Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Edwin Hawkins Advertises His Family's Cafe On Myspace

Now, this is the type of thing we know God is expecting among gospel artists.   He wants them to be business minded, not just always wanting to put on a show as though that's all they can do, if that much.  God wants gospel artists to stop seeking fame and fortune off of His music, although He knows you have got to live.   Therefore, if you desire to make a living as a gospel artists seek no more to fortune by selling your music, because you should be doing it for God only.   The Hawkins Family is showing their many talents and this one just may make them all a fortune, so they can go down in history as not just a family of gospel artists, but also entrepreneurs.   Let us pray that many more gospel artists follow in the footsteps of The Hawkins Family.  Surprisingly, they opened this cafe back in 2010, after the home-going of Bishop Walter L. Hawkins, founder and pastor of the Love Center Church.

This is just awesome.  You see Bishop Walter Hawkins, ex-wife Tramaine's mother had a catering service and restaurant for many years.   Lois The Pie Queen is the name of it and Tramaine is now carrying on her mother's business.   So now, we see her late ex-husband's family can also offer delicious food to eager customers who no doubt are going to enjoy eating at their cafe.

Furthermore, we have been waiting to hear about more gospel artists going into business for themselves, so they can not seem as though they are incapable of becoming entrepreneurs.  Delite Hawkins Family Cafe is located in the heart of Manteca, California, which is the central valley, the same area near Ripon where Edwin Hawkins yet resides and where the late Bishop Walter Hawkins lived on many acres of land.   This family is really blessed, we just expect for more gospel artists to follow in their footsteps of success and stop using God's music to make them wealthy, because as a gospel artists, you should be doing it just to win souls, that's it.  Furthermore, if you do make money as a gospel artists, at least be smart and invest it into a lucrative business to not only legitimately make you wealthy, but also give jobs to those in need.

You see, God does not give gospel artists a gift to sing and play an instrument, but He gave everyone a mind to be creative and become inventors and entrepreneurs.  The Hawkins Family Cafe could be the birth of many more business locations and they may take it from there.   Who knows.   All we know is The Hawkins Family Delite Cafe is something the Hawkins family possibly have been dreaming about for a long time.

In conclusion this is a recession and gospel artists should be very smart.  As it is an alleged fact, many gospel artists are not financially successful as they used to be, partly because of the recession and mainly because they are no longer singing gospel music, God's way.

Grammy Award winner hopes to cook up new hit with DeLite Cafe



Edwin Hawkins is cooking up what he hopes will be another smash hit.
But instead of a recording studio, the Ripon resident will soon be whipping up a cuisine with that gourmet
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Source and photo courtesy:http://www.myspace.com/edwinhawkins
Source and photo: http://www.mantecabulletin.com


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