Friday, November 18, 2011

What Is It Going to Take To Reverse Gospel Music Back To Holiness?

There is a demonic root in the history of gospel music, allegedly.  You may not want to accept the truth, but when you trace the historical lives of specific gospel artists who accepted Satan's invitation to indulge in lustful acts, which mostly involved homosexuality, you have got to admit there is definitely a demonic root.   For example, the King of Gospel, Rev. James Cleveland will always be known as the genius of gospel music, but-he also will always be known for allegedly allowing lust to control his personal life.   However, we just want to say, people can always repent and God will forgive them, no matter what life they lived here on earth.  We just wish the history of gospel music was not tainted with the demon of homosexuality.  The question is this, is there a way to reverse gospel music back to holiness?  This means people who are gospel music artists are converted to living a complete holy lifestyle and presenting themselves as holy messengers for Jesus Christ.

We think there is a way to do it, however, it takes the people of God to agree they no longer desire to be haunted with the demon of homosexuality while supporting gospel artists and their music.  If the black church refuses to fast and pray about this situation that has been an ancient problem, then God cannot solve it.   He will only do what we request or when we desire for something to change for the good of us who love the Lord, it will most definitely change.   However, their has been too many people who like it just the way it is.  Many adore gay men and their dainty ways, so God cannot change anything, the stigma will always be known when gospel music is mentioned.   If you are saved, you should not want to think about anything that is impure while listening to good gospel music.  Right? 

Here is an important question, do you think there was a time when holiness was among gospel music artists?   Were they ever holy?  Because if not, no wonder we have such a demonic force that has dominated the entire industry, not only with homosexuality, but hip hop gospel and christian rock.   God said in His Word to be holy in I Peter 1:16, 'Be Ye Holy for I am Holy.  Therefore, gospel music artists within the industry must be holy and willing to not see themselves as entertainers, but only presenting their music for the Lord, decently and in order.  I Corinthians 14:40 instructs this to God's children, "Let all things be done decently and in order."  So, if they are completely holy, then they will strive to turn to pure holiness not only in creating gospel music, but in their personal lives, which includes the company they keep.   There has to be enough people in the church to change gospel music, even without the gospel music artists themselves.   The foundation of gospel music has always been the church, so if the church has no form of holiness and righteousness, then gospel music artists will be misled by those who promote them.   They must be enforced to make a decision to choose whom they will serve, not just how sing, but how they live.   God expects holiness to be on the minds of those who listen to gospel music.   If the black church who supports these gospel artists are not focused on God each second they listened to their gospel songs, then there is no reason for it.   So, it is very simple and not difficult to find a way to make it holy and pleasing to God.   

There has to be a strong desire for God and less desire for fame and fortune.   You may say how will they live without having a career?   Money will come the right way on God's terms, but now they are making money the quick and easy way on the world's terms, God cannot accept or be happy with it.

To answer the question were gospel music artists ever holy?   We cannot answer that question, but what we do know is during the time of slavery, there were Spirituals, when our people were taught to be holy and honor God.  There was no desire for fame or fortune, the favorite prayer of our ancestors was "Lord, deliver us from the hands of our slave masters."   So, you see they were humble enough to cry out to the Lord, because they were being beaten and facing to be lynched on a daily basis.   Now that our race has been free, it seems as though God has been forgotten about among those who claim to know Him within the black church and as gospel music artists.   It seems since there is no need to cry out to God to save us from our ancestor's former enemy, the white supremacists, they freely expect to live and act like the world and be idolized as celebrities.   We feel God is very angry because of it.   Spirituals were possibly the only time when those who sang them were spiritual and did not possess a demonic spirit of carnality.   Gospel music possibly was never holy and possibly this is why it may never be able to be reversed to holiness through the artists, but it can be changed among only those who are truly seeking God.

Living holy will indeed change gospel music to the way God expects it to be, but it cannot not be controlled by secular producers any longer, because the anointing is only controlled by the Kingdom of God and that has not been heard in years.  What we have now is Satan who is glad gospel music artists is doing it the world's way and not God's way.     The way the world enjoys music does not give any glory and honor to God, it only pacifies them not to change and totally surrender their lives to God. If living holy is not enforced in the black church, then gospel artists will not feel it is necessary to be holy or to even present themselves as righteous believers. 

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