donald Lawrence served as mistress and master of ceremonies while award winners Marvin Sapp, Shirley Caesar and Israel Houghton served as judges for the competition.
Verizon traveled to nine cities to hold competitions for church choirs and the winning choirs from nine cities were then flown to Los Angeles to compete in the national finals.
The regional finalists were; Dallas: St. John Church Ministry (Grand Prarie, Texas) Atlanta: All Nations Life and Praise Church Choir (Stockbridge, Ga.) Charlotte, N. C.: Salvation and Deliverance Church Choir (Tarboro, N.C.) Washington, D. C.: James E. Jordan, Jr. Adult Choir of Refreshing Spring COGIC (Riverdale, Md.) Detroit: The Anointed Voices of Higher Ground Young Adult Choir (Columbus,Ohio) St. Louis: Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Saint Louis (St. Louis, Mo.) Chicago: All Nations Choir of the Lighthouse Church of All Nations (Alsip, Ill.) Los Angeles: Family Life Sanctuary Choir (Whittier,Calif.) Oakland, Calif.: Christian Life Center Mass Choir (Stockton,Calif.)

  • “We’re looking for tone, pitch, the ability to blend and soulful voices,” said Sapp. “Great choirs have the ability to articulate songs with conviction.”
  • Note the judges Sapp, Caesar and Houghton who are spiritual deaf, dumb and blind. And let’s not forget they are being paid to be spiritually deaf, dumb and blind. The Metropolitan Community Church is one of the most vilest caricatures of Christianity that exists today. Its members and leaders promote and participate in doctrines and practices that resemble what you would find at the bottom of an outhouse.
Unfortunately the gospel music industry and its talking heads (or singing heads) are just as vile and disgusting for reinstating Satan in a position that was violently stripped from him by God (see Ezekiel 28:11-19).
PER THE VERIZON WEBSITE WHICH I'VE COPIED AND PASTED. Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc., HAVE RULES THAT STATE....b.The Choir must have a meaningful and consistent relationship with a church, temple, mosque or other similar religious organization (the “Religious Organization”).  The Religious Organization must have a valid tax identification number, must be a tax-exempt organization as described under sections 501(c)(3) and 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended from time to time, and must have received an exemption letter from the Internal Revenue Service confirming its tax exempt status.  The Choir must provide the Religious Organization’s valid tax identification number as part of the registration process, and the Choir, at Verizon’s request, shall submit additional documentation satisfactory to Verizon in its sole discretion confirming the tax-exempt status of the Religious Organization; SO BASICALLY AS LONG AS THE SINGING GROUP HAS A 501(C)(3)....THEY'RE IN! THE RULES STATE ANY CHURCH, TEMPLE OR MOSQUE!!! SO MAYBE NEXT YEAR THE CHURCH OF SATAN WILL WIN! OH I FORGOT ANOTHER HOMOSEXUAL CHOIR WON LAST YEAR TOO.
1. Singers should sing unto the Lord, and should praise Him in the beauty of holiness (2 Chronicles 20:21). They should be separated from the world unto God. Both singers and musicians should have an inward disposition of reverence and purity, and resists all that offends the holy nature of God (1 Chronicles 16:29).
2. Gospel songs should be unto the Lord, and not for entertainment purposes to entertain the flesh and people (1 Chronicles 25:7). Songs that are sung should glorify God.
3.  True minstrels/musicians help set spiritual atmosphere for the supernatural which does not include thrill seeking song that appeal to the flesh (2 Kings 3:15).
4. Singing and the use of musical instruments being sung and played unto the Lord should be used for spiritual warfare (2 Chronicles 20:20-24; 1 Samuel 16:23).
5. The church should only accept  songs and music which are —like scripture— inspired by the  Holy Spirit ( Ephesians 5:19 ; 1 Chronicles 25:1-6).
6.  A difference between holy and unholy should always be the standard in music. Gospel music artist who claim to love God, should not partner with those who promote ungodliness, sexual immorality and use gratuitous profanity. (1 John 2:15-16 ; 2 Chronicles 19:2).
7.  The cult of celebrity should be destroyed as quickly as possible at its roots. True singers and musicians of God reflect Jesus and serve people, instead of  demanding service and accolades. (Mark 10:45).
8. Use singing and music to lead people into true sacrifice unto the Lord( Hebrews 13:15).
By Pastor Kevin Shell

By the way, here's Marvin Sapp's response to a question posed if he knew the choir that won was a gay:
Let me say that I usually don't respond to these types of post however we (the judges) had no clue about this church or any other church in the national competition and as judges that info isnt released to any of us by the sponsor Verizon. The judging process is based on accumulative scoring so it's not based on any one person alone. Our responsibilities is to score based on talent and presentation and thats all we do and that night they were the best choir. The goal of the competition is to advance Gospel and the Gospel music and not agenda.... God Bless  [Source]

Mary Mary Sings Secular/Gospel Song at 'Black Girls Rock'

While so called gospel singers Mary Mary sing the 1980's song "Optimistic" from Sounds of Blackness, it clarifies why many of the gospel artists really just want to be 'inspirational' rather than gospel.

At the beginning of the song, they sing a snippet of 70's group Earth Wind and Fire's "Keep Your Head to the Sky" as if to make it spiritual. They 'bit', if we may, off EWF's song in order to usher in a 'feeling' of church but they couldn't pull this off using a secular song. It was all 'inspiration' from the world. You see, if you are inspirational, you can blend and collaborate with the pop, rock, hip hop and any secular genre you want. The issue is: dropping the gospel label as your genre would be more fitting.

BTW, the Black Girls Rock show is not meant for pastors and gospel artists.

And Shirley Caesar wearing a long split up her dress and kicking her leg out so all can see shows less gospel and more flesh (in the flesh that is).

Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Gospel Artists Should Repent for Supporting Obama, Stated in Video

Black Gospel Artists who support President Obama

We found this video to be interesting. It speaks on black gospel artists and preachers should have to apologize for supporting President Obama. The owner of the video states President Obama is wicked and black people were racist for voting for him. The person is responding to someone who said the video owner should apologize for exposing President Obama's "Yes We Can" speech being Satanic because when its played in reverse, it says "Thank you Satan.

Watch Video HERE

Former Gospel Singer B Slade (Tonex') Sings At Disco Singer Syvlester Tribute [VIDEO]

B Slade, Tonex tribute to Sylvester

We found this video of former gospel artist Tonex' celebrating a tribute to the late disco singer, gay man and drag queen Sylvester. He was joined with singer Martha Wash, Sylvester's good friend and pastor of City of Refuge Church in San Francisco, Yvette Flunder.

We are still praying for all of them that they come to know that the homosexual lifestyle is not ordained by God. We know that Tonex' and Yvette Flunder have strong convictions about God accepting their gay lifestyle but both of them know all too well with their church background, that it goes against God's commandment.

1 Corinthians 6:9 says: Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, passive homosexual partners, practicing homosexuals.

Is The Bobby Jones Show Allegedly A Part of The Secret Society? [VIDEO]

Donald Lawrence at Bobby Jones Gospel

As you take a look at the background it is clearly shaped like an eye, but why? Why is Bobby Jones performing and having others sing behind a satanic symbol as such? Does he know, what is as big as day, is a Freemason salute to 'their' God, Horus?

BET network is a worldwide provider of entertainment and a venue for many performers and they are most likely behind the stage props. We are just concerned that since Bobby Jones has been around for 31 years and provided a venue for many up and coming gospel artists, what is behind the recent change of the stage's background?

Read article in its entirety HERE

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is Amy Grant a Satan Worshiper or Is She Just Showing a Hand Sign, "I Love You"

Jeff Godwin allegedly reveals to us on this following video that Amy Grant could be among other christian rock music artists who are saluting Satan during their performances.   If you have listened to Amy Grant's music, possibly you think she is just blending in with the times among other contemporary christian music artists.  However, it does not look right even if she claims it is innocent.   Although, we are not saying Amy Grant is a Satan worshiper, we are clearly saying what she is doing on this following video, is not something that should be shown while representing God's music.   This hand sign she does is similar to Anton Lavey, former deceased founder and leader of the Church of Satan.

Where are all the true ministers of Jesus Christ who are suppose to have a meeting with Amy Grant about her similar hand signs to Anton Lavey?  They need to know what she has been doing in her performances.  Has it been corna hand signs or just saying "I Love You?"   If it is "I Love You", possibly they could encourage her to just simply lift her hands to Jesus Christ, so Christians will not be confused any longer.  Too many of our christian youth are already confused at such a young age, this should be not be accepted as christian music, because if they start following what they see Amy Grant doing on stage at her christian music concerts, then unknowingly they will also be doing the same as Anton Lavey, holding up the Corna hand sign as a salute to Satan.

In the 21st century, we desire for ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ to preach against what does not look right among christian rock (and hip hop gospel)  music artists.   We desire for today's ministers who are making a lot of money by allowing these christian rock concerts to be performed in their sanctuaries to go back to God's way of preaching against such wickedness.   God expects for today's ministers who have prospered for over the last 20 years from their contemporary style of having church to return to His way of true worship and not hypocrisy.   

Before you watch these videos, you will see this should not be excused or ignored among the body of Christ.   We do not know if this video is revealing that Amy Grant is a Satan worshiper and passing along her gratitude to Satan through her performances, but we agree it does not look holy and righteous.   Just like we have forewarned you about the hypocrisy among hip hop gospel artists who have allegedly sold their souls to Satan by collaborating with secular artists and revealing demonic performances, it is the same with christian rock artists.   As a true born again Christian, you must be very careful who you listen to and who you allow your children to listen to and possibly many christian rock music you should not support.  

Watch Video

Is Christian Rock Blasphemy Like Hip Hop Gospel Music?

Yes indeed, christian rock is blasphemy and this is why many young people and adults of all ages need to take heed to this article.  Christian rock has made many young people rebellious in the church just like hip hop gospel.music.  Jeff Godwin allegedly reveals why christian rock or any other type of contemporary christian music is blasphemy.   When watching this video you have got to wonder why this subject is not on the minds of many to today's preachers who preach sermons to win souls to Christ.   For if these preachers are ministering to souls to truly win them to Jesus Christ, then it would make sense for them to tell them the truth about christian rock or any other sort of contemporary gospel music.  In the Kingdom of God, money is not important except to take care of His House and money should not be collected by promoting christian rock music.    The reason why many ministers have failed to preach the full gospel opposing christian rock music, is simply because the money they collect through tickets from church concerts and tithes and offerings is taking care of their luxury lifestyle, which also supports their recognition as celebrities.  Have you noticed the popularity of today's mega ministers is the similitude of celebrities?

Repent Gospel Artists tells you the truth, we hide no facts from those who desire to fully serve the Lord Jesus Christ.   If we hold back like the average ministers of this era, we have not only failed you, but most of all, God and His Son, Jesus Christ.   We have to tell you the truth, so you will be very careful what church you attend. If they fail to inform you regarding these facts, regarding christian rock music, they will have to reap it later.  You should make a wise choice to only listen to music that is only spiritually inspired by God, certainly not Satan and His demons.

If we cannot tell the difference between looking and listening to christian rock, then there is no difference says Jeff Godwin on this following video.  Christian rock music started back in the late 70's and early 80's and Keith Green was the the first contemporary music artist to admit there was no difference, it was just neutral music.  Brothers and sisters, we are suppose to show the true light of Jesus Christ, so we will not look or even act like the world.   We are not suppose to look or act like children of the Devil, simply because we are born of God, not Satan.  As a Christian rock (or even hip hop gospel) music artist you will have to pay for what you have placed into millions of souls and that is, hypocrisy.   If your music is not totally representing Jesus Christ, then it does not belong to Him.  If you perform or appear similar to worldly artists, you are a child of Satan, not God.

If you truly are a born again Christian and have children, let us help transform the youth by not allowing them to listen to anymore christian rock music and when you hear Jeff Godwin speak on this following video, you will know the reason why it would be a wise idea.

Watch Video

photo courtesy: www.thinkchristian.net

Friday, November 4, 2011

Satanic Illuminati: Vickie Winans Shown On Video Allegedly Revealing Hidden 6

We are not saying Vickie Winans is a part of the secret society of the Satanic Illuminati; however, this video was sent to us by an anonymous reader who humbly wanted to know the truth.   Why don't you take a look a decide for yourself, because this was very bothering to us.   When the journalists of SCR learned about this video, they were very alarmed after an anonymous reader sent them the video link on You Tube website.   You must be aware of this demonic matter that is controlling gospel artists to no longer be completely sanctified while producing their music, but instead they are led astray to follow the worldly secular music artists who are involved with this sort of disgrace.    Like we said before, we do not know if Vickie Winans is a Satanists; however, this does not look right.   This is why we are expecting for God to turn the entire gospel music industry upside down.   We expect a great change to where we will be able to enjoy Gospel music the way God wants it and not on the world's terms.  

You see this is why we stay on this issue, regarding today's church folks who claim to know God, but have secretly sold their soul for fame and fortune.  They do not want to be called holy roller, but desire to be in the big leagues like their friends who are gospel artists or ministers.   They want the celebrity status and not the Godly status.  Years ago in 2000, we saw Vickie Winans claiming she would never do what other gospel artists are doing by blending in hip hop into their music, because she thought of herself as "too old", but we knew as soon as she allegedly said gospel music is like taking vitamins you listen to whatever moves you", we knew sooner or later she would sell out and start joining them in the hip hop gospel music circle.  We thought we could depend on Vickie Winans to keep it pure and holy.   We also very disappointed when this anonymous reader informed us that Vickie was shouting in words in her email response as though the reader was responsible for this video.  This person told Vickie Winans he or she was a fan, but they were very disappointed with what they saw, so they thought they would ask her about it first.   She did not even thank our anonymous reader for being a long time fan, instead she snapped in her response like a sinner would do.   We tell you it does not make God happy when we as His  children regard the feelings of others who do not show gratitude for someone's consideration to contact them first before making a decision to sign them off.   

We have to tell you the truth, regarding whom we think could be an alleged member of the secret society and truthfully, we think there are many gospel artists who have let go of traditional gospel music (gospel music that is holy) to make more money and gain the celebrity status.   We think this is why big time ministers of mega churches will not preach against the these hip hop gospel artists, because they are getting some of their fortune by giving church concerts.   We also deeply feel these gospel artists are like many mega ministers, they would rather have more money than to remain holy and different.   Dear Readers of SCR, if Vickie Winans is a discreet member of the secret society of the Satanic Illuminati, it is wrong and her music cannot save you.    All gospel artists who may have sold their souls to the Devil cannot save and deliver through their songs, because they have not repented for seeking fame and fortune, instead of seeking God.   They claim, 'oh you can get the message, the style of the music don't matter'...Yeah?   Well let us ask you this what should happen when they meet Jesus face to face, because our dear sister, Angelica Zambrano who went to hell and saw Michael Jackson informed us that Jesus told us he was there for selling his soul to the Devil.   Therefore, if Michael Jackson is in hell for selling his soul to Satan, then why in the world do these gospel artists want to be like these secular artists.  It is time for God's music to save the world, but to be different and holy, because if not, the world cannot see Jesus Christ.

Anyway we also were very disappointed to see Vickie Winans arguing with this person on You Tube who in an ungodly fashion, it seemed like this online confrontation just would not stop and it ended with Vickie's bold caps just like she sent to our anonymous reader in response.   When you get a chance you can head back over to AT2W to see these snapshots of her comments, but until then watch this video.  God bless.

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