Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This is The Only Dancing God Understands, Gospel Artists Mary Mary

On a previous televised interview with Mary Mary and Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary: Erica Atkins-Campbell and Tina Atkins-Campbell made the excuse of gospel artists and those in the church who idolize should have a right to perform, sing and dance like the world, when they allegedly said, " David danced".   Really?   David was not doing the sort of dancing Mary Mary was referring to.   The sort of dancing David did was giving full glory to God not doing any sort of secular dancing like the world.   Let us assure you that all of this dancing that has been made okay by the black church is pure blasphemy and sacrilegious.  Who do Mary Mary think they are to lie on King David as though he danced in a secular fashion.   Let us remind Mary Mary and the ministers of the black church who have not rebuked them, the only dancing God understands is dancing under the anointing and power of God.

The ministers of the gospel who have not publicly rebuked Mary Mary for not living up to the standard of pure holiness will have to stand before God.  You may say why public?   Simply because it is time for the church to get serious with God and stop listening to music like Mary Mary.   Mary Mary was on television lying on King David as though his dancing was secular, allegedly.   Get some sense, when King David danced it was to give full glory and honor to God, it was not similar to the way the children of Satan dance for him.   It is time for ministers of God's Word to start preaching against hip hop gospel artists who have violated God's music, speaking lies that have not been confirmed by God.   So Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Canton Jones, Vickie Winans, Shirley Caesar or whomever have been claiming this lie, this is the only dancing God understands.   For if your dancing is not under the full anointing of our most high God, it is not acceptable and should never be accepted within the body of Christ.

The black church has gotten so far away from praising ans worshiping God in a serious fashion, they have allowed hypocritical gospel artists like Mary Mary to dominate the way God expects us to praise Him and we cannot and will not stand for it, anymore. God's praise was never intended for entertainment purposes compared for being in a night club.

Mary Mary has not only defiled God's music, but they have also defiled God's praise and His praise in the church and even in gospel music has never been compared to how Satan receives his praises.

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