Friday, November 4, 2011

Satanic Illuminati: Vickie Winans Shown On Video Allegedly Revealing Hidden 6

We are not saying Vickie Winans is a part of the secret society of the Satanic Illuminati; however, this video was sent to us by an anonymous reader who humbly wanted to know the truth.   Why don't you take a look a decide for yourself, because this was very bothering to us.   When the journalists of SCR learned about this video, they were very alarmed after an anonymous reader sent them the video link on You Tube website.   You must be aware of this demonic matter that is controlling gospel artists to no longer be completely sanctified while producing their music, but instead they are led astray to follow the worldly secular music artists who are involved with this sort of disgrace.    Like we said before, we do not know if Vickie Winans is a Satanists; however, this does not look right.   This is why we are expecting for God to turn the entire gospel music industry upside down.   We expect a great change to where we will be able to enjoy Gospel music the way God wants it and not on the world's terms.  

You see this is why we stay on this issue, regarding today's church folks who claim to know God, but have secretly sold their soul for fame and fortune.  They do not want to be called holy roller, but desire to be in the big leagues like their friends who are gospel artists or ministers.   They want the celebrity status and not the Godly status.  Years ago in 2000, we saw Vickie Winans claiming she would never do what other gospel artists are doing by blending in hip hop into their music, because she thought of herself as "too old", but we knew as soon as she allegedly said gospel music is like taking vitamins you listen to whatever moves you", we knew sooner or later she would sell out and start joining them in the hip hop gospel music circle.  We thought we could depend on Vickie Winans to keep it pure and holy.   We also very disappointed when this anonymous reader informed us that Vickie was shouting in words in her email response as though the reader was responsible for this video.  This person told Vickie Winans he or she was a fan, but they were very disappointed with what they saw, so they thought they would ask her about it first.   She did not even thank our anonymous reader for being a long time fan, instead she snapped in her response like a sinner would do.   We tell you it does not make God happy when we as His  children regard the feelings of others who do not show gratitude for someone's consideration to contact them first before making a decision to sign them off.   

We have to tell you the truth, regarding whom we think could be an alleged member of the secret society and truthfully, we think there are many gospel artists who have let go of traditional gospel music (gospel music that is holy) to make more money and gain the celebrity status.   We think this is why big time ministers of mega churches will not preach against the these hip hop gospel artists, because they are getting some of their fortune by giving church concerts.   We also deeply feel these gospel artists are like many mega ministers, they would rather have more money than to remain holy and different.   Dear Readers of SCR, if Vickie Winans is a discreet member of the secret society of the Satanic Illuminati, it is wrong and her music cannot save you.    All gospel artists who may have sold their souls to the Devil cannot save and deliver through their songs, because they have not repented for seeking fame and fortune, instead of seeking God.   They claim, 'oh you can get the message, the style of the music don't matter'...Yeah?   Well let us ask you this what should happen when they meet Jesus face to face, because our dear sister, Angelica Zambrano who went to hell and saw Michael Jackson informed us that Jesus told us he was there for selling his soul to the Devil.   Therefore, if Michael Jackson is in hell for selling his soul to Satan, then why in the world do these gospel artists want to be like these secular artists.  It is time for God's music to save the world, but to be different and holy, because if not, the world cannot see Jesus Christ.

Anyway we also were very disappointed to see Vickie Winans arguing with this person on You Tube who in an ungodly fashion, it seemed like this online confrontation just would not stop and it ended with Vickie's bold caps just like she sent to our anonymous reader in response.   When you get a chance you can head back over to AT2W to see these snapshots of her comments, but until then watch this video.  God bless.


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