Friday, December 9, 2011

Le'Andria Johnson's Label Mate Amber Bullock Releases New Album

Amber Bullock New Album
We have here yet another artist who has signed to Matthew Knowles' Music World label. We are are really afraid to see how this artist may turn out knowing how Le'Andria Johnson seemed to allow the label to manipulate her into singing love songs and not gospel songs. Though Amber Bullock has a jazzy sound to her work, that alone opens up doors for secular vibes to come right on in. Don't get us wrong, people can sing what they want but leave the world's music out of the church- that's the issue.
Here's the report on her new album:
Amber Bullock stole the hearts of this season’s record breaking “Sunday Best” audience and she’s about to steal the hearts of gospel music lovers everywhere with her debut Music World release, Thank You.
Like her label mate and fellow “Sunday Best” champion Le’Andria Johnson, Bullock originally just took a chance when she tried out for the show that would change her life.
Never expecting to win, Bullock blew away the competition with her jazzy-style vocals that left her highly esteemed gospel-jazz vocal coach Kim Burrell calling her a natural.
Wow! By getting praise from Kim Burrell, known for her sexy gospel/jazz style, this was a problem to start with.
Describing her experience on the show, Bullock told BREATHEcast, “It was absolutely amazing. One of the best [experiences] in my entire life.”
Signing onto Matthew Knowles’ Music World, the young singer says she is living out her dreams of being a professional musician.
Amber Bullock says she’s proud of  her new album and its something she’s sure her fans will love.


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