Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is There Such a Thing As Culture In Gospel and Church Music?

On the Janet Mefferd Radio Show, the subject came up about culture in gospel and church music when two callers identified themselves as African Americans.  Let us be very clear with you, there is no such a thing as culture when it comes to gospel and church music, because it is God's music and it does not belong to the world. When music is created by God through appointed and gifted musicians and composers, it is directly from Him, but when music is created by man, that is man-made, it has a culture that is similar to Satan's music in the world.   

When did the subject of culture come up in gospel music?  Simply, when the rebellion of the black church and gospel music artists began to overshadow anointed music within the gospel music industry and the Pentecostal, Baptist and AME churches.  When those particular churches became corporate, they accepted the excuse of culture being the reason to allow church music to mutually collaborate with worldly secular music.  Can we tell the whole truth?  Back in the day, church music in black and white churches did not include rock or hip hop.   Neither race can ever say that is their roots.   Specifically in the black church, they cannot ever claim their culture is hip hop, because when their ancestors were enslaved in America, there was no such a thing, it was only spirituals that saved them from the dominion of their slave masters.  If you notice, hip hop gospel has not been strong enough to influence complete deliverance, it retains the spirit of idolatry.   Fans glorify gospel artists as superstars instead of glorifying God.  They are incapable of enjoying their gospel music idols as messengers of Christ, because most gospel artists do not represent themselves as ministers, only entertainers.  Therefore, culture is obsolete in God's Kingdom.

In God's Kingdom, there is not spirit of idolatry, witchcraft or carnality.   In God's Kingdom, there is a spirit of complete redemption to live holy and righteous, not any sort of identity to the world that glorifies and praises Satan.  For example, when Angelica Zambrano allegedly saw Michael Jackson in hell, Jesus did not say it was his culture to dance.   Jesus Christ told Angelica Zambrano that Michael Jackson sold his soul to the Devil and it was demons that was doing the dancing through him, in so many words.  Therefore, none of us can ever say it is okay to enjoy or sing all types of gospel music, because that's our culture.  If it has any similarities to Michael Jackson's music or any other secular music artist like Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-z, Willow Smith, Usher, Madonna, Brittney Spears...it has nothing to do with culture, it is not God's music and as a Christian you are not allowed to sing, listen to it or even create it.

So is there any sort of culture in gospel and church music?  Absolutely not, only music that is predestined by God and His angels is what we are created to enjoy.  Gospel music that only focuses on glorifying Jesus Christ, no man nor woman.  For example, spirituals was strong enough to deliver slaves many years ago in America, because it touched the heavens and God could understand the sincerity of the hearts of those whom yearned to know Him.  However, most church and gospel music of today is all about fame and fortune and it is not strong enough to deliver any soul out of bondage.   It must be strong enough to relate to God only, because He cannot understand music that is similar to Satan worshipers and those who idolize them.   He can only comprehend gospel and church music that completely praises and worships Him.  In the Holy Bible, God's Word lets us know He is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5).   Now, can you imagine how God must feel at all of those who claim culture is the reason why they must have hip hop gospel or christian rock even within church music?   Those two genres identify with the secular world, it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.  If you cannot live without culture of what you claim is hip hop gospel or christian rock in your gospel or church music, then you do not need it.  No culture should ever take away from God's glory, because if it does it should not be included in the gospel music industry or church music.  Furthermore, God has His own music, He does not need to identify with Satan's music to save the world.  Neither should you need any music similar to secular artists to profess salvation.  If you are truly a child of God, you should desire to be completely holy and righteous.   

We are living in such an evil age of those who claim they are saved, but cannot sit in a church service that does not have hip hop or rock music.  Shame on the gospel music artists or shame on the church who has collaborated with them to influence the youth as though Jesus Christ is not exciting without hip hop or rock music during His time of praise and worship in church or even at a concert.

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