Thursday, December 15, 2011

Singer Kelly Price vs New Light Church Infringement Case Dismissed, Report Say

Kelly Price Loses Case in Copyright Infringement

In 2010, we posted a report on The New Light Christian Center Church pastored by Bishop I.V. Hilliard and his wife Bridgett Hilliard  of Houston, TX allegedly used a song without permission by singer Kelly Price.

R&B/Gospel Singer Kelly Price filed a lawsuit against mega church leader Bishop I.V. Hilliard, Bridgett Hilliard and daughter Preshea Hilliard along with the New Light Christian Center Church.
Kelly Price says they were making money from her song "Women Who Win", without proper licensing and permission.

The court documents that she filed in July 2010 state that The Hilliards requested a 'synchronization license' to use the work but was rejected. Allegedly, New Light decided they were going to use the song.

Price accused them of not just singing the song at church one Sunday morning. They were accused incorporating it and monetizing from the idea and concept of the song as well.

Read full report at AT2W 


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