Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mary Mary Sings Secular/Gospel Song at 'Black Girls Rock'

While so called gospel singers Mary Mary sing the 1980's song "Optimistic" from Sounds of Blackness, it clarifies why many of the gospel artists really just want to be 'inspirational' rather than gospel.

At the beginning of the song, they sing a snippet of 70's group Earth Wind and Fire's "Keep Your Head to the Sky" as if to make it spiritual. They 'bit', if we may, off EWF's song in order to usher in a 'feeling' of church but they couldn't pull this off using a secular song. It was all 'inspiration' from the world. You see, if you are inspirational, you can blend and collaborate with the pop, rock, hip hop and any secular genre you want. The issue is: dropping the gospel label as your genre would be more fitting.

BTW, the Black Girls Rock show is not meant for pastors and gospel artists.

And Shirley Caesar wearing a long split up her dress and kicking her leg out so all can see shows less gospel and more flesh (in the flesh that is).


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