Monday, December 19, 2011

Please Keep Blessing Us With Your Music, Wess Morgan

We heard this beautiful song by Wess Morgan and we were blown away.  It's called Pray, Praise, Fight an encouraging song to endure our daily trials.   This song was not the only thing that touched us, it was Wess Morgan's awesome voice, very powerful and full of the anointing.   We say, please keep on blessing us with your music, Wess Morgan.

We cannot find many African American gospel music artists or even white Christian music artists who can sing the way Wess Morgan sings and blesses us with such awesome music.   His gift is very unique in an age that barely gives us such anointing through singing songs of Zion.  We pray we hear more of this sort of anointing among those who claim to be singers for Jesus Christ and not Satan.  Will those who truly represent Jesus Christ, please stand up?  We want to hear more anointing in gospel and christian music, not idolatry and carnality.  We sincerely hope Wess Morgan does not change and allow God to keep using him to bless us.

In this song, we hear Wess Morgan expressing how we can resist the Devil, which we having been longing for in more gospel and christian music for so long.   

Listen to Wess Morgan's Song, Pray Praise, Fight

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