Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yolanda Adams: The Gospel Music Industry Will Be Judged For Seeking Fame and Fortune Instead of Just Winning Souls

Do you recall back in the days of good gospel music when we had gospel legends performing while many souls were saved?   The gospel music industry was more sincere.  Although, gospel artists expected to be paid for their performances, they were still more anointed and geared toward reaching souls for God.   It is just like a ministry that has a mission to set souls free in the church, God expects the gospel music industry to not operate like a secular corporation, but operate it, according to sanctification and holiness.  He expects for the people over the gospel music industry to get saved all the way or resign, because the gospel music industry should not be about business, but only about ministry, you are aiming to attract souls to God's Kingdom, that's it.  In this era, you have gospel artists like Yolanda Adams who appear with secular artists to make more money and get more fame, that is unfair to God, because He never said in His Word for us to collaborate with the world in order to build up his Kingdom and others who are guilty of doing such a thing like Adams will be held accountable, because God is not pleased.
In the gospel music industry, there should have never been any sort of plan or strategy of how artists would make a fortune and gain more fame, never.   Of course, God does not want his ministers to be impoverished, but fame and fortune should never be given to them in the similitude of people who work for Satan.   Only success and prosperity should come from God and when it does, ministers of the gospel should act holy, talk holy, look holy, preach holy, sing holy, just be completely holy, because it is not about the gospel artist singing, it is only about God, the One who created every last one of us.  You have a lot of gospel artists who are extremely carnal, simply because those who are in charge of the gospel music industry are carnal and only have their hearts set on fame and fortune.  The Bible clearly instructs us, 'do not set your mind on things on the earth, but only things above' (Colossians 3:2).   Then the Bible commands us, 'Be Ye holy, for I am holy' (I Peter 1:16).  In due time, God will reveal his wrath because he is not happy that gospel artists like Yolanda Adams performed with Kanye West, then she allegedly stated he gave her a coolness.  Coolness?  Is that how God wants us to be?  Is it coolness or holiness that he expects from us?  Deny it or not, the gospel music industry is no longer focusing on God and this is why their gift to sing with the true anointing has been taken away, because they only want fame and fortune, not to allow God to anoint them and bless them with whatever proceeds they receive just by being an authentic, original and a holy example.

Fans of gospel artists are just that, they are fans of gospel artists, not really fans of Jesus Christ.  Why?  Simply, because the average gospel artists are representing themselves as idols, not as children of the most High God.    They are expecting their fans to proceed to focus on them as though they are secular artists, so they can enjoy the millionaire lifestyle, rather than living a Godly lifestyle.  God is not pleased and His wrath will be revealed just like many former ministers who are no longer here who did not live how God wanted them to live, preach how God wanted them to preach and even live holy how they should have lived holy.   Gospel artists are in the ministry and if they fail to recognize the exact reason they are doing their songs, they will be reminded when God faces them at the end of their lives and ask them, for instance:  'How many souls have you saved?  Did you save more souls than make money and gain your fortune?'

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rev. James Cleveland and the Caravans: Why Do Homosexuals Dominate The "Black" Gospel Music Industry?

Historically, in the world of gospel music, there seems to be a demonic dominion that chooses those who are homosexuals to dominate the gospel music industry.   It is a spiritual problem that has been around, even during the 1950's when the Caravans were popular.  No, they were not openly gay, but people knew it, especially those who were close to the members of the group. Then, those who were close to the members of these past famous groups would discuss secrets among their family and friends and then so on; therefore, this is how it was known the late King of Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland (in forefront of photo) allegedly had same sex relationships and now in recent years, there has been acknowledgment through the daughter of Josephine Howard (the second to the left on photo), Miki Howard, a 1980's popular R&B singer stated on the television show, 'Unsung', that her mother was gay and possibly having an affair with another woman in the legendary gospel group, The Caravans.  This demon of homosexuality in the black gospel music industry goes way back and only among those who sang in the gospel groups or choirs knew who was having a relationship with who.   As you know, homosexuality is a strong demon, it comes from the pit of hell.  Before the civil rights movement, gospel artists were more sincere when it came to performing gospel songs; however, for some strange reason, there was always a weakness for many of them to have discreet sexual affairs with the same sex while dominating the gospel music industry.  That's the trick of Satan, gospel artists, up to the era of the early 1980's would bless us with good songs, they were anointed with distinct voices, but there was always rumors and strong suspicions of their double lifestyle after they would leave the stage and this was not good, and sure was not holy.  Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."

At a very young age, it has been allegedly acknowledged that the anointed group, The Caravans were closeted homosexuals, no one knows how the demonic spirit got to them, but the root of homosexual dominion in the gospel music industry needs to be known.  Why?  So that those of us who are holy and righteous can pray away the ancient demons that have led young people astray and these days into a world of secular promotion, hip-hop entertainment.  However, if the church continues to allow hip-hop, pop and rock music blended into gospel music, there will never be enough anointing to pray away the demons, because secular music does not blend with God's music and it is not strong enough to take authority over a now cursed music industry.  The gospel music industry was not always cursed, but when gospel artists got greedy and ceased being ultimately holy, in exchange to live like the rich and famous, you began hearing gospel entertainers like Tonex being bold, coming out of the closet as a gay man who likes to cross dress.   These demons are strong and have been revealed through today's artists.   However, if you are a true child of God, you should desire for the gospel music industry to no longer be dominated by demon possessed gospel promoters like Bobby Jones who appeared as though he had thoughts of taking over the industry right at the late Rev. James Cleveland's funeral.  On our next article, we will reveal the video to you and you will see for yourself he sat there like he was in deep thought, it was a disgrace.  Therefore, indeed Bobby Jones has dominated the gospel music industry since the late Rev. James Cleveland's death and has even went further to create a red carpet event for the gospel artists, another thing that is offensive to the Kingdom of God, because the Bible clearly instructs us to be set a part from the world, we are not suppose to be copycatting everything the world does, just so that we can gain the same attention and money they receive.  What is even worse, is Bobby Jones have provided a way for the gospel artists to associate with worldly people, the Bible tells us not to do such a thing. Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. -I John 2:15

Since African Americans were free from slavery and Satan saw how the spirituals gave them power to be free through God, he was mad and had a plan to get their descendants, after the entire race had overcame slavery.  For a long time, Satan's plan was for men to be attracted to men and to effeminately direct the choirs, play the piano and sing and as for the women, some were butch and enjoyed their different girlfriends while also being in control in the gospel music industry.  Now, Satan spoke and Bobby Jones listened, 'to get fame and fortune, even if it means changing the music and even the performances to sound less sanctified.'  You get it, he told them if they wanted quick money, they had to borrow his music and his way in order to do it, God's way was not fast enough.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Is It Okay To Look Like Strippers, Prostitutes and Thugs While Performing Gospel Songs?

You might as well say pastors, bishops and evangelists like Paula White have made it okay when they have repeatedly preached against those who believe in being fully clothed in the House of God.   However, there are still very few full gospel preachers who try to preach that we should not dress like the world, but the only way for church members to be obedient to the appointed messenger is to simply stop supporting gospel artists that are revealing too much cleavage, flesh under the dress and male gospel artists who are letting their pants hang low as though they belong on a corner selling dope.   If church members are listening and supporting gospel artists who have not shown a difference, by dressing different from worldly artists, then full gospel sermons will go straight through their ears and they will not do what the minister has advised to properly represent the Kingdom of God; instead, they will dress like people they most admire and many times in the church, it is the gospel artists.  The Bible says, 'Be Ye Holy, For I am Holy' (I Peter 1:16).  Then the Word tells us, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world, he (or she) that loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him (I John 2:15).  In the above photo Leandria Johnson is revealing too much cleavage and so are many other gospel artists.   When she gave  her testimony and confession to the church of giving into sin, there was some lack of understanding with those call themselves praying for her that it was not just her fall to sin, it was her following the loose ways in the gospel industry.

These days, are gospel artists ministering to the people they dress like?  Are they really helping them by not showing a difference?   Be real, you can only help people when you testify about coming from the life of prostitution, being a stripper, a thug or a pimp, you cannot help them just by dressing like them.  You see, in order to help change people and lure them away from sin, you must have a testimony of how you were delivered from sin, not standing up singing showing a lot of flesh just to make more money and say you gave them a message through your song, that's not the way to win souls.  You win souls by looking, dressing, talking and acting different.  You saw the scriptures above that instructed us to be different from the world and they are not just words, they are commandments that we in the body of Christ must follow.  Furthermore, there are people who have husbands and wives and they desire to remain married to them, they do not want to continue attending church if there spouses are in love with the gospel artists and not in love with them and really not in love with God.  Marriages are breaking up over this foolishness and we must inform you that there needs to be a change.   You see, so-call ministers like Paula White are not going to go entirely by the Word of God, because she and others want money; therefore, the less strict it is in the church, the more people will give more tithes and offerings, God is tired of this mess and it is time to put a stop to it.

Bottom line, if you say you love God and you are His child, dress like it, don't just say you have Him inside, because what has been happening is, lust has dominated in the church and nothing has changed until people have had enough foolishness.  These days, homosexuality has been affirmed as though it is okay to be gay or lesbian and you have the homosexual demons breaking up your marriage, right in the church.  Enough is enough and if you are a gospel artists, you need to be different than those who are promoting carnality and sexuality and not true spirituality and that is ultimate holiness.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gospel Artists Drug and Alcohol Usage Ruined Gospel Music and Placed It Under Demonic Influence

Back in the 1970's Andre Crouch and his Disciples were very popular and Pastor Crouch could pull a crowd all by himself.  This is when fans of gospel music were inspired by the talented voice of gospel music artists and not necessarily infatuated with a secular style.   Then, Pastor Crouch's twin sister, Sandra Crouch who is the co-pastor of their deceased father's church, New Christ Memorial Church became very popular back in the 1980's.  Previously, before her success of winning a Grammy, she sang with her brother's gospel group.   We are not trying to keep the Crouch's guilty of their past sins, but the fact remains, you need to know what was the evil root that destroyed the anointing in gospel music and cursed younger generations who are now ruling the industry with the help of Bobby Jones; one who sat at the funeral of the late Rev. James Cleveland as though he had ideas to change the entire industry, which could be seen on You Tube, it was sick.    

Although, the Crouch's were not the only ones using drugs and hooked on alcohol, we chose to first mention them, since Andrae made headlines back in the 1980's for drug possession found in the trunk of his car.   However, after his arrest, he denied that the drugs belong to him and blamed it on a friend.   Then, Sandra was in concert in the San Francisco Bay Area and was caught high on crack cocaine, allegedly.  This history of the Crouch twins is very sad, because the more Satan had gospel artists like the two of these hooked on drugs, the more we observed a lack respect for God when songs were created and record deals were made while it became enforced to make the name "Jesus" obsolete, in order to make a lot of money, starting back in the mid 1980's.  This is when we began to see the Winans family come on the scene and although we knew their music was gospel, it was something very different, it began to gain the recognition of those who desired to feel no anointing while listening to gospel music; for instance, the less churchy the songs were, the more gospel artists became famous among celebrities.  This was all in the plan from Satan's territory.   There was no true repentance, just an effort to gain more fame and fortune and ease the conscientious of sinners who really did not want to fully surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.   We began to see authentic gospel music dying with the gospel music industry, especially after the late Rev. James Cleveland died of AIDS and his business was revealed in the press that he had infected his foster son with the HIV virus.   Gospel artists became less serious to distinct their sound from the world, even the way they dressed during their performances: female artists wore their dresses up while revealing their cleavage and male artists began to wear their pants down like thugs and drug dealers. The lack of money was really not the issue of why the change occurred within the gospel music industry into a secular one, it was greed and lack of self-respect for God and even themselves.   Before gospel music became a worldly genre, gospel artists like Billy Preston played both sides, singing real gospel music, but also dabbled in performing secular songs.   Preston was an alleged childhood friend of Pastor Andrae Crouch.  
One more thing we do not want to fail to mention is this, Andrae and his sister, Sandra grew up in the San Fernando Valley and they associated themselves with unholy people although they were never worldly in their performances.   They were made friends with the Debarge siblings, Michael Jackson and others.  You cannot continue to be holy if you do not acquaint yourself around holy people.   Although, the Crouch siblings claim they led Michael Jackson to Jesus Christ during his last moments in life, there still was an emptiness among the gospel music industry, the sort of music that made you feel the presence of God was gone and it was all because of past associations of demonic influence from them both as well as other various artists who did not preserve the sacredness of gospel music.

For some strange reason, drugs and alcohol was a bad habit among those who sang in a holy fashion, but in their private lives they were being spiritually destroyed by an evil force, which had a plan to control the gospel music industry of the 21st century.

When Rev. James Cleveland, The King of Gospel Died Of AIDS, The Gospel Music Industry Became Controlled By Satan

As many of you know, the late King of Gospel died of AIDS.  When they say certain public figures died of heart failure, pneumonia or any other affiliated disease, it is most likely in connection with the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and this is why you will hear reports that revealed any other name other than AIDS, a prolonged disease connected to the homosexual community, which historically first took the lives of gay white men.  Although, the journalists of this blog will forever love and respect the late Rev. James Cleveland, the truth must be told.  The discreet lifestyle of the late Rev. James Cleveland, possibly the Caravans, any other gospel artists who are still alive placed the gospel music industry into the hands of Satan.  The gospel music industry is no longer ruled by God.  If you grew up on gospel music before the destruction occurred in the mid and late 80's, you will recall preaching styles in the recorded songs of gospel music by some great gospel music artists, not only James Cleveland, but also Shirley Caesar, the late Charles Fold, Donald Vails, Timothy Wright, Bishop J. C. White,  Rev. James Moore, C. L. Franklin, Frank Williams and many others.   Gospel fans really got the message, a clear message of repentance, faith, hope and you could easily cry when these gospel artists spoke into your soul, it was serious gospel music, no comparison to secular music.   Gospel music used to seriously be about soul saving, no hypocrisy of singing songs to make money to please the world and not call them into repentance while claiming to present a message, which is absent in most inspirational songs, today.
AIDS destroyed a lot of lives in the black community and it came into the households of many Pentecostal and Baptist preachers, not just the late Rev. James Cleveland.  Many preachers and great bishops in all sorts of denominations: COGIC, Apostolic, AME and others were affected by AIDS.   While AIDS was destroying preachers in the pulpits, it had reached all through the choirs and took the lives of closeted gay men, even family men who were fathers and grandfathers in the pews.   The message was lost and it was like a forever bereavement for various lives that were lost to the epidemic.  As AIDS swept and killed many closeted gay men in the black community, many wives and children became infected, along with drug users.   People in the black community became ignorant and were very hypocritical, regarding the disease, they would often mistreat those who they knew were infected, but did not even know they were also infected and reap the same prejudice as it still occurs, today.   So, the case of the late Rev. James Cleveland was only known, because he was the King of Gospel, the most powerful gospel legend of all times.  However, there was a consequence of his death, the gospel music industry became less anointed and rush to sign record deals to gain more attention from the world by merging gospel with worldly music, what they call "bridging the gap".   Therefore, gospel artists had no more concern to win lost souls, but to
gain fame and fortune similar to pop, rock stars and hip hop artists.   Pastors and bishops began using these gospel artists as though they were thugs and prostitutes, preaching it was okay to appear worldly, God was not concerned about the way you dress, but it is only the message through their worldly performances.   These ministers behind the pulpit who began endorsing these worldly gospel artists really started pimp ministries while mainly preaching about prosperity, this brought in millions of dollars for them.   These wealthy pastors and bishops had no more concern for church mothers and missionaries to teach women how to dress and communicate, there only concern was how much wealth was coming into their corporate ministries; therefore, church mothers and missionaries became obsolete in denominations like the Church of God in Christ.  Pastors are still telling church mothers and missionaries to now allow the youth to take dominate and for them to retire, 'plain cold and cruel'.  The youth became more rebellious and adults began yielding to the rebellious ways of the younger generation to be more like them, whether they were fans or gospel artists, themselves.  The more people died of AIDS, the less sanctified the church became and that is what destroyed the gospel music industry and it was turned over into the control of Satanic dominion. 
The source that leaked out the late Rev. James Cleveland's past alleged act of molestation with his foster son, after his death caused the black church to make excuses of why it was time to go farther than just contemporary gospel style of the Winans, making music for easy listeners, they desired to make music for those who no longer wanted the anointing, but wild performances with no integrity or respect for God and even themselves.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome to Repent Gospel Artists Blog

We journalists of Repent Gospel Blog welcomes every last one of our readers.   The reason behind our blog is to inform you how important it is for gospel artists to repent, before God's wrath destroys the entire gospel music industry.  The reason being is simply because gospel artists, such as Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribett, Tonex, Dwayne Woods, Yolanda Adams, the Clark Sisters, KiKi Sheard, Amy Grant, Kim Burrell, Leandria Johnson and some we may not have mentioned here have become reprobated and rebellious toward God.     What are these songs for, if these artists are not glorifying Him during their performances, but desire to satisfy the world?   If you act like hip hop artists and mingle with the homosexuals, how can they ever see the light of Jesus Christ, if He even exists inside the souls of these popular artists?

Some gospel artist have performed for gay ministries, even Karen Clark Sheard (one of the Clark Sisters and a COGIC first lady) who was delivered from a fatal illness has allegedly announced she has gay friends and has performed in gay clubs.  According to RodOnline, Kierra Sheard also known as KiKi, Karen's daughter is no stranger to gays and lesbians and can be frequently heard inside gay clubs.   Although, Karen had been very sick following unexpected complications from hernia surgery and developed a blood clot in her lungs, then another in her leg and was in a coma for three and a half weeks according to, she and her daughter will not uphold the standard of pure holiness.  She is married to J. Drew Sheard, a COGIC pastor who is the son of a bishop and Karen is the daughter of the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, a holy woman who led and directed mass choirs that were never performed in a secular fashion.   God is not pleased with the entire family of the Clark Sisters.

So, this is just a snippet of why we are bring you Repent Gospel Artist Blog, because God has chosen us to be His messengers and reveal to you why you should no longer support them, if they are really children of Satan and are supporting the gay and lesbian community.

In the meantime, check out and you will be truly blessed.
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